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Wassup guys,

I`ve been kind of lazy when it comes to sharing stuff in this blog, i`ve been reading my entries and are mostly questions and challenges.  But today, i`m gonna say fuck it to that.

I want to share 2 beliefs that i think that have helped me to increase my State Resilience and flexibility, this isn`t new stuff, these are just some notes that i took when i read some posts of coaches and jeffy`s newsletter:

1. People Can Like Me Just for Me; This means i`m enough, i already have 10 game, but sometimes when we get in our head we can`t see it because our mind focus on non positive things. This creates the illusion that we need something else to be cool, and we just have to "realize" that all that we need to be cool, we already have it. We don`t need logical evidence to support this, we have our self esteem for that.

2. Everything she does is Cute; This is a classic belief within the community, and i think that its very underestimated. When you actually believe this, you automatically adopt a "Dominant" frame, without effort at all, increasing Dominance in the way you speak, act and move.

I`m internalizing these beliefs (besides giving a fuck about what other people thinks and being the coolest guy ever) because i think that are healthy and empowering, allowing me to maintain my State no matter what happens externally.

Oh and i`ve seen that a lot of people share like songs of the day, so i`m sharing this one that i liked a lot.

See ya.

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