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Hey Diamondog, I've been going out and getting numbers. How do I go about asking a girl out? Just tell me where to meet you! Good question! I'm glad that you've been making the effort. The most important thing in asking a girl out is to first have a solid interaction with her, get her number and then contact her with the same confident abundance. And this applies whether you met her in person or online. If you want to know how to get a girl's number, read my blog entry: http://www.rsdnation.com/diamondog/blog/7-tips-get-girls-phone-numbers-fill-your-calendar-full-fun I'll be following up on my blog article about text game: http://www.rsdnation.com/diamondog/blog/7-tips-how-flirt-girl-over-text-reduce-flaking With that being said, here are my 7 tips on how to ask a girl out: 1. Start out with a playful text opener. wrote a great blog article about this on RSD Nation: http://www.rsdnation.com/psychopathic/blog/50-amazing-text-openers 2. Banter back and forth a bit. That means tease her a bit, and let her tease you about how much you missed each other, etc. It helps if she has a sense of humor. An example of a girl with a sense of humor responded to me saying: “I've been sitting so long with my thumb up my ass for you to get back to me, that now I'm afraid it's stuck”. Her response was: “That's why you were born with two thumbs!” I wrote about her in a lay report.   shades
3. Never overwhelm her. Humor is good. But if it's too edgy, it works best in person because she can't hear your tone of voice. Keep in mind that she doesn't study pickup and is probably not that smooth. I remember the last girl who texted me before I texted her first. She wrote that she was thinking about my kindness and compassion, blah blah blah. This is someone I spent a few minutes making jokes with at a bus stop. 4. If you sense she's not good at texting, ask questions. If you write something that doesn't suggest an obvious answer, it may take a long time for her to get back to you. Or maybe she won't get back to you at all. Make the text interaction only good enough and long enough for her to meet you. Try not to score too many points over setting logistics to meet. You've done pretty well if she gave you the number and is now responding.  idea
5. Suggest a time and place to meet within a few messages. The more messages you send, the more likely she will get distracted by something else and the interaction will die out. She probably won't ask you out. She will wonder why you had the balls to get her number and not try to meet up.  broken heart 6. Make it at a time and place convenient for you. I have on occasion tried to make it convenient to where she lived, but I was starting off on the wrong foot and it went nowhere. The times I've pulled was when it was convenient for me. Also, if you let her pick the time, she's gonna suggest coffee at 10 AM on a Saturday at Starbucks. WTF?
7. Give her the location of the bar, not just its name. When I've let girls suggest the place, it was usually some place with numerous locations, and now I'm trying to guess which address from the yelp reviews of it. Don't ask her to look it up. Know the name of the place and its cross-streets when you suggest it. Otherwise you look weak, like you never make plans with girls, and you can't believe that she's actually gonna say yes.  So there you have it. Seven tips on how to ask a girl out, so your calendar is full of dates. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas when closing in Field Reports.
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