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How To Ask a Girl Out? – Going Out with The Woman of Your Dreams
by Chode Campos

You are chatting on the internet and it happens again. The woman that you so like is there… online. You wish you could go out with her… you wish you would have her in front of you… laughing at your jokes… smiling… enjoying a lovely happy dinner. However… you have no clue how you will get this done. You decide to close your laptop… go to the bathroom… get a cleenex… some lube… and play with your best friend.

Hot mamma on your Chat. TALK TO HER!


How to ask a girl out? – The mindset

Liittle timmy: I like her. However, I don’t want her to reject me :(
CC: Little timmy… How about you first put your hands between your legs… and remember that your mom made you a man. A MAN

The first thing that you guys should know is that You are a man of value… and you are in this world to offer that value. If others want to take it or not … its their option. However... they are not rejecting you. They are just passing on the value that you were willing to offer. THAT’S IT.

Little Timmy: What if she ends up saying “No”?
It is very simple. You tell her its cool… and you keep it going. BRUSH IT OFF. Remember… you are a man of value. If she says “no”… its most likely because she could not go out at that moment… or she just was not in the mood. It does not mean that she does not like… you shes rejecting your persona. NO. It just means that shes rejecting the moment. PERIOD. What do you do? You play it cool… and you GET MORE GIRL. PERIOD
I rather live my life saying “Oh well”… than a life full of “What ifs”.
Little Timmy: OK OK.. You convinced me… HOW DO I ASK HER OUT?

How to ask a girl out? – Taking Action

What is the objective of your action plan?. Simple. Get that woman to agree on a date with you.
1) Screen your current situation with the girl: How do you know this girl? Have you ever gone out with her before?. Is she like a super friend zoned girl? Is she a girl that you only see in your classes but barely talk to her?
This is very important. Ask yourself what is your current relationship with the girl you want to go out now. How much confort have you built… and how much value do you have. In order for any girl to go out with you, you need to build these: Confort and value

2) Offering value: The best way to initiate a conversation with any girl is by offering value. You can offer value in many ways. You could send her a joke, or something that catches her attention. You could also write something that shows your personality such as: “Its great to be studying here… isn’t it?”. Of course, you could always just start saying “Hi”. That’s why it is important to see what your current situation with the girl is. The less you think you know the girl and the girl knows you, the more value you need to build.
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3) Getting logistics:
Alright, by this stage, I am assuming that you offered value and she answered back. If she did not answer back. COOL. Message her another day offering value again.
Get logistics means ask what her current situation is. If shes studying… if shes busy… what is she doing… what do you think shell do tomorrow. This will be really helpful for you in order to get the date. You could always ask directly for the date, but you run a bigger risk of her telling you “NO”… and you could easily avoid that by just asking for some logistics. SIMPLE.
4) Asking her out: Now you have screened for logistics. You kind of have an idea of when she could be free. The best thing to do is to always ask a girl to go out on the same night… or the next day. Try not to ask girls to go out with you with more than 2 days of difference. Why? Simple.. Girls have stuff going on in their lives. Things happen… she might get invited to have dinner with her friends… or she might have to meet her co workers for an important event that her boss just ASKED HER TO GO TO. See? You can not control those things. You run a higher risk of getting flaked.
5) Follow up: She has finally agreed. Now. ITS NOT OVER YET. Many guys make the mistake of just staying like: COOL.. BYE.

NO!.. The follow up is probably the second most important part to this process.. right after asking the girl out. The best ways to follow up is to offer some more value… talk to her. If possible send her some cool messages between the current time and the date. That will get your chances higher for not getting flaked out of a sudden.

And remember….

Things may not go the way you want them to go. Getting flaked it is something very normal in the way to get better with girls. It will only give you more experience on how to ask a girl out, and you will get better with time. However… you will have to keep taking consistent action.
Now… open that laptop and turn it on again… and tell that chick that you want so much that you want to go out with her.

Peace out!
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