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How To Attract Women - Be the Man Women Want
by Chode Campos

How to attract Women?!!

Hi there guys. This is Chode Campos again.. and today's topic is How to Attract Women.

Most men tend to see the guy that has lots of money and are with hot chicks and say: "Wow.. money will bring me women". They may also see a super good looking tall guy making out with many chicks and say: "Wow.. looks will bring me women". This tends to distort our minds, and make us believe that these are the things that make women get attracted to guys.

However, this is not entirely true. Why? Even when money and looks... may help guys attract women, the real reason why women are attracted to them, it is because these guys act like high value people. Women are attracted to value.


Value is all women are attracted to. The most important thing is that you as a man.. get as much value as you can in order to get girls attracted to you.

There are many many things that can give value to a man:
1) Looks
2) Money
3) Clothing
4) Style
5) Intelligence
6) Confidence and masculine polarity --------------- > AND THIS ONE.. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF THEM.
A man that is high value, is completely confidence of who he is, and what he lives for. He is internally validated, and is unaffected by external validation.

Be a man of value

How to be a man of value?

To be the best man of value, you have to believe you are awesome.
You have to deattach the concept of yourself from external validation. How to do this?
Go to the field, and get loooooooooooooots of girls to positive validate you, and also to negative validate you. With time, your brain will see that even after receiving all these validation, you are the same guy, and you are completely alive and feeling normal. You will learn that external validation has no effect on you, and what only matters is what you think of yourself.

This internal validation of yourself, and your value as a man is what represents your Masculine Polarity. THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO MAKE GIRLS WANT YOU.

Tyler taking about masculine polarity as the way to attract women.

If you believe that you are enough.. you will get the girl.

Peace.. and out!

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