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Hey Diamondog, I loved your last blog entry about what I can expect when I first try picking up women! I have a friend who's a bit more advanced than me who gets lots of last minute resistance (LMR) when he brings girls home. How do I prevent it from happening to me?

I'm so cool, I give LMR to girls!  This 10 has 0 game.  sad

Great question! I like to see you thinking ahead, to head off problems before they appear. Notice that I didn't write in the title that you can avoid LMR altogether. It's always something of a factor, and usually present to some degree. So here are my 7 tips on how to seduce women, so you reduce last-minute resistance:

1. Realize that LMR probably won't happen to a newbie. As a newbie, you probably won't have the balls to try to pull home a girl who hasn't made it abundantly clear that she's into you. You'll be going for the easier sets, and that's okay.

2. A girl who goes home with a newbie probably realizes that any LMR on her part will probably kill the mood and leave her unfulfilled and dejected. This means that she will know that any LMR will probably cause you to give up altogether, which might also make her feel unattractive.  what chu talking about

3. Therefore, LMR is a signal that you are progressing in game. Many girls truly weren't planning on going home with you when they met you, but they eventually did. Sometimes they feel it's going too fast. They need to get to know you better.  thumbs up

4. LMR can be her way of making sure that you're not a chode before hooking up, that you won't suddenly turn into a clinger who professes his undying love for her, proving that she's out of your league, and that you mostly go for misshapen girls. And she just let you bang her! She won't be answering your calls again.  thumbs down

5. Don't keep alcohol around at home. A lot of guys will disagree with me on this, but it's
not good if she throws up. She will feel unattractive and want to leave immediately, leaving you with blue balls.

6. If there's LMR, it might also be her way of slowing it down, to make sure you're a real person. She's already there with you. Don't ask her intrusive personal questions, like do you do this with every guy?  I made that mistake once 15 years ago, and got thrown out by a sure thing. Just talk about siblings, where you grew up, some safe stuff. Then try again.

7. If there's LMR, it might also be her way of saying that she's self-conscious that you're cooler than her. Like being overqualified for a job, it means you don't get the job. Tell her that you're often awkward, that it takes someone special and intelligent to click with you, etc. Don't go overboard and tell her that you get rejected 99% of the time, even though a guy who gets rejected 99% of the time might eventually sleep with 1,000 women, including his share of 9's, 10's and threesomes.  teeth

Back in the day, it went without saying. 
Everyone understood.  Everyone pulled together.

So there you have it. Seven tips on how to seduce women, so you reduce last-minute resistance. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas in Field Reports.
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