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Why Do Women Cheat On Their Boyfriends?

In this article, I will be going over the topic of "Why Do Women Cheat On Their Boyfriends". Nowadays it's common to hear about a girl cheating on her boyfriend. You yourself may have probably been cheated on, and if you've been out long enough, you've probably had situations where you were the guy a girl cheated on her boyfriend with! I will cover a few things that guys are doing that turn their girlfriends off.

Lack of Emotional Leverage

What guys are doing is learning a few little techniques here and there, only exerting a minimal amount of energy to get a girl, but once they got her they resort back to how they were before and expect the girl to like them forever. Guys lose the 'Fire' that got the girlfriend in the first place and she loses interest.They stop trying to break out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges that made them attractive in the first place.

You have to view this a a Journey not a Destination

Continue striving for more, Challenge yourself, exert more creativity and be more present in the things you're doing in life. Continue the road of Self-actualization and you will prosper

Going out and getting new reference experiences continue to reinforce the beliefs you WANT to have and solidify the Alpha behavior that makes you attractive.

Be attracted by the unknown
Keep yourself turned on by doing more than what you're currently doing. A man on his path has a certain energy that women can smell on you.

Ecosystem of Positive emotion

Have hobbies that keep your mind focused on positivity, productivity & improvement. Having a social circle of people that are all motivated can be more leverage for you to continue on your path and do more with yourself.
Create for yourself a dynamic lifestyle that continuously introduces you to new experiences to get positive emotions off of.

No Strong Emotions

After a few weeks or months into the relationship, things start to turn routine. Everyday is the same with nothing new happening. The emotions of the relationship fizzle out, theres no challenge, no tension. You both stop trying to be on top of your game, she stops looking her best, etc. The lack of strong emotions leaves no motivation for continuous emotional output. The 'Honeymoon phase' is dead, and you end up getting dumped or cheated on.

Be Valuable
She has to be reminded constantly that you're attractive to other girls. You're a man on your path and women will notice your masculine energy radiating. Your girlfriend will also notice the GIRLS noticing YOU. This will keep her on her toes, she will have no choice but to continue at her best in fear of losing you, she will do more for you, dress better, be turned on by you, and be the best girl she can be.

Bring her into your reality
Be the source of the emotions, be the dictator of the rhythm. Be the rock in the hurricane. The center of the chaos. Become immersed in your own vibe and express yourself freely. In your reality theres always something interesting happening, always something to do, always something thats turning you on and you're going for it. She will be drawn into your reality, striving to get into your vibe,  and will be willing to do whatever you want to do.

Showing a clarity in what you want, where you want to go, and what you're gonna do is Money. Have an alignment in your thoughts, words and actions. When you're clear in your intent it provides a clear path for people to be pulled into your reality. Your girl will have no reason to reject, because she can sense your certainty, and she will have no reason to be looking for another guy because no one else can provide the range of emotions you're providing. You're freeflowing with value and positive emotions and she can relax and absorb the experience. She's caught up in your reality and doesn't want to leave.
In this scenario she'll be all yours.

In conclusion

The primary reason why women cheat is: Women respond to VALUE. Women are massively attracted to the man who is uncontrollable and has to be tamed, the man who takes action, the man who gives them strong emotions and the man who has people reacting to him.
Be the one that dictates the rhythm.
Stay grounded in your vibe and take charge of the environment. Key point is to be the self actualised guy who takes massive action daily.
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I got a girlfriend a week ago and this post will helpme a lot. Thanks man, good post.
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because of their variable mind this is likely happen. and all your mention ones is also a reason.
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