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Don corleon
 Lessons learned
1. Remember chick names
2. Hydrate yourself before going out so you can control your tone
3. Meditate for a bit before you hit out. It helps control excitment
I am feeling sick and I have finals coming. I might skip tonight. We will see what up.
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Don corleon
I head out to play some pool with my boys. It was sick. We played until 12pm. I think I found a great day 2 spot. I am taking girls there from now on. It has great music and a not many people are there. It is a good place to esculate and shit. I just have to learn to play pool. I txt the red head and asked her to come but she had an exam today. I went to meet up with my other boys after at Tap house. Turned out that tap house is dead and we went to frog. Frog wasn’t hot shit either but hey that doesn’t stop me.

I was about to walk to coat to check through the dance flour when some chick just called me over. She might have been a low 7. Started grinding on me like a motherfucker. I just turned her around and started to make out with her. I made out with her for while danced and then hit off. I walked down stairs to use the washroom when I saw these two honnies. One of them was short chick with black hair and sexy ass body and the other one was a brunet, a little taller and had a whiny voice. I liked the short chick.
Short Chick: I am bleeding- me look down and see blood coming from her knee-
Don: what happened to you women?
Short chick: I fell down the stair. Is that me?- she was looking at a bunch of pic on the wall from Halloween-
Don:-pointed at the fattest chick I could spot- that one looks like you
Short chick: slaps me and calls me a bunch of shit
Don-stands there with a giant smile and then I tell her “that was not nice, your lucky you’re a girl”- Proceed to pick her up off the ground MMA style. Put her down and their both giggling. We go upstairs to the dance flour. She is about to walk off with her friends

Don: HEY!-while extending my hand I pull her to the side against this mirror column that is on the dance flour. She starts grinding on me like a pornstar. I got a mad boner. I am dancing on her. She is
dancing on me. Having a sick ass time. Her friend goes way. I tried make out with her but she wouldn’t have it. She kept looking around. She was more interested in all the other guys staring at her grinding on me. Anyways, the night goes on. Her friend comes over and drags her away. I ignore them and go
talk to my friends. Drag over girls. Have fun. I see them around a couple of times. I talk to them. She dances on me again. She didn’t dance with any other guy. Her friends keeps dragging her away. I don’t really give a shit at this point. I see the first girl leaving. I take her number. I send her txt saying we are going to hang out tonight she says ya. Since I am in business at this point, I really don’t give a shit. The pornstar is about to leave with her cock blocking friend. She gives me her number. For 2nd, she looked like
she was about to make out with me. I went for it but her friend pulled her back and off me. Lesson learned. GG. I go to the other girls dorm. She has to come down and let me in. She is high as fuck. Takes a fuck load of time to come down. I get pissed. Fuck it. I leave. I regret it now but I needed to wake up in the morning and she wanted me to “chill” with her friends. If she was a 10 with a 10 personality, I would have done it. She wasn’t. Overall it was 10 night. I pushed through, had interesting conversation and had a blast.

Now I need to study biochem. 
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Don corleon

 I was going to go chill with my friend and his so called crew. However, due to fucking shitty driving, I ended up in a ditch and spend all my time from 11:30 to 12:45 waiting for the towing company to come and save my ass. I thought my night was going to be a total bust. Guess what, I WAS WRONG.

I hit up the bar at 1ish and go to jacks. I walk around scoop out the venue. It is a cock fest like always. I look around the dance flour see the usual attention whores. I node at a couple of them. There is this cute blond that keeps on avoiding me every time I see her but then she keeps trying to get me to check her out. I don't give a fuck and I don't look. She isn't using me for cheap validation. I go down stairs to use the washroom and I see a another hotty blondy walking by. She is in this red dress and I am sucker for girls in red. We eye fuck. She trips while looking me in the eye and falls down. I almost busted out laughing but I felt bad. I went over to help her up when a dude came over and picked her up. Turned he was a boyfriend. Talked to her and the guy for a bit and left jacks.

I went to Rouge after. It is my new fav place in London. I have fucked all the other venues to exhaust. I need a bigger play ground when it comes to game. I walk in all by myself and coat check my jacket. I only did one shity move last night so tonight all pressure was off. There was no point. I had excepted that I created a pick up identity. When I saw that first set, I refused to walk over. I knew that if I walked into a group of fat indian chicks to up my skills, that I already have lost. I see a cute blond talking to a chode an has a red head friend beside her. The red head is a 7 and the blond is 8ish. I walk over. I was about to open the blond but I saw the freakles on the red head. I got some serious fetishes for pale girls. I open red.

M: hi!- While extending my hand
R: Hi! I am "red head". -I turn it into a thumb war. I love doing that shit. It is fun. I love all kinds of kid games to play with girls.-
M: You go to Western?
R: Ya. I am in .....
M: Do u know X?
R:- She starts giving me a discription of a guy who she thinks is my friend. It is not him. I tell her then I remember that Evenee is in the same program.
M: Do you know Evenee?
R: Ya, OMG once I was in the car with him and we were driving. He makes a turn and he fucking goes into a snow man. I am screaming and he turns back to me and says don't scream when I am driving.
M: I love driving, and I just got stuck in snow today.- I don't remember the details on how I talked about me getting stuck. I was also taking a mental note to not ever trust Evenee to drive. Sorry bro.-
R: I totalled my car once. I was driving and....
M: You guys have insane driving regulation in North America. Where I am from, we don't give a fuck about this shit. You don't need car insurance or anything.

We talk about random shit for a while. Traveling, Dubi, Iran, and some random dude that is dancing around in the club and looks like his on acid. This conversation went on for over 40min. Sure I didn't get sexual and I didn't get a make out but I am proud. This is my new goal. I keep pulling these chicks out of the bar for one night stands. They see me the next day and they don't know me. I mean for fucks sake we fucked! At least know a brothers fucking name. Anyways, her friend comes over to cock block. I engage them. The blond 8 also seems to like me. She says you guys look perfect together. She is trying to help me. YEEEEY! More social proof. They are about to leave the bar. They invite me to an after party. I decline. I got to wake up tomorrow and study. I get a number that the blond told her to give me. I didn't even ask. She didn't even let me open my mouth. LOL

Right before I get home. I send her txt.
M: Guess Who?
G: I don't know my best friend that I never met? HAHAHA
M: Playa Playa we parted 5 min and you already moved on to the next dude
G: No, Of course I remember who you are.
M: Oh ya. Where we meet?
G: Rouge obviously... I don't just give my number to anybody ahah.
M: You really know how to make a dude feel especial. =) aight I am gana drop my friends off-so proud. the only lie I told in this entire interaction. I was out alone tonight- and go to bed. I will call u up.
G: Haha yea I;m dropping my friends off at an after party but I can't feel my feet.
I am not replying to the txt. I could easily make it int Io we could have our own after party or some shit but I seriously need to do some studying. I wana have a couple of long term bodies around. That way when I have exams, I could just roll over and get some. Keeps me on my game for a bit more. Anyways more on this later.

Ps. My dad asked me where I went at nights so I said out to get pussy. He wants to read my blog. Guess he wants to see I am spending my spare time right. LOL So I am gana post regular field reports on this from now on. It keeps me organized too.

1. Keep goin out to two to three nights a week max. 
2. I have set my game up into three levels. Talking and connecting, Physically escualting and closing. I am going to make my training organized. I am going to master and master. It doesn't mean that I won't try to close but I will focus more on parts that need work
3. Out of the nights out each week. Two of them have to be SOLO!
Till next week PEACE.
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Don corleon
 Okay! So after going out with Evnee last night, I realized that I have really let this go. I mean, I have been going out 2 to 3 night a week but I haven't improved. So time for some analysis:

1. My sets need to last longer. I don't burn the interaction to the ground. So, the goal for the next month or so is to keep the interaction going until the chicks leave. PERIOD

2. I need to learn to care about the girls. Due to my past issues with women, I maintain a state of constant emotional deatachment. This gives me major balls to go in and talk but takes away from the quality of the conversation. NEW FRAME: Every person has something unique and interesting about them. Find IT! See what there is that you can love and like about them. That includes the fatty that gives me ED.

3. I become physical too fast and just use the physical aspect of my game. Grab the chick. Whatever. Sometimes it works. Drunk girls love this shit. However, I need to make a connection with them cause down the road, they won't leave the bar with me.

4. Stop looking at this as "game". Instead look at it from the frame of a game. Interacting with other people to enjoy myself and bring joy to them. Not interacting with bitches to get laid.

These are the new frames. I will get back to ya in 2 months and see where I am at. 
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Don corleon
Happy new fucking year to everyone. I am really fucking stocked. You know why? Because I got into my first bar fight. I was ALONE! This is for all you pussies that are afraid of fights.

I go to my wings frat. I am not part of it but it is always a blast. The guys there were straight up rude to me. A bunch of them were anyways. I played it out. Completely unaffected which made me a hit with the cool guys and the chodes at the frat. SICK! The party had lots of guys and not any girls so me and my wing hit up jacks. We go inside at 1:30 am. In London Ontario, that means that the bar is already emptying. On new years eve, it means that no body is there. There were mostly groups. I talked to a bunch and I hung with my bros faternity wings. I grab a couple of beers and I am enjoying the music. Having a blast. 

I go outside for some relaxation. I see no one. I spot a fatty. She is porbably the only single one left at the bar at 2 am. I grab her. Start talking to her the usualy shit. I want to make you my wife. At the begining I called her my body and then I got one of her friends to be our maid of honer and marry us. It worked like magic. there was a guy in the background. Huge motherfucker. About maybe 300 pounds or so. He says it is her girl. I don't pay attention and play my game. Talk to him a couple of times and tell him to be cool. He calls me gay and says stop pretending. I just keep doing my thing. Soon, I am making out with the chick. I am telling her about the dirty things I want to do to her and she is down. All of sudden, I feel a set of arms around my neck chocking me. I am thinking what the fuck when I get a punch in my face. I was so in state. I was going with the momentom of things that it just flowed out of me. I have no idea how.

I put my hand on his chock and pulled his hands from my neck. I then just elbowed him in the face. I just kept going at it. As soon as his grip weakened. I turned and graped his ear and nose and twist his head-specail thanks to my anatomy prof who told me that if the head turns, the rest of the body has to turn with it-. I put this guy who is taller then me and heavier on the ground. Get right under him and put him in a choke hold.

The next thing I feel is a knee in my face. I was so ready to retaliate. I didn't do it. I looked up and saw the bouncer and his red shirt. I didn't say anything. I just yelled, I don't want to fight him. I didn't want to fight him. They put me in an arm lock which was pretty easy to get out of but I didn't do it. I let them kick me out. As a reward, they told me to run so they won't call the cops on me. I feel like they excepted me as a part of jacks. The guy that is there often but doesn't usually drink. I ran away. I hit behind the building and had a blast with a bunch of randoms I met at the bars before. I leave my hiding spot and I am about to go back to my friends frat when I see the fat chick leaving the bar again. Long story short, I got a bj behind a dumpster. I like dupmster sex. I find it sexy and dirty. The element of getting caught turns me on and so does the smell. 

I feel like tomorrow morning my face is going to really hurt. I have the bear in me right now so I don't really feel pain. I feel bad for the chode that I fucked up. Sorry bro. Just cause a guy is alone and smaller, it doesn't mean that your going to kick his ass. I hope your okay. Whoever you are and wherever you are and thanks for the girl. Don't hate the player man, hate the game. 

This is me. Keep it real.
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Don corleon
Fucked up the finals big time. I think I need to slow down on the night game. I mean I did improve big time but I need to remember that I have other fish to fry too. I am gana try to balance this shit out. I have been stuck at home for the past 20 days to catch up on the school work that I missed. I think I need to revaluate my goals for new year and see where I want to be. Maybe I need to cut down on other things to put into pick up and school.  I kind of like this song. It is pretty sick. Too bad most of you guys won't undrestand it. =)
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Don corleon
 I have lived a pretty sheltered life ever since I was kid. My parents kept me in the house. I never left and why would I? Here is the issue. I am fucking 20 year old with no idea of who or what I want to be. I am doing kin. I love kin. I don't want to live my life being a personal trainer. It means working for someone. I can't take orders. I don't like authority being imposed on to me.

My parents filed my head up with these ideas of medical school. The real question for me is, do I want medical school? It is been bugging me for days. The real question is do I want to help people become better? I do. Do I want to do it through medince? I don't know. I don't know who I am or what I want to do. It is fucking weird. My father had crises like this when he was 40. I guess I am learning? Anyways, I guess what I need to really do is sit back and start taking jobs. Go around the world and explore. I feel like I live in my box and I never poked my head out. Now I am force to look outside and I don't know what is waiting for me. 

I am considering a list of jobs:
bar/ dj anything with entertainment industry
Medical school just cuase I spent so much time on it
get a masters in kin and do research

Here is the question and I hope that someone answers it. HOW DID U CHOOSE YOUR JOB AND ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR DECISION? 
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Don corleon
I have got a theory about confidence and leadership. I feel like in this world, we can are all either followers and conformers to what other people do or we are the ones who lead. The only diffrence between those who lead and those who confirm is what I like to call the ability to believe that "everything will be okay".

People my consider you a fool. They may consider you weird or whatever the hell they want. However, if you accept you and realize that even if you get kicked out of one group, you can always join another, you will see that you start to develop your own crew. You become the leader of your own pack.

Now the question is, how do you become a leader? The first step is not giving a fuck. If your still tied down about what people think of you, then this is the first step that one needs to work on. The second step is the ability to let go, take risks, stand behind them and be brave about them. The last step is putting yourself out there and being straight and forward with people.

It is a weird and unusual concept to explain and most of it comes from trying to lead my presentation groups and expanding my social group but the great thing about it is that I don't ever get stuck doing anything that I don't like anymore. I get status and I get girls. I get others girls. I offer value and people are all around me. 

Anyways, this needs lots of change to become operational. There is a book about this somewhere. I just don't care about reading them anymore. You read the words and you think the ideas are great. However, the ideas are arranged in words. They sound great and cool but they need to become operational based on who you are. It is much easier to get basics and just to try to make your own from scratch. It might be harder but it's you and it is congruent. It costs less too. LOL 
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Don corleon
 its 3 a clock in the morning and I just got back from frog. It was pretty sick. Lots of guys and couples but there were a couple of cute ones too. This one was my best set.

I see loner chick standing by herself. Look around. No takers...I will do it.
Me: hi -breaking tonality-
Girl: hey
Me: how is your night been
girl: bla bla bla I am looking for my friend
Me: I hate when I loose my friends at the bar too but sometimes you meet really intresting people when by yourself. Once, I went to this new bar and I met this guy- I am getting closer into her personal space-.... ( I tell a story about this guy I met who was a drug dealer)
Fluff talk I don`t remember about life. 
Her: do u go to school
Me: do you go to school cause I can`t be seen with a drop out
Her: I go to science
Me: we got little miss IQ 100 here- after I said I realized that 100 IQ is average LOL-
Her: what
Me: I was trying to call you smart in a corny way
Her: starts laughing just to qualify herself to me and says thanks
More talk, I was about to go for the kiss.
I thought everything was going great. Then her friend shows up. She just turns to her starts talking and then looks at me and says sorry my friend is taking me home.

I was expecting that. It was a while since I have been out. I talked to girls here and there at school but I have been working on midterms. I was not expecting anything from tonight but to get that momentum back. 
Anyways, I learned one lesson tonight:
You don`t have to always talk about CRAZY SHIT. You can have normal talk at the bar too. When you first come in, you don`t want to do it. As soon as you hook a set, you should ask her about herself. It is a screening process for me. I don`t like women that don`t have a future. If she is a bar tender, we ain`t cool. If she is a striper, I am kind of like them because they keep trying to force me to bow down to their looks which help me with improving my self respect and game. 
I need to start sexual framing again too. I keep dropping it when I stay in for a while.
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Don corleon
I have school so I don't have a lot of time to update this blog. My progress so far:
1. Can get make outs every night now practically. Except on the first night of the week I go out because the momentum is lacking.
2. I can blow a chode out of a set. Last Saturday I made a guy look like a fucking idiot. I ignored him like he was something that was there covering my view of the chick. He eventually started shaking me so I get his attention. The best part was that I was not doing it on purpose. My reticular activation actually zoned his ass and everything around me out. It was just me and the two chicks.
3. I have become super selective.
4. I have came over my fear of becoming open and handing out compliments. I look at girls like I want to fuck the shit out of them. I tell them if the situation is right. FRAME = SUPER SEXUAL
5. I have got a move. I walk on the dance flour. I stare at the chicks dead in the eye. Then I walk over and start making out with them. FUCK. I did it to some guy's girl friend. He was in shock. I was feeling like a pimp.
6. I am the shit and I am fucking cool mindset is pretty much fucking solid in my head.

Just looking back at my old writing, I see a different guy. Imagine what I would be like in a year.

I wish I could put some field reports up but those take time and with gaming about 3 nights a week, university work, gym and girls. I am spread pretty thin. I have test tomorrow. I have a cold and I am planning game night on Thursday. I am happy it is just a cold and I don't have some sort of STD. I will just have to get bigger problems to whine about. LOL

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