Chode Campos

How to Get a Girl to Like You and Sleep with You: The Reason Why you Dont Have Women in your Life
by Chode Campos

"Oh nooo.. No one likes me"
"Oh nooo.. i cant make this special girl to like me"
"Im so sad.. about life.. girls dont like me"
This is you right now. HEY!.. before you leave this article because you felt offended or something like this... I would like you to stay 10 minutes with me and read this article... which may change your life forever. You may end up having sex tonight :D

First.. the main reason why you are here is because you have finally accepted that you dont know how to get a girl... or "you dont know How to Get a Girl To like you". Well Sir... the truth is that i have the answer to your problem. 


Stop being a sad puppy :D

Its Not About "Get the Girl to Like You": Change Your Mindset

Yes. I have Good and Bad news for you.
The Bad news is that the reason why you dont get girls is because you are looking for girls to like you. I mean... why would you want that?. Those girls dont even know who are you. You are a man of VALUE... ill tell you that for sure. How do i know that? Because you are here reading this... looking for improvement.

The Good news is that i will help you. Changing your mindset is the most important part of the process to get girls to be really attracted to you. You need to stop trying to look for their validation... and start validating your self. Why??!!.. As the awesome Alexander says... "You are enough"... or Mr. Brad Branson with his "I am awesome". The most important thing is to show that you value yourself enough to not care for others validation.


Buyer/ Seller Dynamic

Little internet troll: But.. Chode.. WHAT IS THIS?!!
This is one of the things that will completely change your game and was brought by master RSD
 Julien... whichever your level is... it is important that you see yourself as the buyer... not the seller in your interactions. When you are the buyer... you show that you have the money to purchase... you have the intent to get it.. but you also are careful with your investment.. as you actually have many options for buying that thing. The problem with most guys is that they act like sellers. They invest everything they can on the interaction to get their sale (the GIRL).. and IRONICALLY.. they do not get the sale (GIRL). Why? Too much investment.

Julien explains this topic awesomely in this video:

Geez man.. so many girls out there you can be having sex with!... BE THE BUYER!

Little Internet Troll: But but... I just want one girl to like me!.. Shes beautifuuuul.
CC: See.. this is your problem.. you are coming from a mindset of scarcity. Means girls will never like you like this because..
 YOU.. ARE.. BEING.. THE SELLER. Truth is.. you want a girl to like you.. you must find out HOW TO MAKE ANY GIRL WANT YOU

How To Make Girls Like You? Improve your Game!
Real Social Dynamics will tell you this all the time... over and over again... you will get tired of it.. but the fact is that the only way to improve your game... is by approaching women. Books are awesome to have theorical knowledge of the topic.. but truth is that experience speaks up before any type of knowledge. EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING.
If you want to be good at game.. its good that you learn the fundamentals. I will give you a short list of some fundamentals given by Jlaix.

This is the list:
1. Voice tonality and delivery: Most people miss this. You need girls to hear you... so project your voice.
2. Smoothening out: Too jittery. Relax.. this is not brain surgery.
3. Be more playful: Dont take things way too serious
4. Focus all mental energy: You need to be present. Its you.. and the girl in the moment. Dont speculate. Dont do.. just be.
5. Directing conversation: Frame control. Be commanding. You CANNOT be reactive. Dont lose your frame. Be dominant in what you are going to for.
6. Move things forward: ALWAYS BE CLOSING. Take it one step at a time. This is not a race. Get physical with girl :)
7. Facial expressions: Be expressive.
8. Standing too far away: Dont stay tooooooooooo far away from the girl. You need to show some confidnce :)
9. Playing a character: Dont be scripted or full of routines. Be yourself. 


You have the golden list now. Now you know what to do.
Stay in your couch and enjoy the fact that you know how to pick up chicks.


Good luck on getting girls to love you ;)


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 NIce summary bro. Best wishes for the new year. Saw in your journal you make lotsa progress keep going :D.
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Thanks brotha!
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 newbies as me should read this. nice post
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