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1: the burden of physical or mental distress b: the constraint of circumstance : the weight of social or    economic imposition
2: the application of force to something by something else in direct contact with it
3: the Weight on your fuckin shoulders, followed by the strain in your back

I feel it sometimes.

People are acting different towards me lately.  Maybe not different, but more engaging.  Is there something I'm putting out there?  Reminds me of when I would talk to my bro's about the needy,  desperate women I seemed to attract.  Total mind trip... It wasn't really about them...It was about me.  It was always about me.

My Mom told me years ago.  Tree of Life man.  You get what you give. I wasn't ready to listen.

I'm seeing people laugh a lot around me.  They tell me their life stories.  Their interests etc.  I'm not even asking.  They are not just entertained, but enveloped in my frame.  Doesn't matter where...yoga, street, supermarket, work.  They can sense it on the phone from 3000 miles away...whatevah.

Something is emanating from Me.  I don't really know what. 

Some women are having a hard time looking in my eyes.  Why? Are they so piercing?  Or they know I can see their soul through that window.   Are they protecting it from me, or hiding the pain they hold intrinsically.
I could've easily been the Devil. Back In Boston, it was a constant offering. I chose a different path though. Some didn't.

They can't hold eye contact for long.  It's fleeting. No creepiness.  Just focused energy. They smile, giggle, and eat up convo.  They don't leave.

I see their body language.  Self concious.  Are they letting me Go, or letting me move On to others they feel are more worthy?  Fucked up man.

PASSION.  Emotion.  That's it.  They see it.  I can't control it yet.  It seeps from my pores. 

I don't know what to do with it.  I will.
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