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Hey everyone! For those of you who've been following my Field Reports, about half of my lays have been off of okcupid, and the other half are from cold approach. I was inspired to get into online game from Jeffy's Hotseat, two years after my bootcamp with him.

Here's something that will get your attention, that by itself makes online game worth it: In both New Orleans and here in San Francisco, girls who lived within the city limits made plans and showed up 90% of the time when they gave me their numbers!

That doesn't mean I laid all of these girls (far from it), or that I've never laid any girl from okcupid who lived outside the city (I've had a few). But as for the 90% non-flaking rate, I can't imagine how anyone could top that with phone numbers obtained from cold approach. I've found that online and text game have improved my cold approach skills. You can handle tests spontaneously that had taken you time to answer by email or text. I can't imagine anyone new or intermediate not also gaming online.

What's the number one question on the forum: It's “how do I keep from running out of things to say?” It's easier to keep a conversation going on a day 2 than on a cold approach because she will likely contribute more to the conversation. (She was attracted enough to show up).

1. Have the right profile. My biggest problem in the past was having too long of a profile. In life, less is more. Keep paragraphs short. She will read it now or never. Send me a private message on RSD Nation, and I'll email you a copy. Keep it light and funny, a little bit edgy, the way you will be when you meet in person. No heavy topics or professing your undying love. Your goal is a simple meetup. Photos should be one of you, you wearing a costume and you with groups of girls and guys.

2. Focus mostly on girls who live within your city or county, unless she works in your city or county. See above.

3. Keep your messages short (unless her replies are long), and limit the copy and paste. You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, Diamondog, isn't that the way to write to a lot of girls at once? How do I know who will respond?” Good point, dear reader. Here's an actual example of an interaction:

Me: “Hi [her username],

You're confident and have a lot to say, which I really like. How often do you play tennis? [proves that I read her profile – very important] After you've checked out my profile, write a quick note, hit Send and we'll talk soon. Why not - you only live once!”

Her: “Hi! - thanks for your e-mail...I liked that you gave me direction. Unexpected, and a little bit of a turn on...I can see from your profile how people might feel strongly about you one way or the other. So far, I am in the 'more, please' camp.”

4. Suggest a meetup around your third or so message. Here's what I write: “Let's meet up soon for drinks. My cell phone number is _______, so you'll know to respond with godspeed when my witty message graces your phone screen. What's yours?”

5. Open strongly on texts. “Hi [her name], it's [my name], your favorite okcupid cutie! I promised I wouldn't forget you, and I always keep my promises! smile

6. Suggest a time, date and place convenient for you and where you live. When she agrees, confirm by saying something like, “Great! See you tomorrow.”

7. Always assume you will pull every time you go out. That means the bed made, an empty garbage can, condoms in the night table drawer, etc. This will help your confidence.

So there you have it. Seven easy steps to get you started on online game. Post any feedback you may have here, as well as in the Field Reports section on how you used these steps to end your dry spell. thumbs up
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