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So Diamondog, I'm not looking for anything to serious now. Just a friend...or two...or three with benefits, while I continue to improve my skills. Do you have any advice?

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I sure do. I've had a rotation of three friends with benefits at one time, which is doable even with working, other outside interests and leaving time for meeting new girls. You might not be ready for a serious relationship, or you just got out of one. Whatever your motivation, here are the 7 tips to get a friend with benefits:

1. Understand what it is. A friend with benefits is not a serious girlfriend, although she could become one at a later date. It could start out as a friend with benefits arrangement, move into relationship territory, or fizzle out. Which brings us to the second tip...

2. They don't last a long time usually. Without an intense emotional connection, or even all that much in common, it's only a matter of time before either of you meets someone better. But if you want to make it last a little longer and enjoy the benefits...

3. Never make her feel cheap or disrespected by the arrangement. You should never be doing this anyway with anyone. She already knows that you don't have much in common, one of you has deal-breaker characteristics that makes you or her a poor choice for a long-term relationship, but you can tolerate each other, etc.   Hopefully, the deal-breaker characteristic is not that she's butt-uglysad

4. Don't bring up other girls when you're with other. She probably assumes that you have maybe one other girl. If you hint to her that there's one other girl, she may tell you that she's got ten other guys in her rotation. You would've preferred not knowing that she's a dirty womanwhat chu talking about

5. Even though we're not judgmental, we're not above capitalizing on the arrangement. What's the advantage to a friend with benefits? Since she doesn't care (as much) what you think of her, she's freer to try out things she usually doesn't do. If you can't think of anything special to do with her, watch porn, listen to Motley Crue, or read RSD Nation Field Reports.

The Supreme Court said they could get married.

6. You may need to go on some low-key dates, and not limit it to purely booty calls to make it last longer. In fact, these booty calls should never be in the middle of the night. They should be in the evenings and can be made a day or two in advance as well.

7. As for logistics, try not to schedule two different booty calls in one day too close together (such as afternoon and early evening). She'll figure out why you're trying to get rid of her. See #4 above.

So there you have it. Seven tips to get a friend with benefits, or multiple friends with benefits. Post any feedback you may have here, and in the Field Reports.
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