Chode Campos

How To Approach A Girl You Like - Daygame
by Chode Campos

Hi!.. What up guys?!
This is Chode Campos again.. writing from Lima, Peru. Todays topic will be about Approaching women in Daygame.
First of all.. it is very important that you remember this:
Gaming at malls.. or day gaming... is very similar to night gaming. The only differences are:
1) You are not a club. So no freaking super loud music. Not much stimulation from the environment
2) No cockblock friends (well.. this is not always true lol)
3) No crazy guys trying to fight you. NO COMPETITION
4) Girls are not really expecting to be approached.
5) No alcohol involved (well.. when you dont drink lol)

Besides all these things.. daygame and nightgame are basically played in the same rule.

The Mindset

What is the mindset that you need in order to get girls at the mall?

You have to see that gaming girls.. anywhere.. its the most natural thing. Its natural. Yes... we men.. can talk to girls. Thats how the universe was made. Both sexes were made to complement each other. You should see mall gaming and daygaming as a form of expression.

What if people think im weird?
The truth is that most people are so focused in their own stuff that they dont care if there is a guy talking to a girl in front of them. It really does not matter what people think of you anyways. If someone ever tells you something.. it is most likely because they are impressed because you had massive balls to do the approaches.

Taking Action

The most important thing to do in order to get a girl.. guess what it is?

Capture her attention:
When you are in daygame... you will find many many girls.. and what they are usually doing is
1) Waiting for somebody. Standing up or sitting
2) Walking somewhere else

The first thing that has to be done is to capture the girls attention. GET INTO HER Reticular Activation System (R.A.S)
Because she has no idea whats going on.. they are thinking about other things.. trying to go to other places

It is important that when you stop the girls, you are decisive in your actions. Not half ass.. step up hard


Setting up the context:

After having captured the girls attention.. the next thing to be done is to throw a line that will put your approach in a good context for the girl. Express the context in which you were .. so you can continue with your approach.
For example:
"Hey excuse me.. i literally just was you there"
"Excuse me... yea .. i was walking and i saw you crossing the street"
"Excuse me.. i was eating my chicken at that restaurant and i saw you"

The compliment
So you set up your context.. now you have to give the reason for your approach. You came because something capture your attention. So you give a compliment. Direct approaching has to be done from a position of high value.
High value compliment: It does not give much pressure to the girl, you show that you are confident, and you are offering value to her.
Low value compliment: It puts a lot of pressure on her (usually girl just ends up leaving without even saying anything, shows low confidence.. and you are waiting an answer from her.. so you are not really offering value.

Screening for a good interaction by making assumptions:
So by now you have opened.. and it is important that you see how the interaction is going to develop.
This stage will help you to captivate her to the point that it is ok to have an interaction.
It is important that at this stage one does all the talking. You need to talk about her. This is the way in which you make her egos get involved. Once the ego is involved it will be harder for her to leave.

Making assumptions means that you start throwing statements (cold reads). Instead of asking questions throw statements. This catches the attention of the girl and she wants to usually know why would you make an assumption like that.

Get the girls in a reactive mode: Generating attraction

Future adventure projections and creating stories from assumptions made: Saying a story having you and her. Creates a connection. Also making an story from the context that you have already seen, and from the assumptions you made in the previous stage. Make it fun!
Make a point to them, and challenge their believes: This shows that you really think you are the SHIT. For example… a girl tells you: “Yea… I hate guys that drink”. A good way to answer is by saying: “Really… its not really good to hate on people you know”. This helps you gain her respect.
Push and Pull: This is the old school push and pulling. This is the best attraction creator. Basically, girls get trapped in this paradox. Paradoxes are very attractive for girls to attract girls. RSD Master Julien make them by his famous: I LOVE YOU , I HATE YOU. Push and pulling is a great way of having fun with the girl.
Show that you know stuff: This makes the girl see that you are actually a man that is not just there pick up girls.. but you are actually a real man. It is an important part of the attraction since you don’t want to fall in the dancing monkey frame.

Getting to the moment of realness: Authenticity and Deeper communication.

Now the girl is into you… and this is the most important moment to solidify your interaction. Like Julien says: Get to the moment of realness. The best thing to do is to get in a conversational mode. Ask questions which are good to know about her. For example ask her what she likes doing, or where did she grow up. This is the moment to let the girls invest. Its about understanding her. No more playing against her… or challenging her. That would be too much investment from you.

Deep rapport

This is the moment when it is important that you hit that level with a girl, that she will feel familiar with you. You will have a genuine conversation with her, and she will see that you are actually a real guy, a guy that understands her. This is a point where it is important that there is harmony between you and the girl. This is the type of rapport that you will need once you are in an instant date or on day 2 situation. It is important that you both have the same amount of investment.

Number closing and Insta dating

After having established some authentic conversation with the girl, it is perfect moment to shoot for an insta date. It is important to not make things investment heavy. It should all be played really cool. The best way to do this when asking for an instant date is to put it along with a time constraint.
“Hey.. I was just going to get some coffee.. I got an skype conference in my job in about 10 minutes.. mind coming with me?”

If she says “no”, then its cool. The next step is to basically say oh ok cool.. and then you say that maybe in another time then… and you ask for the number. Asking for the number should also be done in a cool way, low investment from you. Play it really cool. Its not like asking for the number is your major objective. Its just a tool to get on a date with her. If possible, try not to even say the word number, you could just say something like “Hey, we should network”… or give you her number and tell her to call you. If you ask her for the number just do it in a really low pressure way.

Im not going to get very deep into this stage yet. The most important thing that you have to know is that once you have passed all the previous stages, you have to set up good logistics to take her home with you. Once you are with her, get physical, closer, and a very heavy man to woman frame.


Interactions will not always go like this, but this is how a “SOLID” interaction with a girl in the day time looks like. Your chances of getting flaked after having gone through all these stages are very low. If you are getting flaked, it is most likely because you have one of these stages week. The most important thing though, it is that for you to reach mastery in something… you have to take action. So what you waiting for? Go to the store next street, and have some fun with that really hot girl you always wanted to talk to.

Peace and out!
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Cool man! Sweet daygame article. 
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Campos is one of the most dedicated pimpolleros out there.
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Doesn't matter what you open with.. simply saying 'Hi, I'm blabla. How u doing?' is okay.
I like it your write up though :)
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@Olivier: I agree.
Yep. Indeed.. the opener does not matter at all.
If you are expressing yourself from the core.. it really does not.
It is important that this opener comes from a place of high value too.

This guide however may help to make your approaches as smooth as possible. Girls in some countries ... or super duper shy girls wont stop if you just go with a "Hi.. Im Chode Campos".

So ... its like a universal manual.. you know what i mean?
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Additional infield on this post would be the icing on the cake.
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