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Hey Diamondog, I was able to bring a girl way hotter than usual home, but I was so anxious, that I think I let her down. Now she's won't respond to calls and texts. Help!

This is quite common. Lots of guys don't know what they're doing, fail to make the woman feel comfortable, etc. I'm not going to give you a how-to guide for sex, but I will give you 7 basic tips on how to improve over what you've been doing:

1. Make her feel good about herself and attractive. You'd be amazed at how many women are ashamed of their bodies, even when they are hot. You wouldn't believe how many women are ashamed of how they smell, even when they are no different from anyone else, and not on their period either. It is your job to let her know how turned on you are, or the encounter may stop in its trackscry

2. Likewise, if she's apprehensive about a certain part of her body, you can devote extra attention to it, or bypass it until next time. Sometimes a woman may need to wait until the second, third, fourth time to do something. But then she makes it her favorite thing to do with you. Go figure!

3. Give her lots of verbal assurance that she's doing something correctly. Sometimes they don't know they are. Without it, they may stop all over, and now you're in damage control. If you need her to do something differently, say so. Diplomatically.  idea

4. Likewise, ask her if what you're doing is working (if it's not obvious and she's not already telling you). This is common courtesy.

5. Let her know she's beautiful and special. But don't overdo it, so that you come off as insecure that you're not used to being with attractive women.   thumbs down

6. At the same time, tell yourself (silently) that she's a regular person. If you convince yourself that she's perfection, you may give yourself guilt, shame or performance anxiety. This will deflate you like a balloon.

7. Practice safe sex, even if she says (or thinks) she's on the pill. But condoms are not even enough.
If a condom is going to slip off, break or otherwise fail, it will be with a girl who is hideous-looking. If someone is that ugly, you'll need to know the location of a 24 hour pharmacy for Plan B emergency contraception. It's not worth it. Respect yourself. No hideous-looking girls just to be able to post successful field reports. 

Aim for better, like this:

They're watching Two Girls, One Cup

So there you have it. Seven tips for making love, so your pick-ups are not in vain. Post any feedback you may have here, and in the Field Reports of Rsdnation.
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