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Hey Diamondog, I'm confident that with the help of your blogs, I'll be bringing a girl home soon. If so, what are the best sex positions?

I'm not sure what's the best position. 
Maybe I'll just take her phone number for now.

Good question. It depends on whether you're asking for the best one for you or for her. The key for you will be the one that helps you delay your orgasm as long as possible. The key for her is
what leads to the most stimulation for her (makes her come as easily as possible, as women can have multiple orgasms in a row. Betcha didn't know that!). So, here are the 7 best sex positions:

1. The most common is with you on top (missionary). It's one of the best for you to transition into it quickly by putting on a condom after you've just been between her legs eating her out.  tounge

2. Most women will say that their favorite position is from behind (doggy style) because of the deep penetration. They will come hard from this. They may ask you to pull their hair (from the roots, not the end or it will hurt) instead of you holding her hips. This is also good for you to come for the second time, when it will be harder. If you don't come, she feels unattractive.

3. A lot of women also like to be on top, but only if she leans back and you grab her hips and move them back and forth a lot, for clitoral stimulation.

4. Anything where you're rubbing her clit. You can be behind her or she can have her legs in the air.  thumbs up

5. The best position for when you're semi-erect is with you facing her and her legs up in the air. You won't keep slipping out with this one.

6. Some people like standing facing each other, but this is hard to do, especially if there's a big height difference. Much easier is from behind with her bent over a couchteeth

7. In terms of her blowing you, I like to be on my knees or standing, so I can
direct where it sprays.   shades  (She can wear sunglasses or goggles if she'd like).

Bonus: If there are two girls, one could eat the other out, while you hit it from behind. But then you won't see much. Or, you could have one riding your cock while the other sits on your face.  heart

Before having a threesome with 2 girls,
I'd recommend a girl and a blowup doll first for practice.

I just got myself excited. I think I'll be going out this weekend. You should too.  idea
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