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I went out with 2 old friends..I had an awesome time as long as I did my own thing. Approaching, dancing in my own style etc. But as soon as I was getting sucked into their reality it fucked me. They were talking about closing all the time, but they made absolutly no approaches. When I tried to help them it was in vain. And that pulled me out of my reality, but it is what it is, and we had some great fun with dancing and just being silly. I will take this as a reminder of how important it is, that I am always trying to be in my own reality. That I own my own reality, so I won't get influenced by other people's negativity or limiting beliefs. And I will stay on my path..taking right action.
Therefore I will not ditch my old friends but just use it as a way to practicing ''staying in my own reality, getting pulled out of my centeredness and my ability to stay centered.''

I can only remember 5 approaches but I have done more. The first approach was at the stairs to the jacket storage. It was a shy small girl, she was in front of me and I just put my hand on her shoulder and said why are you leaving so soon. She said ''I have to go'', I said ''you have to go sleep :p.'' She kept looking at me for a second and then talked to her friend. I talked to my friends and when we were upstairs I caught her looking at me, and I just felt like I owned her..my reality was so much stronger than hers. But I just let it go, I was not interested in her..she disqualified by being not social. I don't try to framecontrol anymore, I just try to own my own frame and my own reality. And by that indirectly sucking people into my reality..give them the choice.
It removes all the garbage and wasteless noise in your head.

Second set was a girl my friend pointed out, at first I thought she was not that pretty but when I got close I liked her face. We talked some she was receptive. I noticed that girls keep looking into my eyes to see if I am the real deal. And when you give them your eyecontact back, you just see they let go of the tenseness and become chill and relaxed. I bailed out because the night was young and I told her I would get back to her when I got the time ;). Never saw her though..should take the # in case of.
Third girl was a hoooooot girl hb8,5 who was dancing with her 2 friends. I clawed her in start talking and she laughed her ass off. Seriously I love confident outgoing social girls. We talked and my hands were all over her. I tried to spin her but she resisted, then I pushed harder and there she went. I pulled her in afterwards her tits pushed against my chest, but she told me she couldnt dance because she had a bf. Fuck me!
Fourth girl was a girl standing next to me. I thought she wasnt cute, but when I clawed her in she was a solid 8. My mind is fucking with me..I keep checking the club for hot chicks but see almost none. Good reminder. Just approach groups and look her in the face only then youcan see if you like her or not. It's good for qualification too, you just approach her to see if she is cool (from the inside AND outside).
She was laughing her ass of too and was receptive. I talked some more and then to get my buddys some action I told her that I liked her as a friend..of my friend. And then pointed and slowly pushed her towards my friend. But she told me she already had a bf. I told her that she didnt look that oldfashioned, and I saw her qualifying but she didnt want to talk to my friend. And because she had a bf I didnt pushed the interaction further.
5th girl was a girl standing under the stairs for like ages. She was dancing now and then though. I think she thought she was too cool to let herself go. But when I clawed her in she became very relaxed and we had a chill conversation. She enjoyed it, she said she could dance salsa but didnt do it anymore. I told her that I would come back when there was a salsa song going on. She said no, and I said yes I will just pull you onto the dancefloor if you like it or not. She was laughing and loving it. Too bad my friends wanted out and when I looked for her to get the # she was gone. Np.

I feel like I am getting more centrered every day, in the bus when I walk and talk I try to feel my innerbody.
And I try to speak the things I feel inside.
When you feel your innerbody when you speak with someone you are totally unreactive on your path and they feel that vibe coming off you.

I met a lot of other cool people at the club as well, people just like to talk to me/be with me for some strange reason. I feel no longer the need to be better than other people, owning my own frame is enough. People love me and I love all people. The things that got me here are going out, and reframe everything positive/see the best in all situations/feel your innerbody, say the things you feel.

Stukov out.
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..Knock off the hippie shit, strap on a helmet, and start shooting. This is Malibu, Emily, I want you to storm that beach like it’s fuckin’ Normandy! -Ari Gold

Yeah baby.. I am going all the way. There is no need to overanalyze this whole pick up self development thing.
Because thats just what it is a thing. Nothing more nothing less.
People are nice and cool beings and the only thing you need to do is being yourself  to see that in other people. I love all people and all people love me. I met a girl at the train and we talked for 50 minutes non stop and when we got out, she offered me her email. This weeked we are meeting up. And this was not even a pick up or anything. Just a normal conversation.

I feel comfortable enough now that I see..no not see, I saw it earlier but now I almost..feel it..I feel that the only thing that will make me a better person is action. I have to shed the layers that are covering my real self. And pro actively say what I really feel inside me, and talk about things that amuse me. Stop manouvering the tierope of what I think the other person would like and taking value. Start expressing myself and thereby giving value.


Approached some sets on the train station. I went direct on all sets, and it was funny because they were all flattered. I went in with crazy openers and then quickly switched to direct. Got some great kino there :D. Within 30 seconds I was telling them we should grab a cup of coffee. But I realize now I need some more talking, so they can be comfortable with me.


Massive queue in front of the club, I am statisfied because a club where there is no queue is a boring club. The bouncer spotted me and let me pass the queue. When I am in, I feel ok but not really talkative. It's all about the momentum..Dropped my jacket and greeted the guy storing the jackets, I went down and got myself a drink. (reminder: approach the first girl you see in the club, doesnt matter if she is the uglyest or nicest) and while drinking I spot a girl from south america. So I walk in not to approach but just being social and say. You'r e from peru! She says yes and I could see she was a bit shy, I talked some more about myself but she was way to shy so I just let her be. Next was a blond girl (hb8) I clawed her in, got my hands over her body, she was listening to everything I said. Laughing and looking a bit awkward, I should have hold my frame and ploughed through it. But I dropped it and walked away. While walking to the toilette I run into Brunnette (hb8) I liked her, and she liked me. I clawed her in, talked to her and after my opener she immediatly asked where I was from. I told her to guess and after some guesses she got it right. Appears she is going on holiday there in some months from now. I told her about my experience there and gave her some ideas about hotspots she should definatly visit. While I was typing the names of these hotspots, a guy came over to her mb with a drink I dont know she was talking with him before I came in. I ignored the guy and clawed her in again and talked to her. Not much later I left the set, I should have stayed and escalate the set, try to venue change. Isolate.
Talked to a buddy of mine who I accidently ran into. After that I approached some more sets don't remember them.

I am not procrastinating but one thing I definatly will focus on from now on, is just go in. Just do it. Just escalate. I always try to do it safe.

-Open when you see a hot girl.
-Keep in set, till they tell you to leave or they leave.
-Express yourself don't try to make an impression
-My game cannot not be a 10
-Insta date at daygame.
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courage noun

/ˈkʌr.ɪdʒ//ˈkɝː-/ n [U]
the ability to control your fear in a dangerous or difficult situation
They showed great courage when they found out about their baby's disability.
[+ to infinitive] People should have the courage to stand up for their beliefs.
It took me ages to summon/pluck up the courage to ask for a promotion.
have the courage of your convictionsto be brave and confident enough to do what you believe in
Although many of his policies were unpopular, he had the courage of his convictions to see them through.

(source http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=17709&dict=CALD)

It is one of the most attractive values a man can have that shows immediate dominance. Alpha males are only alpha males because most of the time they have are the strongest. But they ALWAYS have the most courage.

Remember back in the day when you dared to do something that your friends didnt dare to do? Look at wolves for example. Even though they want that moose so bad they chase but just don't go in for the kill because they are afraid of getting wounded. Til one wolf just goes in and then the rest follows..This is the alpha male.
There are so much positive ramifications when you are being courageous it is not even funny.

Pick up related: Ozzie states that pickup is the overcoming of fear. 

I challenge all of you to do a 7 day fear/courage challenge.
Just follow your path and whenever you encounter fear, be courageous and control your fear.
Don't let it interfere with your path. I know this is fucking hard because if it wasn't, you didn't really feared it, but try. Just see it as a jumping in the cold pool instead of tipping your toes.
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Long time no report.

I have been ill, hearing problems, lower back injury in the last couple weeks/month. The first week of not going out and not going to the gym was hardest. Mostly because I got myself into a solid schedule, training on monday, wednesday and friday. Going out on thursday and saturday. And I never ever skipped a training or night out in the past 6 months. It felt like I was taking the easy road..not working on myself not taking right action. I am back on track but getting ill again..and I am having hearing problems everytime after I go out.
The best way to deal with this problem was for me promoting health in my top values. Health is so important, and you only realize it when you aint got it. So from now on whenever right action will hurt my health for sure I aint gonna do it. I will value my health more than right action. And of course that doesnt mean you can't take risks or do extreme sports where you risk you can get injured but I mean things like; training when you are ill etc.

So back to the reports.

Tuesday at Amsterdam.

I go out with a wing, I had walked around amsterdam the whole afternoon so I was tired but at the same time excited because I had never been going out in amsterdam at a tuesday.
We were arriving at 21.30 at the leidseplein, and headed to some bars/clubs described in the amsterdam thread. Clubs were closed ofcourse, so we just went to the closest bar with people. I appeared it was a pubcrawl and guys let me tell you one thing. If you are a noob and you want to go out alone, join a pubcrawl it is not even funny how easy it is to make contact with people..guys girls from all over the world who just want to have a good time and don't know each other either. So began to socialize and after 3 bars we knew everybody. Lateron we went to another bar where I got kissclosed by a girl..I was supprised by this.
Because..I was talking to an australian girl and suddenly I got pushed away, so I turned around and there were 2 girls and one was saying she wanted me to ask to the dj to put dj gaga on. And I said; you have to pay for that..one kiss on the lips while putting my finger on my lips. I was just messing with her, but one second later her lips were on mine, she got me by suprise ;). So I went down and asked for lady gaga. When I went back I felt a bit awkward and didnt continue talking to her but went to the australian girl again. She was very shy, but liked me. I got bored so I went to another set. I at this time I am still evading sets when they go well.
Got snowball fight at the middle the leidseplein. Some girls were throwing balls on us and suddenly I got one rear of my head. Eagerly I join the fight and after a rain of snowballs they surrender and we continue walking. Offcourse we could have just chat them up very naturally and easely. Next time I will.
Got some more sets lateron but I forgot them. Cool night, I will definatly go there again on a tuesday. One thing I have to mention was that people were very very nice. I got no blowout and most people were eager and happy to talk to me.

New years eve.

This evening was awesome! Everyone was really nice and so open. Everyone I talked to just wanted to have a good time. And it made me realize again that everyone is friendly, nice and cool in their core. First I went to friends were we drunk and celebrated the new year. And from there on we walked to the city centre. Our tickets were well spend because there were loads of hot chicks in tha club. Everyone just wanted to talk to everyone and you could just open with Best wishes or happy newyear. In the beginning however I stalled after I went with my friends to the back of the club. Because I didnt approach I began to feel bad. But then I got centered again and Just observed the club and the people in it. And everybody was having a good time and the music was good. And I got back into the moment. This is it, there is no other moment, only the present moment. And the present moment is my best friend. Appriciate the music and appriciate the people. And suddenly I felt happy and I got up and just went into the first set I saw. I went well, the girl was very friendly and asking me questions. When I walked through the club again I felt happy inside truely happy, and people saw it, they were actively smiling at me, and literally al girls I looked at were smiling to me and holding eye contact.

Some girls further I got a realisation. I noticed that when I was going inside myself to feel what I wanted or what I wanted to say, I would never wonder what I should say. Because the answer just came from inside. And because I was with my awareness inside myself I wasnt focussing on what she would think of me. And that helped enormously. I was talking this girls head of and she fucking liked it! It was not my just vomiting words and her as a zombie just letting it come over her. But This time I told the same story and she liked it very much and I liked it. I was finally just talking without thinking.
Approached 2 of the hottest women in the club both 9's. And they were loving me. While talking I went with my hands whereever I wanted to go and because I felt so happy and good while telling about my interests without really obviously doing it I pushed them against me so I felt their tits against my chest. And I never did that unconsiously, I guess it just felt so good to just vibe and to share yourself and your story with someone.
Because that was what it was. Just a pure share of yourself and your story with another human being. Awesome!
Oww and I almost forgot but at the end a blond girl hb 7 with a hot short leather skirt came to me drunk and said to me she liked me. She saw me and she wanted to talk to me but she was afraid it would look stupid :p. So I guess she needed some drinks before she finally got the courage to come talk to me. I see it often when I come into a club that girls are looking at me with eyes that they want to fuck me. And I guess now it is not delusional ;).
Anyway she kept talking to me, and finally numberclosed me and said she needed to go back to her friends. Lateron I realized I could pull her. So when I got my jacket and got out of the club, I told my friends I wanted to pick up this chick, so I went back and Found her at the entrance. There was some big bloke with her, but I didnt care and clawed her straight in and said there was an afterparty at my friends house and if she wanted to come. She said she couldnt but was still smiling and laughing. So I pulled her towards me and I wanted to pull her to my friends house. But she resisted 2 times so I let go. And told me we would get in contact but that she couldnt come now. I guess I should have talked longer to her..telling her a bit more about myself.
Glorious night.

Most important conclusions:

-I can talk about what ever I want and people will love it. If it is inside me, I should say it because it is authentic.
-Escalate! Talking is cool, but I got that under controle now. Instead of waiting for her to give me signals I should go for it, whenever I feel like it.
-All people are friendly and want to talk to you, and get to know you.
-If you are wondering what to say, look inside, what do you want to say. There is always something. Be authentic.

Ps. Only now I realize how big what ever you feel she feels is.
And that you should feel good before you start an interaction with a woman.
It is something you can control. When you feel good already, you are a not going in set with an empty cup. So ''she can make you feel good''..But you feel good already and she senses that and you will make her feel good and you will get a more authentic interaction.
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Done!! It took some 2 hours. Nowadays I am not a fanatic anymore so when I couldnt do it after 15, I was about to leave. But I think my pride kicked in and made me stay until I had sung out loud the national anthem at least for 1 time. I have been standing in the cold for like 2 hours, but I did it. At 19.20 I sung out loud and after the first sentence I didn't give a shit anymore. I was almost laughing while singing, and I didnt notice anybody, but what I do remember is a woman walking past in front of me and she looked and smiled. So I guess I gave off a funvibe of just messing around.
Anyway I paid a high price for it, because my hearing problem was almost over but now it has come back. I think the reason is that I was standing there in the cold vfor 2 hours.
When it's over I will do this again, till I can just go do it when ever I want it. That's the paradox, you don't have to do it when you can do it. But if you cant just do this, then you should do it.
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Guys last week I felt great until now. I just got back from my GP (doctor) and he told me I could have some virus attacking my right ear and that I have a chance that my hearing will come back. Got an appointment at the hospital to investigate it further. I hope it turns all well..
Luckily I know that I should be non resistant and that I should not identify with it. It is not who I am.
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Began the evening with a date.
Pro's: Definatly didnt try to make an impression today. Just expression. talked for an hour straight about interests, very strong frame and reality. She never lead the conversation.
Cons: not enough animation, not enough passion. My humor was almost totally absent today. We sat at a table in front of each other, very bad for kino. It was almost impossible.

When we got out of the bar, I felt like I had plowed for most of the time. She was very receptive, and listened to everything I said, and she even tried to make comments. When we walked out, I stood there, and she stood there. I dont know if she was waiting for me to give the signal that she could leave or that she was waiting for something :p. I didnt told her I liked her, I didnt try to kiss her on the mouth. So I just pulled her in and kissed her on the cheeks 3 times. And said good bye.

I will be honest with you guys, the feeling I had after the date was ''feeling weird''. Can't describe it any other way. It was just me vomitting words, about my interests. She didnt tell me but, sometimes I just felt that she was bored, but I just kept talking about my interests. I was almost totally unreactive to her. And maybe she found that unreactiveness, weird??? When it was over I tried to stay present again, and to focus on the good things, and feel again that people reactions don't make who I am. I am a cool guy, and mb I am comin of as tryhard now, its just something you have to go through. It's a process.

Straight after this I went to a club/bar in the city centre.
Got myself a beer and saw a little HOT girl with a fucking beautiful face wading to find a passage between all those tall dutch people. I smiled at her and she smiled back, I told her that she should use her elbows :p. And she talked in half dutch half english to me. I didnt understand a thing because of the loudness of the music and her tiny voice. Too bad..Lateron when I walked past her I smiled again and gave her a pat on the head and she smiled again. While counting to 30 I opened a girl with ''I eat fish in the morning'' Talked some more, but it was to far outside of her reality. Got myself a laugh though ;). I was laughing so hard that the other girls in her group were all looking at me with a big smile.
Counted again to 24 when I saw a group of 3 girls dancing. I clawed the closest and asked her some question. She was qualifying hard, and when I finally told her my name she was saying that it was a nice name and she liked it. Ok major ioi's, didnt find her attractive though, and it was too obvious. Dance with her a bit and then when her friend began to talk to her, I talked to a guy next to me. He was qualifying also, but when we talked for a bit he seemed a nice guy. I offered him a spot as my wing but he was to scared :p, so I went in the next 2 set alone. Clawed the nicest looking girl in and talked for a bit. Introducing myself she told me her name. Then when I said she had a boring name she turned her back on me, So I clawed her in again :p, and began to talk. She was receptive at first, but then turned away. So I just let her.
It was time to switch clubs anyway.

In front to the new club I asked the guys/girls in front of me if they were in the queue, they said no but we are supporting these 2 girls. The bouncers won't let anyone in, because it's to late. I said; I always get in, I know them. They said; ok then you take them with you, I said; whats the reward :p. They said a beer or some other drink. I said sure. Then someone pulled at my arm, I was looking who it was and it was some guy I met before, he was also stuck at the entrance. So I went up to the bouncer and took them all in. 
Talked with a lot of regulars. And then I saw a girl whose face was strangely familiar. I looked at her, and she looked at me. And I could see, she was thinking the same. I turned my face, and began to think, where could I have seen that face..I just didnt know anymore..so I clawed her in and said I know you.. And she said, yeah I know you too. And I said I have been on this high school. And she said yeah me too! And then I remembered she was in my class and her name was sabine. It was soo funny to see her again. Never really noticed her in high school but I like her face now. Although she is like 2 head higher then me :P. We talked a bit, and she was qualifying big time. Very funny to see.. And then I let her go, because I didnt know what to do with her. I got back to my friends and chatted a bit about the date, when I saw a girl looking for the 4th time to me. After the 5th time I went in and clawed her, talked a bit and then tried to spin her..she resisted :p. So I spinned harder, till I heard her bones in her hand. She didnt complain though :p told her to have fun and left her. 
And then I was talking again to some regulars, till I caught myself having the idea of closing this 2 head larger girl. I procrastinate for some minutes and then just went in. I am proud of myself for that. I really didnt want to do it, I felt the fear inside me. But I remembered ozzie's article, especially do the sets that cause you fear. She was in a group of girls and one of the girls was talking to her. When she finished her sentence I came straight in, clawed her in :P and told her that I was leaving now but that I would like to meet her a second time. Just very direct. She didnt told me a no or yes, but instead she was already discussing how we should contact each other. She offered to give me her hyves, but I said give me your email. I think she didnt gave her # because her friends were all there and it would be weird if some guy came over and she gave her # in a sec :D. I will mail her tommorow and we will see :).

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Awesomeeee night!! I can clearly say I was the coolest motherfucker out there. I am enough, the only thing I need to attract girls is having a strong reality, and that is not something I do, but something I am. It's like a was freed from my chains yesterday.

I last weeks I was to much focussed on approaching, and that got me so in my head that I didnt had fun. People were tooling me or at least I thought that people were tooling me, and I just coulnt get myself to approach at moments.
As tyler said..if you have problems get bigger problems.

And thats what I did. I forced myself to stay in set and to open with an embarrasment opener. And the thought of that alone made me more relaxed. Like someone who has a death sentence feels calm, when he accepts he is going to die.
One thing I have to mention is how much alexander's article has affected me. The only thing you need for attraction is a strong alpha male reality.

So I walk in the first bar/cafe club and it is so crowded, there is literally no space to move inside :p. I get rid of my coat and I needed to go to the toilet so bad that I went there first. After that I started counting and at 20 I saw a 2 set sitting at the bar. So I walk right to them and clawed her in, told her she was cute. Then I continue to talk about my interests and I just stayed in set. She was liking it, till her friend pulls her away. Yes I did stay in set!
I felt totally confident and cool. Ordered a beer and when I emptied my glas I started counting again. At 30 I clawed in a blond girl, I told her that I eat fish in the morning. She was cool about it, maybe because I didnt made a big deal about it. I told her why I eat fish in the morning and we began to talk a bit about our studie's when I began to move my hands lower. At first she was just accepting my reality listening aloof to what I had to say. But when I began to be more physical, I saw a smile on her face and sparkles in her eyes. Alas she had to go because she was involved in a fraterny introduction.
I felt great :D. I started counting again, at 30 I saw a 2 girl set I thought. But it was a 3 set mixed set. I clawed in the brunnete girl very confident and sure of myself. This was making her smile, because she was about to pull back, and even when I said the words of my opener she was trying to pull back, but I just get my hand firm on her shoulder and pushing my hand down. We talked for a couple minutes when I saw her friend holding her hand. While I was touching his girl xD. Eventually the guy pulled her back, and I clawed in the other girl. She was from korea, but born here and we talked about our interests. Went well, we grinded danced and I wasnt attracted to her, but she loved me. I stayed in set, until her friend pulled her away. I checked out the club a bit but she was just talking to her friend. And I thought NEXT :D! So I clawed in the girl next to me in a 6 mixed set. I really liked her face, she didnt had the model looks but she was a pretty 8 in my book. And she was really nice and down to earth. So we talked and I made fun of her, some touching going on. We laughed a lot, while I made jokes of her, and when I made her guess where I was from it happends to be that she was born in the country also. She is totally dutch and white with blond hair but her parents lived in that country for some years. And she has a sister who is adopted from that country. It was really amazing, I couldnt believe it at first. However at this point it was running late and I had to get into the other club before 2.00. So I told her to put her # in and off I went. She was eager to type it in, she even said do you remember my name when I type it in like this. And this morning I got an enthousiastic text back from her.

Walked to the next club, feeling great. At my arrival there was a line so I waited, got in conversation with a set in front of me. I just interfered into their conversation not even introducing myself. It is so great when you have your own strong reallity where you can do what you when you want, without even thinking that things could go wrong. It doesnt even occur to you.
Next thing I know is the bouncer coming of next to me and telling me to get in and skip the line. Greeted and thanked him and wooed my way inside. When I walked in some guy I met earlier touched me on the back, I am getting famous here. There was a huge line for the jackets, so I talked with everybody in the line. They were eager to answer, strong reality :D. Went straight for a piss, while moving I just stood there, and a guy I didnt know tells his friend I want to pass. And his friends makes way for me :P. SO I walk but his friend is drunk so he spilled some beer on me arm. I told him teasinly that he should watch out. And then I told him in BR: you don't mind if I dry my arm against your shirt, do you :D. And I was rubbing my arm at his shirt, and He said no and he got my arm and rubbed it around his shirt :p. I said thnx and moved on. While moving I approached a 2 set at the bar, clawed in the girl but she didnt want anything of it, told her friend something. The friend made a gesture of I dont know whats wrong with her :p. I saw she was very tense, so she was probably not comfortable inthe club. No problem we have all been there ;). I continue my walk to the toilet when I spot a girl with a hat. A HAT in the club..SO I go in and claw her hard while asking her in br which murder she is going to solve. And She makes a nervous response with: the one that still has to happen. I continue to tease her. While she looks me in the face and asks me if she had seen me before. And I look her right in the face and yes, this girl is awesome. Solid 8 and yes I talked and danced with her before. Dont remember the interaction exactly so we are both suprised to see each other again and begin to talk about the things we did. I spinned her and pushed her onto me while grinding dancing. She was so receptive, not even funny. Then I asked her if she learned to dance salse in the meantime, and she said yes so we are going to dance salsa next thursday. I told her to put her # in, she eagerly did. She even told me when I called her # that I had no # recognition on. So I told her my # and name also. Then I went off, because she was in a 2 set and I was so sure that she was a solid # close that I just wanted to have fun with her friend.
Then I finally reached the toilet, talked with the guys inside, framing myself as the alpha unconcious.
Got a drink and at the bar I talked with a girl about salsa, she was very receptive. Then I met a friend of mine. We talked for a bit and he wanted to introduce me to his friends but I counted till 30 there I saw a girl dancing in a 3 set. She was dancing like a madgirl, there were 2 guys circling the girls, and I told them you 2 take the big ones I take the small one. So I went in just grabbed small girl by her arm and spinned and in her. But she pulled back. She stayed inset though. So I tried again..and again..and again. I was amusing myself with just messing with her :P. Her friends pushed her onto me also :D. I saw in her eyes everytime I was trying she got a little hornier but after the 5th time I quited and counted till 30, at 20 I saw a girl almost sleeping against a pilar. I looked at her, and she looked at me and I smiled and she smiled. I got in and told her she shouldnt fall asleep in a club. Teased her about it, then she told me, she had lost her card for her jacket and bag. So she had to wait till the closing time aka another 1 hour. SO I told her to come with me, I know the guy in the closet, so we ran up there. While walking I get handshakes from 4 different guys. I am getting famous there :D.
So we walk up and I tell the guy at the closet whats going on, and He finally agrees to look into the jacket and bag to see if the stuff inside is hers. 2 minutes later she gets her jacket and bad and she is sooo happy. I tell her that my reward is that she should put her # in my phone and that we would meet up sometime. She tells me that she has a bf, I tell her not to be arrogant and that I only wanted her as my friend. And she apologizes and tells me that she misunderstood. I forgive her :p, and she types in her #. I call her, and she got my # also.
Sent al 3 # closes a non response requiered-value giving text when I went home, and recieved 2 texts back this morning.
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Hi because I feel that I am playing safe lately in order to feel good I have made some objectives for 2night!
I am promising to you guys at rsdn that I will:
-Build momentum by being out of set for a maximum of 30 sec
-Use opener: I eat fish in the morning, I'm harry potter.
-Stay in set till the girl tells me to leave or she leaves.
-Be physical from the start
-Talk about my interests
-Get 5 rejected kisscloses

REport tommorow!
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This approach was done at Tuesday 27 october 2009.

I was a standing on the perron in front of the train, and there she was..a brunnete woman in a blue coat. Even though the doors opened she was still standing there in front of the train. I was wondering what she was doing until I saw her grinding her boot against the perron.
While I was walking by, I said: Do you have gum under your shoe.
She: Yeah.
I: You can erase it with peanutbutter.
She: I want to erase it now.
I was already walking into the train and seated myself in the middle of the railwaycarriage, she immediatly followed me and seated herself on across me. I pulled my book out of my bag and began to read. She did the same after a while. When driving for 15 minutes I had to blow my nose and I had seen that she had paper handkerchiefs. So I got up, went over to her seat and sat down in front of her. And I said: Can I have a Handkerchief.
She: bit nervous, yeah sure.
I: Pointing at the monstrous big bag next to her; ‘’You are going on holiday’’.
She: Laughing, no I am going for 1 day to my father because it’s his birthday.
I: Laughing and teasing her about it while touching her on her leg.
She: Qualifying herself.
I: Tell about my awesome holiday to Egypt.
She: was loving my passion while telling this story.
I: Grabbed her leg and turned it so I could look under her boot. While asking: Is the gum already gone.
She: No, but I dont feel like trying to remove it now.
I: Put her leg back.
I: And tell her that her boots are the wrong colour. She had a black shirt and blue jeans and black boots. I know a little about fashion and they say that you have to make sure, you always have 3 colours in your ‘’outfit’’. So I teased her about that since she qualified herself in the beginning with that she was into fashion and thats why she had so many clothes and thus a big bag.
She was asking what colour would suit her. And I told her that because she had dark clothes, she should pick a bright colour like yellow.
She: No, I like dark better.
I: ‘’You don’t have taste’’, with a big smile. Pushed her away on her knee.
I: ‘’ ..but don’t worry nobody is perfect.’’
She: She was already red in her face but now even more.
She: 1 minute later..: I have taste, only not your taste.
I: Knowing she was qualifying again, I smiled at her a little ironicly.
I: You have to go to rotterdam.
She: Yes and then to barendrecht, for my father’s birthday.
I: I look at her lips, they are full and tasty looking :p, and I like her smile. You know that devious sexy smile some girls have.
I: Tell her about sharm el sheik, the coral, the desert bedoeins, and the binoculars aimed at planets so you can see them clearly because it is so dark in the dessert.
She: loves it, she brightens and gives comments.
I: Ask her where what her favorite club, bars are.
She: I don’t go out often, I don’t like it.
She: You can’t even talk to eachother because of the loud sound.
I: Tell her I love going out, and that she is boring and that I will show her how fun going out can be. Pushing her again when teasing her. Asked her what she then liked..knitting..
She: Laughing.

She: Tells me nervous that she really had knitted in the summerholiday because she was bored.
I: I don’t believe you
I: Grab her boots again and say; ‘’Your boots look more like fishing boots. The ones that you use to get in the water.’’
She: qualifies again, gets a bit red in her face.
I: silence, looking if she is going to continue the interaction.
She: Begins to talk about her school, studentsfrat.
I: Don’t really interests me so I don’t react and look a bit outside.
The train arrives.
I: Comment on her jacket
She: It is a really nice coat, I searched very long for it. Look I’ll show you.
While she was doing her buttons, I saw that because she was nervous she did her belt wrong. So I closed her belt.
I: You belt is awry. It that normal. With a smile.
She: No thats not right.
I: Look again and say; ‘’Yes, it’s right.’’
She: Turning red, no I tied the buttons wrong.
I: Laughing my ass off :D.
She: She too.
I: Pull the belt hard, so she had to comprise her stomach.
She: Standing in front of me, waiting for a reaction. Because after all she was showing her jacket to me.
I: Didnt know what to do, so I said nothing.
She: Packing her bags.
I: When she finished I told her to type her # in.
She: Nooo, I really won’t do that. I really won’t do that. In apologizing tone, it was almost like she had to convince me.
I: I was flabbergasted by the emotion in her voice, so I asked in BR ‘’why not.’’
She: Nooo, I really won’t do that.
I: You don’t understand..Just as friends. In BR and teasing her.
She: No sorry, I wont do it, and I need to get my train. This was all said in apologizing tone.
I: Did my arm around her, she allowed it. But I was afraid of going further so pulled my arm back fast. I should have clawed her en looked her straight into her eyes and tell her what I felt.
But I didnt, so I was about to walk out of the train, when she said don’t forget your bag.
So I got my back, and she said ‘’it was nice talking to you’’ byeeeee.

Lots of kino..
Never did so much kino with an attractive girl during daytime.
I guess derives from being in the moment, and knowing and not making a big deal about it.
If you want example's. I am sure you Know people that are very physical with their friends or people in general. For example gay dudes, they just hug their friends, when they make a joke they push their friends on the knee or arm or back. Or when they want to see something, they just grab it, like I did with the boot.
But not only gaydudes do this. You have girls who are very physical with people, they just hug you, or touch you during the conversation to show their emotions with it.
The key is being physical from the start, and to make it no big deal.
And it must come from congruence. Like, she has a tatoo on her arm, Interesting..grab arm and take a close look. Mb make a tease about it.
You can even grab her hair and say that you like the structure. If you say it in br, and making it no big deal. She will accept it.

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