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Hey Diamondog, what should I do to attract women beyond my social circle?
That seems really slow, I meet very few women, and
most of the women I do meet through social circle are not single anyway.

Is your social circle a sausage fest?  thumbs down

Good question! I'm glad to see you branching out from something that you realize hasn't been working. Too many guys stay stuck with what doesn't work, and resent those who are making the effort to approach women through cold approach and online. So today I advise you on how to get out of your own way, with
7 tips on how to attract women:

1. Recognize that approaching women is perfectly normal. Too many people believe either that it isn't, or that it is, and that if you need any help in this area, you must have something wrong with you. If both were true, then only a small elite group of celebrities and naturals would monopolize all the best women, and everyone else would be left with the scraps. Oh wait, that is how it was for me, until I decided to do something about it by changing my attitude.

2. Recognize that getting help in any area of your life is admirable. Getting coaching to play a sport better shouldn't be any more socially acceptable than trying to figure out how to improve your skills with women. The beauty is that even if you learn from an awful source (like what existed in 1999), you're at least going out and doing something and getting some results. Which brings us to...

3. Be able to handle the nay-sayers. I've heard them all: you trick women, you don't respect women, you approach every woman with desperation until someone finally goes home with you, etc. Not true. I never lie to women because bragging and exaggerating are a turn-off. I respect women by trying to get to know them, not by admiring them from afar, like a painting in a museum.

As for approaching every woman until someone goes home with me, you're wrong. If someone went home with me every night I went out, I'd have had as many women as pro basketball player Wilt Chamberlain did by now. But I've had a lot of adventures and great experiences by not living as a spectator. In pickup and in life.

I think someone might've rejected me earlier tonight, but I forgot her.  shades

4. Learn how to handle rejection. There's no way to avoid it. You wouldn't apply to only one job. Why pin all your hopes on one woman? Because you think she's perfect? Once you get to know a lot of women, you'll realize no one's perfect. Everyone's human. And this woman is probably a regular person with a regular job in an office building. Just like you.  idea

5. Keep up your enthusiasm for going out. That means vary the places you go, but go to places where the quality of women inspires you. Give yourself time to warm up and get social. Once you see yourself as being above having to go out, your success rate will drop to zero.

6. Evaluate a potential relationship partner objectively, not as a way to avoid having to risk being rejected in the bad world of the bars and clubs. Don't stay in an unhappy relationship, or get into a bad marriage out of scarcity. It clouds your thinking.

7. Make time for other non-pickup hobbies. Too many guys try to make up for lost time by making this an obsession. They get a bad look in their eyes that women can sense. It needs to remain fun for you and her. Less is more. Sometimes guys who are pretty good start going backwards in pickup when they start going out for hours at a time 7 nights a week, neglecting school, work and friendships.

Some guys have all the luck...and piss it away!  cry

So there you have it. Seven tips on how to attract women, so you have a great social life. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas in Field Reports.
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