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Hey Diamondog, how do I get to stop approaching and finally get a girlfriend?

If this is your intention, then you want a girlfriend for the wrong reason. You should want someone of substance, not just anyone who will have you, so you can stop having to go out. You need to think more of yourself. Stop thinking of yourself as a charity case. It is hurting your efforts.

I just watched the nearly full 12 hours of Alexander's Natural Instinct Method. If you haven't seen it, it's gold and worth watching in its entirety. The most memorable theme from it is that you are enough:


Here are my 7 tips on how to get a girlfriend:

1. Whether you're in a hurry to get a girlfriend or not, approach woman anywhere. Here's a link to a blog article I wrote on where to meet women: http://www.rsdnation.com/diamondog/blog/10-great-places-meet-women-so-your-prospects-pipeline-stays-full

2. You can take it slowly, if she wants that. As long as you spend time together and there is physical contact, then you're not in the friend zone and you are moving forward. Don't expect only one night stands. Go on dates as well. Here is a link to my blog entry on date ideas: http://www.rsdnation.com/diamondog/blog/7-first-date-tips-make-closing-more-likely

3. At the same time, you must still lead and try to close. If you don't, it will fizzle out. She will assume that you didn't hook up because she wasn't attracted to you. All girls have different time frames for intimacy, and it can change for them based on where she is in her life. But remember that girls like sex just as much as you, so don't forget your purpose or it will go stalethumbs down

4. Don't try to screen for potential girlfriends, or you will screen yourself out. This means that if you ask girls if they're looking for boyfriends, and tell her that you're looking for a girlfriend or wife, it won't go well. You will be showing her that you are lonely and that women are scarce. What should you do?

5. Understand that normal women want to see a cool guy regularly. Some women (especially the really young girls or the old embittered ones) only want one-night stands, and you'll find out. There's a way to make it more likely that you see her again. If she asks what you want after you've been intimate, tell her that you are open to seeing where things go. This is normal that you want to let a connection develop over time.  

6. Just because you've done it, doesn't mean that you can turn into a sap. I'll never forget the time that a girl asked me what I wanted after we went for food after we hooked up. I told her I was ready for a serious relationship, but she replied that she's totally not looking for that right now. Even though she really enjoyed my company, she wouldn't see me again. I haven't made that mistake sincebroken heart

7. Even if she sees you again, never turn into a chode. Obviously don't forget her birthday, but don't smother her either. You should choose each other, not you choose her and pray that she chooses you.   embarrassed

So there you have it. Seven tips on how to get a girlfriend, for the right reasons. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas when closing in Field Reports.
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