Chode Campos

How to Get a Girls Phone Number?
by Chode Campos

You are walking down the street… drinking a soda… chilling… and then you see a really hot chick passing by. DAMN!. You immediately get aroused and just wish you could get that girl. You wish you could go there.. and get her number… go on some dates.. and eventually get laid :D.

A Phone Number is… it’s just DIGITS!

Well guys… truth Is that a phone number should just be seen as a tool to get from point A to point B. Being point A the position where you currently are with a girl you just met... and point B a date or a so called Day 2. What does this mean? It means that you should try to always make the best of each interaction… and the phone number should be the LAST thing you should ask for. So… if you approached the girl… and for some reason she really can’t stay with you anymore… or she really has to go… this is the moment when you have to get it. So… HOW TO GET A GIRLS PHONE NUMBER?!


Getting a girls phone number should be done in the smoothest way possible, always taking care of the woman’s social image… just like anything you do in pick up.
How do you do it in the smoothest way possible?
It’s simple. Ok… so you are in the street looking at the girl… and you realize that you actually possess two balls (if you are not a lesbian of course…). So you go there… you square up in front of her… and let it go:
Derp: Hi!.. I was walking with my soda derp… I think you are pretty.
Derpina: hehe Thanks
Derp: My name is Derp

So now she stays with you and you have a nice conversation going with her. You have two options now. Which would you choose?
1) Ask for the number
2) Ask her to go have a coffee or take her somewhere else.

The correct answer should be to always continue. Option 2. Why? … Simple… Why did you approach the girl? To get the number or to be with her? Shoot to endure ALWAYS the longest time possible. Girls can sense this and this will make your interactions more solid. Anyways… let’s pretend that you chose option 2, and she brought an excuse: “Oh.. nooo.. im busy right now” “Ohhh.. my friends are waiting for me”. What would be the next best move?
1) Ask for the number
2) Ask her if it is alright to see her later… or another day.

The correct answer is 2. Why? Now you are seeding the possibility of a date with her. Let’s say she says that it’s ok. Now what is the best thing to do for you in order to contact her to see her again?
1) Ask for the number
2) Run away!

You know what the correct answer is.
Now you see... THAT’S SMOOTH ;)

Taking Care of her Social Image

This will make your number close even smoother. Be the man… and take responsibility of the interaction.
If the girl is working, do not ask for the number in front of the manager, or in front of the customers. Many girls will not give you the number just because they do not want to look like sluts. What can you do in these cases? Many things… you can isolate her… you can MEMORIZE the number. Taking care of those things will make you a number closing master.
Anyways…. In a nutshell:
-A girl’s numbers should just be used as a tool.
- It should be done smoothly. ;)
- Don’t run away please

Now guys… hit the streets… and have fun!

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Nice article dude ! 
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 Thanks brooskies. Any questions just post
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