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First of, my new fav song. It picks up after 40s. shades

 Secound, I have been pretty bust lately. School is killing me. Presentations, finals and my love for the stock market and me wanting to get into it consumes so much of my times it is insane. Anyways, I hit out again last night. When I hit out drunk, my game is way more effective then when I am sober. I am going to try to break it down based on what happened last night. I might get one of my boys to record next week when I go out drunk. Here is what I know:
1. It works because it is honest. If I see something that I like, I will hit her up. I wont leave unless she pushed me away or leaves. If she does, then I just laught. I do the same when I am sober. I feel like it still affects me subconciously when I am sober though.
2. I like to dance. I dance with myself or anyone to the music. It pumps everyone up. It is wierd. It is like me having fun gives other people a reason to have fun. When I am sober though, I don't dance which really closes off the chicks that are dancing to me.
3. I am way more physical. I grab and turn and twist like a boss. I call girls over. I drag them over. I walk around like a motherfucking boss that I am. I need to be more physical when I am sober.
4. It is a release. It is an escape from the world of essays and presentations. I go hard or go back home and study. This just makes it fun and interesting. When I regularly used to go out, it was no longer fun. It was a thing to do. It was chore. I had to go out and approch mentatliy helps you improve but this is way more effective.
5. I am honest. If I like a girls eyes, I tell her. I don't think about game dynamics. I don't future adventure project. I don't use move B. I just flow. Like water I just run thorugh everything and make them mine. Nothing can stop me. This is something that really needs work when I hit out.

Anyways, I am gana hopefully get someone to do some recordings of me on the dance flour or somethign when I am drunk and sober and compare the manerisms.0
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Being drunk definately helps game. However as I have discovered, I am not 100% on point when I am drunk and I miss important details. I rarely try new things and don't learn much unless I remember it the next day (it is hard to remember to try new things drunk). This is what I have to work on also. Best of luck to you good sir. :)
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It is so hard to go out sober! I have done it, but I feel off. I never get rejected when sober, but basically because i dont take any risks then and dont do anything crazy. Im working on it though.
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