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Yo Diamondog, the RSD instructor videos talk about not showing scarcity to women, but their ideas are all different. What should I do?

Great question! If you have only one phone number, it is possible to play it cool and not blow it by being too eager. But what if you didn't have to pretend? How would you act if you had ten other numbers? By the way, getting ten phone numbers is hardly difficult at all, even if you're a newbie.

One other thing I must caution you on is that one phone number must not be of a girl who is 100 times more attractive than the others, or you won't get the benefit of having these ten numbers. It will be as if she were your only prospect, and you're back to square one-itis (where you're hung up on one girl with whom you are not in a relationship).

Before we get to the best places to meet women, let's talk about the worst most chode way of meeting women: volunteering and joining organizations. This is a form of social circle jerk for guys who feel they don't belong in bars and clubs with the “cool people”, so their openers go something like this: “Do you like poor people? Me, too. That's wonderful.” We can go to better places:

1. Online dating. My favorite is okcupid, which is free. I wrote a blog article recently about online dating. Here's the link to it:


2. Bars and clubs. Better quality venues are better prospects for us.

3. Daygame. I find that it is best if you are in a place where you are both seated or standing still. That way your interaction will be long enough to actually have some meaning. Thirty second phone number closes hardly ever lead to her seeing you again. Not that a long interaction is a 100% guarantee of anything either.

4. School settings. If you live in a dorm, it's impossible not to meet women. Just make sure you isolate to a place where there's privacy, or it's for nothing.

5. Parties and events. If both you and her were invited, there would be less of a trust issue, making it less of a cold approach (for those of you still hung up on such things).

6. Festivals and any place where lots of people congregate, like a public park or square on a sunny weekend afternoon. This way you have lots of choices.

7. Supermarkets. Every city has its' “social Safeway”, where there are lots of young people, new in town, etc. Pick the best times to go. I find it works best if you are sitting and eating food you bought there as opposed to approaching in the aisles. But then again, if you recognize her from your building, approach. If you're mistaken, you're already talking. Keep it going.

8. Lunch hour during the week. If you go to a crowded setting, you'll be sitting at a table with other people. Try talking to them. You have nothing to lose.

9. On vacation. If you don't mind snoring and smells, stay in a youth hostel, where girls are surprisingly hot. The girls are already extracted back. Either talk to them in the kitchen/bar during the week, or go out with a group on the weekends. Sometimes the hostel even organizes the bar crawl for you. Most of these girls have nothing to live for and no self-respect. That's why they're in youth hostels.

10. The last one is kinda sneaky. So I'm sure no one here would ever do it. Host girls for couchsurfing. First you'll need to host guys to get good references. Then girls by themselves will stay with you. Even if you warn them that you only have a bed, they'll say yes if you have good references. See #9 above for the types of girls you'll get. Gives new meaning to the term “low-hanging fruit”.

So there you have it. Ten great places to meet women, so your prospects pipeline stays full. Post any feedback you may have here, and in your own Field Reports.
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