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Watsup guys?!
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Freshman year of college is officially over!

I've deeply enjoyed my time at college, given how quickly the year went by. I've learned a lot from this GOLDEN year. It taught me to get out there, especially when I'm feeling afraid, anxious, or tired. It taught me to catch the excuses I make in my head that try to justify my feelings (ex: "I'm too tired today. I'll just do it next week when I'm energized"). It gave me the confidence to step up and take the opportunities already presented to me on campus. And most importantly, it taught me to be the leader of my life and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

I've realized another thing too. Life is too short to sit around, justifying your emotions. Just because you feel some way doesn't mean you should always listen to it. Of course, there are times when it is necessary, but I am talking about the feelings that DO NOT serve you. The limiting thoughts that trigger these limiting emotions, and vice versa. When I feel anxious or nervous or anything else, I know it means I MUST confront it. And if I don't...well, that occurs from time to time.

But a strange thing happens...

The more you get involved in this world of self-improvement, the more you feel that you just can't go back to the way you used to be. There's just NO WAY. It's like when Morpheus shows Neo the world for what it really is.

The power of belief is what drives me to improve. If I hadn't believed that I would improve, then I wouldn't have. Plain and simple. Everybody falls the first time. Some fall more than others.

When Neo fell, he fell because he didn't fully believe in his abilities. After he falls, this dude asks, "What does that mean?" To which this chick replies, "It doesn't mean anything." Of course, everybody falls the first time. The more you get "rejected," or laughed at, or ridiculed, or whatever...keep in mind, it doesn't mean shit. You are improving every step of the way. You're taking the blows, and you're winning because of it.

Overall, I'd say this year was fucking amazing! There were successes, and there were failures. There were sweet times, and there were shit times.  And I enjoyed every moment of it!

Happy sarging!


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Somewhere along the line, after watching Tim's Flawless Natural Method, I started going out and approaching girls like crazy. This is was mainly due to the motivation I received from watching the videos and seeing how possible this stuff really was. It doesn't require memorizing any lines or routines, and that's what I like about it.

However, the rejections were abundant and the successes were inconsistent. It felt like I was going a step backward, like I was getting worse.

Last night was the 'tipping point.' Well..at least I realized it today when I got some sleep and had time to clear my head. Drunk like no other (it is the last week of college) me and my buddy went to a party. Being drunk, by the way, doesn't help your game much, haha.

So, we show up at this house and, to make a long story short, I get rejected left and right, can't really keep a conversation going (probably due to the alcohol), and basically, it's a disaster. The only "success" I had was a short makeout with this drunk chick. Wow..right? Not even proud of that...

Anyway, couldn't keep any girls interested in me. I was trying too hard, and I was being too aggressive (grabbing girls, pulling them when they didn't budge, making a fool out of myself). Let's just say they didn't comply to my "request." LOL.

I come home with my foot in pain (I twisted it bc I was fucking smashed), sat down in my dorm room and felt like shit. It wasn't mostly about the rejections. I learned to not take those personally. The bulk of the pain was from feeling as if I wasn't progressing. Actually, I felt as if I were going backwards. 

I went to sleep, and today I confronted the pain that was floating around in my head. I looked back at my past and remembered how far I had come. I also looked back and remembered how courageous I was for stepping out of my comfort zone all those times I've been in college. 

Finally, I realized that when I first started out using cocky/funny style game, it wasn't calibrated and I came off as more of a jerk to women. As I progressed, I saw changes in my attitude and my behavior. I had aligned more with the cocky/funny attitude that so many Naturals have. Then I practiced and practiced some more and it became completely natural to me. 

This is what Tim means when he talks about the Natural. It is a part of him. It isn't something he fakes. Constant calibration has gotten him there. Right now, I may be coming off creepy/needy, but with more practice I will become more aligned with the attitude all girls find attractive.

Keep goin' out, guys!

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RSD is truly a unique company. I love the fact that it teaches guys how to NATURALLY attract women, however, new students might make the mistake of taking RSD's teachings as techniques. For example, let's take the idea of 'The Claw.' it can be very powerful, if used correctly. The problem is people who take the teachings as a magic pill will get blown out frequently. And that's not to say getting blown out is bad...it actually teaches you to not take rejection personally. But if you are grabbing girls, pulling them in, and using 'the claw' incorrectly (your intent is to get the girl with these "techniques") you may be disappointed with the results. 


Well, it's not that it doesn't work. It's that you are trying too hard and taking all this as pure gold. RSD guides you. It teaches you to be the type of man women find naturally attractive. A man who leads a woman, knows what he wants and goes for it. Hence, there is no magic pill. You just have to go out and EXPRESS yourself. Practice leading, projecting your voice, approaching a girl with the intent of getting to know her and having fun. This is what RSD points you to.

Here is an excellent example of a person who takes RSD's terms way too literally:

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