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Hey Diamondog, I've been reading that the key to attracting women is by having a lot of women already. And I guess that's kind of like the way the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But what if you're just starting out and don't have lots of friends with benefits or even lays under my belt?

Don't look now, but there's a woman right behind you!

These are great questions! After all, if someone already had lots of women, they probably wouldn't need much help in that department. You must feel like the answer to your problem is to solve the problem but you don't know how.

So this article will focus on getting you into a state of abundance like one of the naturals with women,
even if you haven't had a girl in a while or even ever. So pay attention to my 7 tips on how to get laid:

1. A newbie actually has an advantage over more experienced guys. You don't have an ego. You are not in competition with your former self. You are not living in the past. If they were great once, took time off from game and are now rusty, they may not want to admit that there's some hard work in getting back into shape. So they'll just avoid going out altogether and stick to social circle (waiting years for his best friend to get divorced to date his ex-wife).

2. You can simulate abundance even if you are new. Getting phone numbers and then getting dates can have a similar effect in reducing anxiety and desperation as does getting actual lays.  idea

3. What if you don't even have phone numbers? You can have interactions with women as reference experiences. How many times has anything bad actually happened to you after you approached a woman? Probably never, even if you were awkward. You were at worst in the same position as before you approached. But I'm willing to bet you were proud of yourself for having made the effortthumbs up

4. I've covered this before, but try online gaming or even speed dating. With speed dating events (which I haven't done since I was first starting out), you spend a few minutes with each of ten or so women. Or perhaps 8 minutes with 8 women. Regardless, even if you don't click with any of them, you've painlessly gotten to reinforce in your mind some sense of abundance. Here are links to my two blog posts on online dating:



5. Vary the places you go, so that you don't feel burned out when a place seems stale because you run into the same women over and over. Here's a link to a blog article of mine about places to meet women:


6. Watch out for the intermediate purgatory. For me, it was when I first tried to go from average to much-better-than-average girls. You'll feel like you're back to square one. My advice is to specialize in approaching the better looking girls, so that it seems natural to you. If you only approach them occasionally, you will approach them badly and make them feel uneasy because you feel uneasy.

7. And last but not least, never stop learning. Your path is never over. When you feel you're at a sticking point, ask for information. Attend an RSD live event. For me, a sticking point was that I could bring home better-looking girls, but not be able to see them again. Tyler spent most of a free tour talking about this exact issue. What I learned was that I had abundance with average women (who wanted to see me again), but I projected scarcity with hotter-looking women. I had not been able to identify this pattern on my own. That's because
RSD instructors actually go out and have experienced every one of your sticking points during their growth.

So there you have it. Seven tips on how to get laid, even when women are scarce. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas when closing in Field Reports.
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Have abundance in your skill set.

Abundance with girls becomes the side effect.

Fake it til you make it.
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