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What's up, Diamondog? I really like www.rsdnation.com and www.realsocialdynamics.com . But can you recommend any other dating advice forums? What should I look for in a dating advice forum?

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Good question.  I'm not familiar with the other forums, other than one I used to read back in 2000. I don't remember its name. I don't think it was associated with any particular dating advice company, although back then dating advice was limited to memorizing lo-o-o-o-o-ng speeches to hypnotize women. You are getting very sleepy...tick

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Anyway, I liked this other forum because of the seven characteristics of a good dating advice forum:

1. A focus on how the material has been applied in-field. Not how you think it might work, but how have you used it? Whether something worked or didn't work, it was still worth reading. But nowadays, when I see people giving opinions without examples of it being used, I'm suspicious. Guys who post actual field reports regularly are less likely to be hung up on one woman, with whom they are not in a relationship.

2. Lots of free content. You shouldn't have to constantly be hit up for money, like Las Vegas or a county fair, before you get any benefit. Of course, the paid events and products are a supplement to the free content, which will provide a great foundation to get more out of the events and products.

3. A first-class company. You can tell from their website when a company is low-budget. Even worse is when their products are all e-books that cost nothing to manufacture and disseminate. There should be CD's, DVD's and actual books printed on paper. They should offer frequent live events all over the world, not just an occasional one here and there.

4. Likewise, their programs should be hosted by some of the best dating coaches in the world. Not just some guy who memorized a lot of theory. When you go out a lot, you find things are different from how you thought they would be. Does the content match your experiences and answer your questions? Do you get a tingle up your spine, that you are not the only guy on the planet who can get women saying one thing but doing another, testing you, being hard to reach by phone, etc.?

5. Their coaches must still be going out. And growing in knowledge. I believe that the growth of the pickup industry has been a double-edged sword. You have lots of resources, but so does the rest of the world. As a result, women expect you to have a much higher level of game. There was a time when magic tricks (by non-professional magicians!), handwriting analysis and love poems you keep in your pocket, would have worked occasionally. Not anymore.

6. Their coaches must seem natural. By this I mean that every guy once upon a time (or now) knew a guy who got consistent results without all the gimmicks, by being himself. The only problem was that you couldn't understand what he was doing, and he couldn't explain it. Is this coach similar to what you know works?

7. Their coaches must be able to explain what they do, and care about whether students are able to learn. This means that they probably weren't naturals, but had to come up the hard way.

So there you have it. Seven tips to finding a good dating advice forum. Post any feedback you may have here, and on RSDnation.
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