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Basically, I'm a bit overweight and bored of it. How did you start to lose weight, what strategies did you use? Cos I dont really know where to begin.
Thanks :D
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#1 - No more Soda, none of that Diet stuff either.
#2 - Eat healthy. Don't eat things that you put in a microwave and their ready to eat.
#3 - Join a gym. Take it seriously.

I'm a gym teacher and Personal Trainer.  I really like this youtube channel a lot and do alot of the workouts myself and with clients.

This Video is Day 1 of a 30 day challenge. If you really are a beginner you might not be able to keep up or finish but,  Do it again and again until you do it, then go to Day 2... then Day 3...

messege me if you want more detailed information on weight loss and getting into shape.
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Thank you man. I've started running for now and gonna work it bit by bit. I'm way too unfit to do what she does. 
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