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January 31st, 2015


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About Me: 
I'm 22 and most likely, I speak more Russian than you do. I live in Moscow and I'm dating a Russian girl who has more character and looks than any girl I met in the USA. With the help of RSD I'm growing as a man every single fucking day.

Embrace your fears and over time, what used to scare you will become normal.
Girls, reading, writing, crusading against television.
Reaching Tyler Level by the age of 30.
Favorite Music: 
House. House, house and then rap.
Favorite TV Shows: 
Fuck TV! Although I am very fond of American Dad, provided I can watch it online without advertisements.
Favorite Movies: 
Pulp Fiction, Cool Hand Luke, Little Miss Sunshine, Jaws, Gangs of New York, Great Gatsby
Favorite Books: 
Thinking, Fast and Slow - Education of Millionaires - War and Peace - Fountainhead - Moby Dick

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