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Hey Diamondog, I've been starting to go out more. Do you have any flirting tips for me?

My flirting advice works with beautiful women.  teeth

Why yes I do! I already wrote a blog article about flirting, which you can find at

Here is its sequel. That article gave a good overview of flirting, so this article will focus on some more of the nuts and bolts of what can happen once you start flirting. How will others react? Will it be all smooth sailing, or WILL THERE BE TESTS?

Read on for 7 flirting tips:

1. You would be extremely lucky for there to be no tests. Expect them. Although every situation is different, the important thing is to hold your frame. That means remember why you are there and not be apologetic about your purpose. Obviously be apologetic if you've actually stepped on someone's foot, but you get the point.

2. When being tested, the answer doesn't matter as much as your congruence. There are millions of ways to be tested. You must not flinch or hesitate. That's why online game and text game are such good preparation for handling tests in-field, where you must react immediately.

3. After you hold your frame, let the matter drop. Think of the conversation as a thread, and cut the thread that isn't leading to anything good. Start a new conversational thread. The worst is to get defensive, ask her how you did, or accuse her of testing you. Maybe she didn't create the test, but the circumstances created a test. Don't get butt-hurt about it, and think, “why couldn't I be living in the 1940's when old-fashioned women didn't test us men so much?”   thumbs down

4. See tests as fun! Interestingly enough, when you handle a test, you gain major points. Think of it like an objection in selling. Buyers object when they want the product. They are asking questions. Help them to buy. Someone with no interest makes no objections and doesn't test you. They just walk away.   idea

5. Understand where tests come from. It's unusual for a sober guy to approach attractive women with a degree of easy-going confidence. So they need to see what's up with you. They want to see if you are for real. They might ask if you're a player. But you're not a player. You're just yourself.  thumbs up

6. Eventually you might crack or lose your frame. This will get you blown out. So see #3 above and change the subject. You are under no obligation to handle tests endlessly.

7. This advice applies whether you are being tested by the girl, her friends, or even guys who come into the set. Try to remove her from the area. If it gets ugly with these other people, she may lose interest in youcry

My flirting advice works with ugly women.  what chu talking about
I don't judge your preferences. 

So there you have it. Seven flirting tips, so you pass tests from the hottest girls. Post any feedback you may have here, and how you used these ideas when closing in Field Reports.
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