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 Hello RSD Nation! This is Slick coming to you live from New York City hahaha lol sounds good 

On to the good stuff
I came across a post in the main forum by Tyler way back in the day. It's actually signed by him and dates 2005 WOW old school! However, after reading it a few times I beleive it is one of my favorite posts of all time......or at least top 5 because there is so much great material here on RSD NATION. With that being said let me paste it here word for word:

Some of you will probably think it's screwed up. Others will be entertained by
it.. As long as it's interesting, whatever people get from it is cool with me.

I'm browsing the board, about to start another day of work. I like to keep in
touch with the kinds of concerns that the average guy has.

While I'm reading about all the things that most guys worry about, it's hard
for me not to be blown away. I understand it in abstract. I used to have a
lot of the same tendencies. But at this point, on a personal level, I just
don't relate. Like, "Wow, some of these guys really lack focus.. They just
lack direction in life."

Most people walk through life in a trance, and rarely pause to consider what
they're doing.

Life becomes a reactive haze, where you just live through your habits. Wake
up, go to work, watch TV, surf the web, have a bit of fun, go to sleep.

There is no proactive steering of the ship. Just emotional reactions to things
as they come up.

They have concepts of what they deserve. Their places in life. Emotions that
they can handle, and emotions that are outside of their capacity to process.

That's MOST of society.

As creatures of habit, it's almost impossible to break day-to-day repetition
and implement a new routine.

And yet, it's that new routine that only makes a 0.001% difference on a
day-to-day, but ADDS UP over several years.

I turned twentysix this year, and my life is very different than when I was 22
or 23.

I feel my time a LOT more now. From the minute I wake up, to the minute I go
to sleep, I feel my time being drained from me.

That's FINE. But if it's being drained, there is a VERY clear cut line in my
mind as to what kind of things it's going to be spent on.

Replying to long emails... NO.

Answering long phone calls... NO.

Dealing with drama... NO.

Gossiping... NO.

Dwelling on stuff that I logically know is dumb... NO.

Watching any TV or movie that isn't highly creative and perspective altering...

Living in cities that aren't world class calibre... No.

Time wasting... NO FUCKING WAY.

People who aren't living at a standard that I respect... CUT OFF.

Guys who waste my time... BYE BYE.

This stuff is ALL cut out of my life.

If I sense this kind of thing going on, I feel a wretching feeling in my gut
and cut it off ASAP.

I wake up every morning ready to work. Another 16 hour work day... I'm all for

To me, this is a RACE... A race against time... While the world is choding
around, I'm living my life.

Wake up.



Morning briefing with Papa.

Plan the day.








Go out and practise my skills.


Wake up and do it again.


When I do something fun (and I do every day), it's going to be VERY FUCKING

My life is very focused. I want to dominate. I want a LOT.

I understand that most people don't want this lifestyle. Some people are
probably just as happy, if not more happy than I am. Whatever works for them
works for them. But this is what works for me.

In my mind, life is for the taking. I will continue to travel to ALL the best
places. I will continue to eat the best food. I will continue to bed the
hottest women. I will have the most talented people around me and meet many

I will dominate my environments and work continually to make 0.001%
improvements that add up over a period of time. At all times I have little
projects on the go that to most people would seem to be moving at a snail's
pace. That's what my progress with women was like. But I had a clear cut
vision and was willing to do whatever it took to achieve it.

The biggest thing I have is MOMENTUM.

To the average guy reading this, it's hard to grasp.

Where would he start? It sound exhausting...

Well, for a lot of guys it probably is. It just depends. There are a lot of
people who want all the REWARDS, but few people who would actually put in the
work. A lot of people say that happiness is ENTIRELY internal, and if that's
the case then perhaps I'm doing things the wrong way.

I've been in that "I don't know where to start" position, and what I did was
JUST START. Then over time, as more paths became clear, I had enough things on
the go to give my life the focus and direction that it has now.

A lot of people who see my busy lifestyle would immediately condemn it and hate
on it. They'd say that it isn't balanced.

Well, that's cool. But my view is different. And to be honest, I don't always
see these guys as being all that happy themselves. They just pay it more

I grew up in a small town in Canada. If it weren't for Papa pulling me out of
it and showing me what was out there, I'd be working a boring job and coming
home to some mediocre woman that I didn't want. Right now I'm VERY happy, and
more importantly SATISFIED living my current lifestyle. I'm at the perfect age
for it.

I'm in a hustler mentality. I want EXTREME FUN and EXTREME SUCCESS. I feel
that drive at all times, and I relate to guys who have that same drive.

The average dumb shit that bothers most guys doesn't even hit my radar.

Things like approach anxiety...

Or people doing petty shit to try to annoy me...

Or relationships that aren't working...

Or the inevitable temporary failure that comes before success (even failure of
things that I put massive amounts of work into)...


I have such a hard time relating to how anybody could feel ANY emotional
reaction to this stuff - it's so OUTSIDE OF MY REALITY.. When I see guys who
have this and I literally feel like I'm talking to insane people.

I'm playing at a different level. Unless something is BIG, I'm NUMB to it.

Things feel a lot smaller when your vision and perspective is a lot bigger..

So that's my lifestyle. That's why I don't get things like "approach anxiety"
or "one-itis" anymore.

I just don't have time for it! 

Anyway, I'm getting back to work.

RSD (c) 2005
100% Content - 0 % Political Flame Bullshit


Ok so there it is…this write up by Tyler back in 2005 in my
opinion is everything you need to whatever success you desire in any area of
your life. It’s 3-Dimesnial because it not only focuses on success with women
but also just in general with LIFE…… if you are not experiencing the happiness
in life or the “results” you expect of yourself it’s purely due to the flaw in
your everyday habits. However, the most significant part of it all is when
Tyler talks about our habits. We as humans or mankind will never recognize our
flaws in our habits because we just don’t have the ability to do so consciously
unless we are fully aware of the nature of our habits. The habits we are a part
of are due to the logistics of past habits and the ignorance of not knowing the
power of habits. And once those habits become ingrained into a continuous cycle
while our “basic” needs are meet such as food, water, shelter ( in which modern
day society makes it very easy for all of them to be fulfilled) we are in this TRANCE,
Tyler always talks about this trance and the majority of society is in the
trance. I give myself, and anyone else who can relate to this blog some
sympathy.  It’s not your fault! It’s our
mammal nature within us! You need to realize how much this part of your brain regulates
and directs your daily life. Yeah, we are humans and we think just because
evolution evolved and provided us with cognitive thinking ability unlike no
other animal we are superior… Bullshit! Because the mammal inside us is still
living has much power over our new cognitive thinking ability.  “New” in evolution time speaking terms.
Therefore, I believe the majority of us don’t even know how to use this amazing
ability of our brains because like any new complicated new toy, we skip reading
the directions and just use the toy out of enjoyment through trial and error.
Which is good by the way, because trial and error is a huge part of the
learning process. Unfortunately, we don’t live long enough to reap the benefits
of trial and error learning and fail to understand our mammalian habit like
tendencies and it’s dominance over our higher thinking part of the brain.


I came to this understanding after ready Tyler 2005 write-up
and through a new hobby I have been spending time with recently…….Hunting……… and
the amazing relationship between humans and animals. The commonality between
both is scary in a way. Let me posts an article I came across about Deer and
their habits.


Deer are creatures of habit.
I have read that whitetail deer seldom travel more than two miles from the spot
on which they are born. Your buck needs to eat, get water and sleep each day.
He has established patterns to move from place to place. If you can learn his
patterns, then you can ambush him and bag him. [=9pt]

Get a map or aerial photo of your place and the
surroundings. Mark on the map all the places that the buck has been spotted and
the times that he has been seen. This will give you clues as to how and when he
moves. Deer are channelled along paths that keep them in low places and wooded
cover. They have learned not to show themselves on the skyline or in the open,
any more than need be. Therefore you should be able to lay out paths that the
buck is likely to travel. If you have food that deer favor, like apples,
alfalfa or corn on your place, then the deer is likely to go to where he can
get those things and that will be along the route that you have discovered he
uses. If baiting is legal in your county, buy old apples and put a bag near
your stand weeks before the season. If deer are eating the apples, replenish
the supply.



Take it all in and be creative and make all the connections
between Deer and us humans. Think!!!!! Because it’s ground breaking stuff once
you starts realizing all the connections of our daily life’s and in this
example deer. 

Now onto to my own personal view:

The majority of us are just like deer! We do the same thing
everyday and modern society and all of its advancements sugar coat this and
reinforce this daily routine of nothingness. 
This is why we feel emotions of pain (depression, fear, disappointment)
and the whole nine yards of all other negative of emotions. They all derive
from our higher thinking ability part of the brain calling for help and its
battle with our mammalian part of our brain. However, emotional pain is all we
ever receive because this is part of our higher thinking brain limited defense.
Now, the mammalian part of our brain has so much more offense and defense on
its side and is the reason why we always loose to it. The mammalian part of our
brain is a lot more witty and has tons of reference experiences on its side due
to its age in evolution compared to our higher thinking ability brain. Years
(like a lot, going back all the way before genus homosapiens ) of experience of
evolution compared to higher thinking brain part, years of consistency of the
individual’s daily habit, and last but the least its ability to ridicule the
higher brain part of the brain use of rationalization.  Rationalization can be compared to the discovery
of nuclear usage for the higher cognitive thinking ability part of the brain.
In the right hands it’s a tool for positive advancement. However, in the wrong
hands it can be the most destructive discoveries known to mankind. The
mammalian part of our brains has found a way to get in the driver seat of
rationalization and use it against its creator of higher thinking ability. One
very simple example may be: procrastination. Our higher thinking ability may
create an incredible idea in which may benefit us in the moment or the future
as a whole but instantly the mammalian part of the brains kicks in and turns
rationalization against us and says” Great idea! But we do it tomorrow because
you will be better rested there is really true urgency or threat right now.”
Bammmm another victory for the mammalian part of the brain because you failed
to act in the moment and the habit of procrastination is reinforced and you
lose a potentially good idea, which we all know will not be picked up the next

Don’t live a life like a deer, we already have tons of them
and we don’t need any more in the wild or in society. Focus and tap into your
higher self and limit your mammalian side and live the live you desire!  

Ok RSD Nation I had to put this on paper while the ideas
were fresh in my mind. Also, all of this is a rough draft and I will extend and
on it in the future. Some of it might be confusing because I basically wrote
whatever was streaming into my mind and I personally feel there is no reason to
revise it a write up like this. More value will be found this way because all
of this is coming from my core and I love it!


 - Slick......April 2013 
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Resistance is Infallible 
Hello RSD nation this is going to be one of my first insights blog write-ups. First, and foremost the book titled The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a true gem. Tyler has recommended in many of his videos. It really is true value and really struck a chord within me. Pressfield labels and applies Resistance as being Infallible. I quote “ Like a magnetized needle floating on a surface of oil, Resistance will unfailingly point to true North- meaning that calling or action is most wants us from doing.” He later goes on by saying “Rules of thumb – The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursing it.” Ok wow that is great stuff right! For example, for newbies……if you guys have extreme approach anxiety that’s a great sign, get excited about it because it’s yourself telling you what action to take in order to grow and expand yourself. It’s a direct relationship guys. The more anxiety you feel, the more important it is for you to take action and explore the new interaction. Truly believe this and I promise you will grow and be one step closer to whatever goal you guys have for yourself.  This is why RSD stresses the point of trusting in the process because every time you take action towards the unsettling feeling of approaching an interaction, you are expanding and taking steps along the process line of reaching whatever goals you guys have here in PU. So this is what I say, Always remember as Alex says “ There is no reason why you are not enough” and every time you feel resistance towards some situation or action, turn the tables immediately and say right now in this moment this is what is most important for my growth as a man and it will only benefit myself. Therefore, guys when we feel AA, get fucking excited inside because you already know the answer of what you as a man should do.
Until next time RSD – SLICK 
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