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Vibe has value

What do I mean by vibe?

Vibe is pinging off eachother, leading and moving forward, spiraling the interaction upward and more fun and sexual. Vibe is a feeling you get with another person, becoming closer, more in tune, laughing and feeling connected.

This is a basic human need (not a want) and goes right to the core of our being.

Vibe has value.

When you rock on up and have a legit interaction with a girl with a strong vibe, That interaction in itself has value. That vibe you brought has value.

She can't generate that vibe on her own.

An interaction with vibe, with your friends, with a girl you meet, with one of your lovers, is profoundly valuable. Those emotions that you generate are worth more to that person than anything... Whether they realize it or not. Let me say that again:

Those emotions that you generate, the vibe that you create, are worth more than ANYTHING.

Thats what I mean when I say vibe has value.

And It's not just sort-of valuable like a nice add on to all your other value.

Vibe is the most valuable thing in the world.

It's worth more than all your money, all your good looks, all your connections, all the promoters you know and girls you've fucked in the past, it's worth more than anything you have. Vibe is worth more than all of this because of the emotions that you generate.

In fact, what most chodes do, because they can't follow the process, can't lead an interaction, can't generate the right emotions at the right time, what they do is buy all this crap or surround themselves with crap like clothes and cars and networking-friends and thin shiny veneer of socially acceptable appearance in a desparate attempt to create vibe.

But the chodes have it backwards.

When the beautiful girls you're with see a guy pull up in his Masarati and say "Oh he's overcompensating," they don't mean he's compensating for a small dick, what they really mean is that he's using the car to generate a vibe, to compensate for his inabilty to create a vibe for himself.

Thats why guys like this get USED and PLAYED, because it's so painfully obvious to girls. Sure they'll take a ride in his car, then they'll text the guy with real vibe and fuck him in his basement apartment.

Think about when you have been travelling and you have literally NOTHING. You look like shit, smell like shit, are broke as shit, no car, no apartment, no freiends with the bartenders and bouncers, no buddies hi-fiving you at the club BUT YOUR VIBE IS SO STONG YOU PULL LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

Vibe has value

Vibe is value

You want game. Take all the time and energy and though that goes into money, work, cars, fashion, and turn that energy towards learning to vibe.

You will be giving yourself the most valuable gift possible, and then making the world a better place because you get to share that gift.


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It's been a great couple of nights here in vancouver. With the summer, the vibe changes entirely in the city.

What a difference it makes going out 3 or 4 times a week rather than only once. My practice right now is focused on consistancy and momentum. For me that means getting out there with no outcome, the focus on the journey.

Sometimes it's easier to focus on the present than others.

One piece I am bringing to my practice recently is "The no-second rule". We all remember from old-school pickup the three second rule, that meant to approach within 3 seconds of seeing a girl to keep you out of your head or overanalizing. I was thinking about that and though, why 3 seconds, what do you need to think about for those three seconds.

When you see the hotness, you know on a cellular level. What if you trusted your instincts to handle the environment and logistics and went for it every time, immediately.

I think of it like a law of nature, like gravity. If I step off a cliff, I fall. I don't need three seconds to think about it like the coyote, IT JUST HAPPENS.

Like a law of nature, if I see the hotness BOOM I open, right then. It's not something I think about, Its a fact of life like gravity.

I love this as a thought exercise because it frees your brain from choice and gets you out of your head.

What I'm working on right now
- Hitting the clubs and not drinking
- The no-second rule for opening
- Beaming the positive emotions, bringing everything and taking nothing

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