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Don corleon
YUP I just had sex and it felt so good and I just head sex and it felt so good. After a month of nothing. It was beutiful. I made her call me big dady. Whats up?  The only down side is that I forgot to put on a condum. If any red spots appear, then we hit up the STD clinc. LOL.

Anyways, this is inside. The power to make out with 4 chicks one after the other and then take one home. The real question is that how do I unleash this? Where is the beast when I am sober? When I hit out sober, I never reach this level. Back in the day, I wouldn't reach this level when I was drunk. I might get a couple of girls to talk to me after downing booze and that was it. The fact that I can do that now and I can get laid when I am drunk shows that I am on the right path. It just takes time. Life is not a sprint. It is a walk. I will walk the walk instead of talking the talk. Something that I have taken to heart over the past year and the only major leasson that I got out of this game. Anyways, thanks for reading. The Don is out. Have a good night cause I just did. It include booze, Sex and BJ baby. 

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