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Hey Diamondog, I've been getting numbers and even getting some lays under my belt. Now I'm ready for my first one-night stand. Do you have any tips for me?

If you get her home at 12:01 a.m., is it still a one-night stand?  confused

Good question. I have more than a few tips – I have seven! There are two elements to the one night stand:
1) Getting a girl hot (pretty straightforward, which pretty much anyone can do); and
) Working the logistics of the extraction (harder). And if you don't know how to screen for logistics, it's much harder!

So here are my 7 tips for one-night stands:

1. Go for the extraction: Things to say include: “Let's exchange names before we leave here”; “They keep playing this song, let's go!”; “You're cut from further drinking, let's go”, etc. I especially like the first one because it assumes success. I've made it work on numerous occasions. Sometimes you don't need to screen for logistics, if you've gotten her hot pretty quickly, which is not all that uncommon.

2. Sometimes the logistics are good, but you just need to invest more time into it. That means joining her group, going to another bar, going for food, dropping off her friends, and bringing her home or somewhere else. This means that you sense she would go with you if she were by herself. You have to be willing to put in some additional hours with no guarantee that it will work any better than if you settled for a phone number. Are you up to it? I've gotten it to work many timesteeth

3. What are the worst logistics? She's with a group, she's not the driver and she lives hours away, and her group has no hotel room in the city. Maybe you could do a bathroom pull. The only way to pull her home is if you live nearby, and you convince her you'll be back really soon. You'll probably have to convince the group as well.

4. How important is it to win the group's approval? Sometimes it helps a lot, sometimes it actually hurts. For example, I once convinced a woman to let me go home with her and her boyfriend, so that I could bang her friend who was staying with her, but who wouldn't leave with me. Another time, the group was telling the girl to go home with me, but that backfired. It was too easy. Best is when they tolerate you. Go figure.  idea

5. What are the best logistics? Her friends have left her there (rare), or she purposely went out by herself (even more rare). I've pulled quickly in both cases.

6. What's the best way to work logistics if there's some hesitation to commit to leaving with you? Take baby steps towards the door. And always let her know she's free to leave if she really wants to.

7. Walking can be better than a taxi. On more than one occasion, the girl insisted on walking home with me (through streets that were not entirely safe) instead of a taxi, so she could feel like she could walk away (like this tourist even knew where she was). Anyway, it's important to have a normal conversation, like “where are you originally from, do you have brothers and sisters, etc.”  wink

Blue, you're my boy!  tounge

So there you have it. Seven tips for one-night stands, because going slow is for the birds. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas to close in Field Reports.
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