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Hey Diamondog, I liked your other blog posts about sex positions. Is that all there is to it to be a great cocksure swordsman?

"Speak softly and carry a big stick"  - Theodore Roosevelt

Cocksure swordsman? You must be from the UK. Great question! Anyway, it's about more than just positions. But for those who'd like to read my blog article on positions, here's the link to it:


Besides positions, here are 7 tips on how to be good in bed:

1. Don't rush into it, unless time is really limited. Spend time on foreplay, just
in case you later finish too quickly.

Did he bust a nut?

2. Don't bang on an empty stomach or with a dry mouth. Being hungry makes it difficult to get hard, and being thirsty allows me to get hard but not come. Your coming is important to both you and her (so she could feel attractive). Keep a large bottle of water by the bed to share.

3. When you're banging, start slowly even if she's already wet from you going down on her. Maybe have her legs high in the air, or have her on top. She might need some time to get used to you, especially if you're very well-endowed...like me! I couldn't resist.   angel

4. Identify when you're about to come. This should be obvious if you have a working penis. If you identify it in time, you can perhaps switch positions to buy yourself more time. Or squeeze your own balls. Just don't lose your own hard-on. If any of this is making you self-conscious, don't be. Even if you're not that great, it's probably much better than she could do on her own.  idea

5. Identify when she's about to come. She'll be making more noise, thrashing about, face turning red, squeezing your hand, pulling you closer, contracting around you, etc.

6. Try to come at the same time. That makes it a whole lot better. It takes time to get this right, unless she's multi-orgasmic. Then it will be fairly easy because you'll have lots of chances.  shades

7. When you're lying together, tell her it was great. But don't compare her with anyone or ask her how you did. These two things can only make her self-conscious. Don't go there. Have a normal conversation. I've found that after making a girl come, she thinks everything I say is so funny and intriguing. So study this blog article before your next bang session.

So there you have it. Seven tips on how to be good in bed, to leave her wanting you more. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas when closing in Field Reports.
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