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Drop the game - "Game" Can Be Your Worst Enemy
by Chode Campos

Some of you probably read the title and said. "Hmm.. ok. Why drop the game? The game is going to get my chicks". The "GAME" will get you chicks. The "GAME" makes you be likeable to girls. Makes them laugh at your jokes, at your awesome lines. WHY DROP THE GAME?
So first, when you start the game. You have no game. You need first to experience the POWER OF GAME!


I dont know about you, but when i started the game, about a year and a half ago, I had 0 game. Nothing.
So after reading some stuff about games and watching some RSD videos, I was all happy about me finally having something that would help me get women. So yea. I was indeed happy. Brought it to the field, and just the sensation of making super hot girls to laugh at what I was saying was mind FUCKING.
Throwing all types of shit: From negs, to push pulls, physicality, conspiracies, jokes, etc etc etc. I had never had those reactions.
So by now.. I knew the game was going to let me get women eventually in my life. I finally saw a light.. and I knew that it was about time before I would get a girl giving me a hand release.


So yea. After having that awesome night.. I went out about almost everyday. However, being a newbie, I noticed that everytime i would go to a club and talk to girls, I would return home super tired. Like.. BRAIN tired. As if i had been trying to solve really complex math problems for hours. The reason was because everytime I would hit on a chick, its like I turned on something in my brain to start gaming, and I would be fully aware of everything I wanted to say, and try to not fuck it up. Constant pressure to get something out of the girls.
But why would i do this?!!
Because i wanted to get reactions from them. All types of reactions that would allow me to get the girls. Incredible amounts of energy invested just to get one girl to react to me.

I noticed myself many times just being robotic, saying the same lines, the same jokes, the same everything. Doing the same moves, throwing the same statements of empathy. Damn.
But the question was still in my head

DAAAAAAAAAAMMN!!!... ok. back at the article.


The answer to those questions is that NO!. You dont need to throw game and do all types of shit to make girls like you. If you really think about it, if you still find yourself trying to make women like you, or be into you, you are acting from a lower value perspective. You are putting girls on a pedestal.

So you thought that now because you had "GAME" you were not a chode anymore? No dude..
You need to realize you are enough. That you dont need to be doing stuff to get women. All you have to do is put yourself in the situation. Give girls the opportunity to get to know you. Because you are a pimp.

Some people use game because they dont want the girls to reject who they are, but THEIR GAME. Its not their real identities the ones that are at risk... but their game, their lines, their techniques. By doing this, you will not get better... but your lines will.

Dont be scared to drop the game. DONT BE SCARED TO EXPOSE YOURSELF.

Be yourself. Youll be more than amazed to see that girls will love you for who you are. By going out consistently, the reference experiences that youll get will make you better and better with girls if you let yourself get more exposed.

To finish it up... a pic of  a girl showin her amazing ass:

Chode Campos. OUT!
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How to Do Street Approaching? - Complete Manual Towards Getting Women Anywhere, Anytime
by Chode Campos
My FRs:

Hi, this is Chode Campos, and im going to tell you this. If you learn to master street approaching (daygame), you are most likely going to master most areas of the game. Why? Because street approaching offers you every type of situation that you can take into a reference experience, that can make you good in pick up. From girls walking in the street super fast going to their jobs, to girls partying outside a club looking to see whats up with their nights. Street game brings it all to the table, and if you are not doing it, then you are missing out an awesome part of the game.

So what do you do when you see this girl walking by? Approach, or stare while playing with your penis?

Before you continue reading this article, if you are newbie and still havent even decided whether to approach or not, read the last article I wrote: Complete Newbie Manual Towards the Pick Up Journey:

So lets start:
Three things you must always pay attention to while gaming: You, The girl, and the Environment.
If you fail to get the girl, one of these factors influenced towards you not getting her.
Why is it important to pay attention to these three?
Because this is your base. You must improve each of these areas to become a master.


This is the first factor. What you do.
When approaching a girl anywhere, you have some outter game, and inner game. When you are a newbie, you outter game may be reaaaaaaaaaaally sucky. Still, this doesnt matter that you shouldnt approach, the only way you can improve your technique is by going there and learning.

Outter game is:
The technique you develope by approaching women. These are the physical actions or moves that you make in order to approach a girl. From stopping a girl in the street, to getting very physical, leading her around, making isolations, and pulling the trigger.

In street approach, you want to have a good, calibrated outter game. This takes a while to build. One of the most important things to learn first is:

Learn to catch RAS (Reticular Activation System)
This means, learn to get their attention. DO NOT PROCEED GAMING GIRL IF YOU DONT HAVE HER ATTENTION. You are man of value, you require attention, otherwise you are just being used as a validation toy.

There are many types of sets you will find in street game.
Standing sets:
Your outter game towards getting the girl attention may be easier. You can throw a "Hey", or just start talking. However, she must pay attention.

Walking sets:

To get their RAS, is strongly recommended to stop the set. This will get all of her attention towards you. Your outter game must be calibrated to stop the set without being too interruptive, or too chasy. Being too chasy will make you look like a creeper. Approach the girl, call her from a distance while you are close, if possible tap with shoulder smoothly if she hasnt stopped yet, stop when she completely stops, and throw your opener.

In groups:
You can either talk to one of them, if the other ones are not really paying attention, or you can talk to the whole group. Remember the RAS.


Direct or indirect. Simple.
if you go direct, go assuming she will like you. Going direct does not mean you have to chase. I REPEAT: GOING DIRECT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD CHASE. This is the common mistake by most newbies. They stay chasing, and they fall for the fools gold (It usually is girls staying in front of them with their super big eyes watering).

Let her know you are the buyer, not the seller:
Again with the investment topic. Do not chase.
If you chase, and you get her number, Pfff... say hello to a 99% probability flake number. You must make them invest. Sometimes there wont be enough time to make girl invest, but you can throw a last minute investment move such as:
"Hey, i know you really have to go, but i have made all this investment, and Geez, i even got tired from running to talk to you like a dumbass. If you dont mind, maybe we can talk later. Its up to you".
Those two lines, you may say they are stupid, but they are a BIG game changer. It shows what you real frame was from the very beginning. Selling, or buying. Which one are you doing? If you are getting flaked a lot, you know whats up.

I know ive been taking about investment, and maybe you dont understand what getting investment from them may mean. Personally, it took me a while to understand that in field, but this Julien vid may explain you some more:

Me and my brother, Tropicalman, recorded this video approaching some girls in the streets. You can see how the outter game towards stopping them works. Smooth. To the point it may look like she knows you.  The songs are in spanish but dont pay attention to that.

Inner game:
It is basically the concept you have of yourself, relating to women. That inner confidence is probably the most important part of the "YOU" factor.
Basically, the frames you must keep always are:
"I am enough"
"I am awesome"
"I dont chase, i replace"
" Let the women game me"
" I am approaching you because i am giving you an opportunity to get to know me"
"Girls are like little kids. Reward them for their good actions, give them the opportunity to express themselves".


This is the second factor you must never disregard. You must learn how girls feel. The only way you can get better at this is by simply, learning about women psychology. Theorically, and practically.
For example, many girls can be really introverted. You might approach them, and they may not talk back much. A newbie will say: "OH NO.. THIS GIRL DONT LIKE ME.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". A smart guy will say: "Ok, this girl is shy, i need to lead her towards opening up". Remember, LEADING, is not CHASING. DO NOT CHASE, I REPEAT, DO NOT CHASE.

Some girls might be super introverted. A newbie will say: "DAMN.. IM SO AWESOME.. GIRL LOVES ME.. YAY". And forget about making her invest, and then get flaked....
You must not put your guard down. You must get investment from her. I REPEAT: YOU MUST GET INVESTMENT FROM HER.

Girls can be super shy too :). 

This is the last factor you must not disregard. The environment, the surrounding of the girl, is crucial towards getting her or not. For example, if you are trying to talk to a girl, but her manager is next to her, have almost sure that she wont risk losing her job for giving you her number.
If her friends see you making out with her, she might not have sex with you, as she may feel like a slut. These and many more things are stuff that you will learn in the field day by day.

Julien talks a bit about this in this video:

And those are the three factor to never disregard. So what you waiting for!
Go approach, and get more women!

If you want a more technical manual towards getting girls in daygame, i wrote this one months ago:

Peace out!
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How to Get Good with Girls? - Complete Newbie Manual Towards the Pick Up Journey
by Chode Campos


Hello. I am Chode Campos, and I have been learning the game already for about 15 months. Been consistently going to the field almost everyday for 15 months, reporting everyday in rsdnation FR section, because I told myself that there was no way I was going to die being single, virgin, and sexually frustrated. Why? Because I believe we all men have to learn that if we want to get something in life, we have to fight for it, and failure is not an option once you have joined the journey to success.

This is a pic of one of my transformations. I used to be super fat, and then I got really fit. Why? Because I thought looks was what would get you women, later to realized that looks never mattered. But thats another topic.

I want to start this story by talking a little bit about myself. About 2 years ago, my life was completely different to what it is today. I was an engineering student about to graduate, I had nice friends, who all wanted me to somehow get a girl, because they could sense there was frustration deep inside of me. They were ok, like the average guys. You know: Have a social circle, see girl that you like, talk to her, get her to text you, ask her on a date, take her to the cinema, take 1 month to kiss her (AT LEAST), then ask her to be in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, get laid after 6 months of being in the relationship, expect to date her for 10 years, get married, etc etc etc.

Well, i did have the social circle, but to my eyes, whatever the hell they would do, to me it didnt make sense. My reality pretty much said: If i have had no women in my life till today that I am 20 years old, it most likely means that women dont like me. If i would see a girl that I like, if she didnt ever talk to me, or she didnt ever smile at me, that pretty much meant to me that she disliked me, and there was no way that I could be with that girl. NO FREAKING WAY. Completely out of the equation.

And its true, throughout the years I had barely had validation from girls in a romantic way. The only experienced I had had with one was with an american girl who was dating another guy, and basically she broke my heart after first promising me she would break up with him, to end up getting fucked by that guys big dong, and me getting out of the equation. It made complete sense to me and to my brain that women, they just didnt like me.

So maybe you are in the situation I was back in the days. 0 skills with girls. 0. Completely new. The good news is, yes, you can get better at game, and you can bring women in to your life. But you have to ask yourself. DO YOU REALLY WANT IT? Then you are going to have to fight for it

So, How do you become good at game? How go you get the HOT WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE!.Easy. Got to take action

First step: Accepting you have 0 game

Yea, this is the first step. Accep you have 0 game. And this is probably the hardest step. I remember having people try to offer me tips, books, manuals, advise about how to get girls. Sometimes i would take it, but most of the times I would tell them: NO! ITS  NOT A PROBLEM! and procede with an excuse like.
a) Women are boring
b) I am not a pervert like you
c) I have really, REALLY high standards
That third one is the worse. Most guys expect to get women, and they think their first girlfriend is going to be Megan Fox. Truth is they are only protecting their little egos from accepting that they are just very unsuccesful with women. Its hard to accept you are a beta male to them. It definitely can be a hit to your ego. But, Pride! is the worst enemy to your success. So accept your current situation, and procede with the next stop.


Second step: Throw yourself into the unknown /Interact with Women

Taking action.

The only way you can learn to interact with women, is by throwing yourself into women.
At the beginning, this is really scary. It is very scary. And it makes sense. It is completely unknown to you. You have no idea what will happen. As far you are concerned, you have never had a women in your life. What makes you think you can get the women you will talk to now? Your brain basically wants you to survive. That is all your brain wants for you. Survival. Getting yourself into the unknown, that just breaks the equation.

So yea, at the beginning it will be hard, but you have to assume it. Every succesful man was once a dreamer. You are a dreamer now, and you have to push to reach that success. Push, and you will get it. Once you do it, you will start seeing awesome stuff.

At the beginning you may go talk to girls, and then you will see they reply back. You will be like. WHAT?
Then, you will go talk to girls, and they will talk to you for a minute, maybe this time you get their names. You will be like. WHAT?
Then, you will go talk to girls again, and then they talk to you for 5 minutes, and that will be a new record for you. You will be like. WHAT?
After some time, you will talk to get a girl again, and then you will get her to give you her number. EUREKA. You will feel like champ. And not only that, you will start seeing a light brightening at the end of a tunnel which will bring hope to your life. Now you know it is possible. Now your brain knows that you can be succesful with women. But you are going to have to hustle to reach the top.

Third Step: Surviving the Journey

By now, you have started the journey to become good with women. Your brain already knows that you can get women. You are starting to assume attraction in your interactions, you start believing that you are enough, and you start developing new skills and thoughts that will get into a new reality. Things will shine, but then, when you least expect it, BOOM!, back to square 0, nothing works again, and the worst, you cant explain why.

The reason why you cant explain why is basically because you have never gone through such a stage in your life. You were completely sure that the was making you good with women, but maybe now you feel like you look even more retarded than before. Why? Because you will try to reach the results you got before. You will try to get those experiences that would satisfy your little ego and make you look like a champ. Your thirst for outcome, paradoxically, will limit you from getting it. Say hi to mr. Outcome dependence. Your worst enemy in the game. How will you lose it? It will take some time, some action. Basically, you will have to forget about getting a good outcome, and let yourself go, just like you did it when you started your journey.

The first plateau, thats the moment when most people quit. Havent you noticed that every month RSDnation gets batches and batches of new people? Well, you will see that by the end of the year, maybe only 10 will survive. The game is tough, and it will beat you down to your knees if it can. Only warriors will survive the first contractions. This is when you have to decide what type of guy you are. The quitter, or the warrior.

Once you become a warrior, you will realize that the first plateau was just the first hit, and then you will face more plateaus in the journey. You will realize that they are just of the process, and you will just get stronger and stronger. You start building resilience to bullshit, and you will become emotionally stronger.

As Jeffy says: "When the going get tough, the tough gets going"

Fourth Step: Densifying your knowledge
This is one of the most important steps towards getting a better game. You cant just expect to be going to the field, talk to woman, and do the same thing everyday without questioning yourself at all what you could be doing wrong, what could you be doing right, what you could be doing better, what could you stop doing. You should always be proficient and analityc of what things you may be lacking. At the beginning, things will be very confusing. You will make your own theories, only to debunk them by other theories. You will get confused by many many things, but you have to keep the head up and persist. PERSIST.

Sometimes you will engage yourself in tough periods of real brain cracking confusing self doubts. You will have to learn to accept them, and take them for your growth.

The more action you take, the more changes you will see in your self. Your outter game will become smoother, and your inner game will get more solid. You will start seeing more results, and after some months you wont be even able to recognize who you were in the past. Like the obese guy who become skinny, he barely remember how life was when he was fat. In the next video, Jeffy talks about how important is to see game as a lifestyle, and how important is to see your growth in a game as a long term thing:

Fifth Step: Dont forget your goals. Remember why you joined the game

Once you have joined the never ending journey of getting better and better with women, you will go through many life experiences, and situations which will definitely transform you into a new person. However, you must always remember why you joined the game.

Many times, people tend to get lost in the way. Their egos consume them and they forget what the journey was actually about. Some guys just start seeing girls as objects, and all they care is to accumulate numbers, only to inject more ego, and increase their narcissistic perception of their selves, only covering their real self steems. They do pick up not to get good with girls anymore, but to show your revenge to the world to that emptiness there was once in your life. The only thing that you will do with this is grow more anger inside of you, more ego, and the journey will lose its real essence.

You must remember, that we are not in this world to fuck it up, but to offer value, and make it a better place.

So, are you ready to join the journey? Think about it, it is actually a huge step in your life. Once you get in the game, you are in the game forever.

Peace out!
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Picking Up Women Internationally - Peru, The Americas, Europe, the World
by Chode Campos
My FRs:

Hi. This is Chode Campos, and im writting this post to answer that question that everyone asks themselves about picking up women from different countries.
Is the game really different anywhere?

Hot babe

I have lived in different countries throughout my life. Peru, Honduras, United States (college times), Costa Rica, Mexico and there is one thing that i have learned about this life experiences: All cultures and people are different.
Does this mean game is different?

Ill tell you my perception about this:
Me, being a guy from Peru and having practice the game for more than a year in Lima, Peru, I have gamed girls from many many countries (Lima gets lots of tourists every day).
It is true, sometimes the average girl from the United States can be more receptive.
It is true, sometimes the average European seems to be more liberal than the average peruvian woman.
Sometimes Peruvian girls can be very conservative compared to the American girls (they dont go out, they study all day, live with their parents till they are super old, marry the first dude they met in college, etc etc)...
but they are all still women

Korean Babe!

There is one thing for everybody to remember:
Every single women in the world is different. If you seem to have found that Europeans are receptive because you had luck with some european girls.. that does not mean that every single european girl will be receptive.
Same with conservative women. If you seem to have found that most Peruvian girls are conservative and get scared when you approach them in the street... that does not mean that every single peruvian girl will fall in this category.
The reason why women are different is because each one of them has been socially conditioned in a different way since being a child. They may have different thoughts and beliefs.. but in the end they are all women.. and they are all attracted to men.

It is true... they may prefer the typical white american guy. The "Gringo Factor" in countries like Peru is real. Peruvian girls seem to love guys that are white. However... that does not limit you from getting those girls. It is just a preference they have. It is the same for latino guys, when they hit northern countries, women will be all over the brownish guy with the cute accent lol. That does not mean guys from their own countries can get them.

Peruvian babe

So Why then... if girls are different anywhere, do I say the game is the same?

Because what you do to girls should be the same. Attraction is not an option for the girls.
You may have problems trying to communicate what you want verbally, but your vibe and your self always comes through and shows that real attractive men that women look for.


You should always be who you are anywhere.. because you are enough. No need to adapt your game to others. Be yourself, and game your own way. Be aware of social differences, but dont let this turn into limiting beliefs. Just go out, and get women.

If you ever come to Lima, Peru to game.. PM me :P
Comments below.

Peace out!

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How to Not Pick Up Women? - Common Mistakes in Pick Up
by Chode Campos
My FRs:

Hi peeps.
This is Chode Campos... and yesterday i made out with the hottest girl i have ever made out with in my freaking life (just number closed though...)... but i dont want to talk about that today.

What a hottie huh? No a did not make out with this chick in case you were thinking

Today i am going to talk about what are usually the common mistakes while doing pick up.
WARNING: Most of the times you cant control these. But! you can be concious of it and try to avoid them.

Being Nervous:

You approach a girl and you are nervous as the freak. Yea
Some girls like nervous guys... and some girl might probably be into you... but it is better if you just project confidence. Now.. sometimes you really cant control nervousness. Sometimes it will happen even after have approached thousand and thousands of girls.

When being nervous.. just breath.. relax.. and remember you are enough... and proceed with what you were doing.

Overqualifying yourself... or overqualifying the girl.
Common mistake of the newbie guys.
Overqualifying girls: Usually guys tend to overqualify women because they think that girls will like that.. and that suddenly they will jump on you just because you said something nice. Qualifications are good but you must try to 1) Do them mildly and calmed.. in a position of high value 2) Dont qualify her physical if possible. Try qualifying personality.
Overqualifying yourself: Tends to happen to guys who are very insecure. They overqualify themselves because they think women will see a trait in him that they will like. It is like they are trying to logically convince the girl that they are the awesome... but they project something completely different. If possible.. dont even qualify yourself ever. Too much investment.

Nice titties

Talking too much too fast:
This used to be one of my biggest problems when i started the game.
I was a fast talker. Like spoke super duper fast. Fast talking projects:
1) Insecurity
2) Outcome dependence
3) That you are not a centered man.

So next time you catch yourself speaking fast. Chillax.. its all good. Breath.. and start talking slower. A guy who is calmed and relaxed is a high value guy.

Interrupting the girl:
Interrupting the girl when you want to talk is a common mistake and happens a lot to the newbies.
They basically cant believe that the girl wants to invest.. and stops them from investing.
Any time the girl is talking.. she is investing... so let her invest.
Let her chase you.. be the meat.. not the lion :)

Asking loooooots of questions:

This again deals with the topic of investment.
By asking too many questions.. you are investing hard. You project neediness... and that girl is like everything to you.. or more like her reactions.
If the girl is shy... and she does not seem to be talking at all.. instead of asking questions... try to create confort so then she can start chasing the meat. Be the meat :D


Being boring and predictable (talking in the same manner over and over):
Thats why its important to be self amusing. You are not going to be in your best state whenever you go approach. There will be days were you will just not feel so good after work and everything. Just gotta push man.. like that last rep at the gym

Voice not loud enough, weak tonality, flinchy eye contact:
The typical 3 mistakes made by the newbie.
If you mantain these 3 working good... you will have a good girl in front of you.
Your tonality should be either breaking rapport... or neutral. Eye contact should be strong. Your voice should be louder. Dont be weak.. be unapollogetic.

Overly friendly/agreeing and validating what the girl is saying:
Its like you want her so bad... that you have to say yes to everything and be super friendly.
Girls will like that... but guess what. You are going to be the little friendzone guy who cries.
And then you ask yourself... WHY DID SHE PUT ME IN THE FRIENDZONE? :(. You got your answer there.


Remember.. its hard not to make mistakes. You dont need to be to a 100% to pick up chicks. Its enough if you reach that 51%.

Peace out!

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How to Pick Up Women? - Cold Approach Pick Up (part 1)
[b]by Chode Campos
My daily FRs:

Hi. This is Chode Campos and todays topic is about what I have been trying to reach every single day for the last 1 year and some months. Women abundance. Learning to pick up women.

This girl has some titties

There are actually many ways to pick up women. You dont always to pick them up at a street or a club. They could also be in your social circle... or could be somewhere close to it. They could be friend from the past... they could be girls that you met at a bar. So What does picking up women really mean?

My meaning for picking up women is to engage a conversation with a girl you havent really met yet.. or havent talked to in a while... and get her to date you (this includes sex, kissing, etc etc etc).

Three pick up methods that include most pick up situations:
- Cold approach pick up
- Social circle pick up (Social circle gaming)
- Online gaming

Today ill talk about cold approach pick up

Methods: Cold Approach Pick up

You are about to take the train or the bus and you see that hot girl of your dreams. What do you do?

This is why cold approach pick up is important to learn.
Cold approach pick up is meeting girls who you have never ever talked to, have no connection to, and you basically come accross in your daily life.
It is a skill that you can develop as any other skills that you can develop such as playing guitar, or learning how to swim. Learning to pick up girls that you dont know.. it is a skillset that can be worked on.

There are some subdivisions for cold approach pick up such as daygame (street game, mall game, supermarket game, etc etc) and nightgame (night street game, bar game, club game, dance floor game), and even though it may seem that sometimes they should be treated different, the truth is that they are actually all very similar. The only thing that change is basically the context... so what matters is that you are always aware of the context that is surrounding you.

Cold Approach Pick Up: What to Focus on?

Whenever you practice cold approach pick up, always focus on:
1) You: Because you are the action taker. Be present at the moment, and take action to be better at the skill. Be analytical ... and focus on improving always.
2) The girl: Because this is the main reason why you are doing the pick up. Because you like the girl... because she is the girl you want to date.. or do whatever you want to do lol.
3) The environment: Because this factor could affect your interaction and it is important that you are aware of it.
The environment includes things such as the time (if shes on a hurry), the place where you are picking up at (if you are in the middle of a street), the people surrounding you (girl might get embarrased, or her supervisor might be around.. or maybe the boyfriend), etc. Be aware of your surroundings.

Girl on a hurry running to work.. APPROACH OR NOT?

Being aware of your surroundings SHOULD NOT be taken as a limiting belief. If a girl is on a hurry.. dont say "Oh no.. shes on a hurry... she wont pay attention". You have to approach and try to quick number close at the least.
If the supervisor is next to her dont say "Oh no... the supervisor is next to her.. shell get fired". No. You have to approach... be smart.. isolate her.. try to get distanced from the supervisor.. and quick number close at the least.
Etc etc etc

Cold Approach Pick Up: Mentality
What should your mentality be?
Always take into account the RSD principles: Intent and Freedom of Outcome
Intent: Be clear in your thoughts, actions and words
Freedom of Outcome: Do not be looking for results.. as you will look creepy and most likely will never get the girl.

The mentality: "I approach women.. because i like them. I approach women.. and i give them a change to get to know an awesome man like me. I approach women because I want.. because I want to meet them.. and im not going to be a stupid little boy that cries in his room jerking to porn. Because I am AWESOME"


Cold Approach Pick Up: The Interaction

Make sure you are there having fun.
Make sure you are there leading the interaction
Make sure you are there because YOU WANT THE GIRL.
Not because you are trying to get skills
Not because you are trying to show off to your friends at school how cool you are
Do it to get women. Keep your objective in mind (make sure you at least number close pleaaaaaaaase)

This tyler vid talks more about why you should go for the girl:

To learn more about interactions... read my blog post on meeting girls at daygame:

Cold Approach Pick Up: The Follow Up
Now you have her number.
Now you call her. Or you text. Whichever you want
Set up date.
Go out with her.
More on asking a girl out on this blog:

Cold Approach Pick Up: Seduction and close

Important tips:
-Make sure you meet up with her on place with good logistics.
-Have a nice date. TIME IS YOUR ALLY. BE PATIENT
-Let yourself go.
- Be physical at some point
- Baby step the pull.
-Pull her to a sex location.
- Dont spin the plates

Cold approach Pick up: Conclusion

Cold approach pick up is the skillset you can get to approach women you dont know and get them for you. REMEMBER THE MAIN OBJECTIVE: GET THE GIRL.

Next blog will be on Social circle gaming

Peace out!

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How to Date A Woman That Is Taller Than You? - Finding that Tall Girl
by Chode Campos

Before you start reading this article, i recommend you check my manual on how to get good with girls for newbies:


Hi.. its Chode Campos. Just doing a super short article
A friend of mine was telling me that he liked tall women... and he wanted to date tall women.
The answer was pretty simple... START TALKING TO THEM!.. but it all comes down to a very important concept we hit and hit and hit all the time at RSD. A concept that is what ended up changing my life with girls... and probably yours too... and it is very simple.


"OMG.. that girl is so pretty .. i dont know if she will like me" --------------> YOU ARE ENOUGH
"OMG.. that is a tall girl... she might not like short guys" --------------------> YOU ARE ENOUGH
"OMG... I feel gay because i cant approach a certain type of women" -> YOU ARE ENOUGH
You are enough dude
You deserve all the women in the world.. you deserve everything. You are enough
There is nothing that differentiates you from other people
You are enough.
The universe has made you enough.

What if you dont feel enough?

Well... simple. You try to feel enough. You try to. You become delusional. Fake it till you make it.
Entitlement is something that gets developed over time and when you have more experience. Relax... you will get those things you want.
Ill leave you with this video from Jeffy about entitlement. It is indeed very awesome

Peace out!

Oh and the big boobs girl of the article.. i almost forgot:
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How to Be a Player? - The Journey To Awesomeness
by Chode Campos


Hi guys. Many of you probably know me... have read my reports... or have read some of my articles. I am blog writter for the RSD forum and I have been going out 7 days a week for more than a year already... and i have reported EVERY SINGLE DAY on the Field Reports section (even today...)
When i saw RSD for the first time in my life.. it changed my life completely. Before this.. i thought i had no chance of getting girls. Like i literally had never had a girlfriend... i had only kissed like 3 girls who were monster obese women (and i was completely wasted),,, i was a virgin of course... and to be honest... i was already very frustrated. RSD came to my hands at a moment when i thought it was all gone.
I would go out to clubs every single night i went to college.. and always asked myself how those tall guys.. or the naturals.. would be around so many cute beautiful women.. getting make outs from them and dating them. Very deep inside of me... i wanted to be that player too. I wondered how awesome that would feel. How to be a player?

I decided to join the Journey To Awesomeness.

The Journey to Awesomeness: Becoming The Player
The Journey to Awesomeness for me started at the moment when i told myself this: NEVER AGAIN.. WILL I BE A LOSER WITH WOMEN. NEVER AGAIN.
It all starts in the moment you take the decision to change your life. The decision to reach that dream of being who you want to be. Do you want women? Then what do you have to do to get women?
How bad do you want it? Really.. how bad do you really want it?
Well guys.. i wanted it a lot
I decided to change my life by doing something about this. I decided to approach every single day.. and so far ive gone out about almost every single day for a year and a month. It does not mean that you have to do that. Like.. you literally dont need game to fuck a woman. All you need is your penis. Seriously? How do you think people reproduce? In your life.. even if you dont do anything about it.. you will have to get sex with a girl. This is the thing.. i was not going to wait. I wanted to do what i wanted. I wanted to feel the glory.

Journey to Awesomeness: The Evolution so Far
I say so far because i dont consider myself a player yet. However.. i am very happy at the point at where i am. Why? Because i have started from zero.
So.. i will narrate some of the biggest experiences and stages i have gone through my. Not everybody experiences the journey in the same ways of course. It is different for everybody.

The Mindfuck
I call this first stage the mindfuck because this is the moment when most guys realize that YOU can actually get women.
It happened to me after reading my first pick up material.. and then watching the Blueprint Decoded by RSD. I went out .. and my first nights.. i was talking to gorgeous women. Back in the days... i would think that all women were 10s.. because my entitlement level was very low. Gradually with the time.. you start hitting for hotter and hotter girls.
Anyways.. i finally had women talking to me.. and this meant a lot to me since for 21 years of my life i had never held a conversation with an stranger girl.. who was pretty.. and who ACTUALLY wanted to talk to me.

This darn thing gave me the biggest life epiphanies ive had. Brain implotion

Discovering Expansions and Contractions
It all happened that next night after the awesomen night you had. You think that you can be a player now... and you want all nights to be as awesome as that first night you had. Sadly.. most likely it wont happen because you are not living the present. You try to make everything work as good as the first time.. that you even forget to enjoy the environment and the moment. This is the moment when you discover that it is not all going to be up and up. There is more to this. There is actually a PROCESS

This is the Mastery Curve. It shows the ups and downs. Good new is that in the long run.. you are always going up

The Process

Now you know there is a process.. and you start going out everyday because you know that there is no way that if you fight for those things you want you wont get those results you want.
You hit the field as many times as you want.. and guess what?
You finally get some numbers. Almost all of them flakes

Frustration turns into improvement eventually

You see that you are hitting hitting hitting.. and no results.
At the beginning its just opening
Then its hooking. You cant hook
Then you cant get numbers
Then you cant get day 2s.
You are pissed as hell. You want to quit.. but you know that maybe you just have to persist that little more
After having such a bad time.. you always end up discovering something (if you are analytical).. and BAM! you start doing even better than before.

Getting those first results

It took me.. 8 months...
8 freaking months... going out everyyyyyyyyyy single day.
Every single day.
To get my first make out in pick up.
It felt sooooooooo awesome. Not the make out.. the feeling after the make out. I wanted to cry. I had approached every day for 8 months .. and i could finally get something out of pick up. I was happy. I did not get any other make out till some months later. Now i am getting more consistently.
It took me one year to lose my virginity.. and 2 days ago i pulled a girl after 30 minutes of talking.. had anal sex in the hotel.

See.. RESULTS will come.. but not until you realize something. My biggest realization in pick up;

Dont go out to get better at pick up. Dont go out to get better at game. Go out to GET WOMEN. Go out to HAVE SEX

Because here is the difference between playing to not lose.. and playing to win.
Why would you go out just to get better at pick up if you could fuck that girl in front of you without knowing much?
You dont need 100% game to fuck a girl. All you need is 51%. Stop trying to be so perfectionist. Stop focusing on things that are not relevant. Focus on the objective.
Why did i join pick up? Why did you join pick up? Because you wanted WOMEN!!.
Stop going out to get better at game
Stop going out to look good in front of your friends
Stop going out to have beautiful women on your facebook friends
Stop going out to have many numbers on your cellphone
Stop going out to hook one girl in the street because you havent hooked in months
Stop going out to learn how to approach moving sets
Stop going out to be the BEST PICK UP ARTIST
Stop going out because you want girls to tell you sweet things
Stop going out because you have gone out every single day and YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AGAIN

Just go out to get women

Because we can all get those things we want if we fight for them

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Getting Out Of the Friendzone - The Friendzone Myth
by Chode Campos

How many times you see guys on the internet writing about the FRIENDZONE.
"Omg.. i liked this girl so much.. but she told me we could just be friends"
"That super hot girl i was talking to mentioned that i was the coolest friend she had ever made"
"I told her i love you.. and she told me she loved me as a friend"
I keep reading this stuff soooooooooooooooo many times ... everywhere. Chodes... getting their asses... FRIENDZONED.

In case you dont know me yet. I am Chode Campos.. and i am an RSD blog writer. I have been friendzoned many times in the past.. yes.. but there is surely one thing i have learned. The friendzone as the common concept of being called a friend and that separating a guy from being able to sexually attract a woman... its the most ridiculous stupid thing that has ever been created in this society of male chodes. All the chodes in the world should kill themselves for having created such a stupid thing. Friendzone as a term to avoid hitting on a girl.. its no more than a LIMITING BELIEF.

But let me get deeper into the topic.

The Friendzone Frame:
Have you heard of frame controls or frame battles. It is important that when you are hitting on a girl.. or are in general trying to get a girl attracted to you.. she MUST FALL INTO YOUR FRAME.
What happens when a girl shit tests you?
Shes trying to break your frame.. and impose her frame. You should ignore shit test... and keep doing what you are suppose to continue doing.
So.. what happens when a girl calls you a friend?
Nothing!!! Absolutely nothing happens. You continue with your frame.
Wait.. so.. when the last time i was talking to a girl.. and she called me a friend.. does that mean that right at the moment she didnt completely stop looking at me as a man.. and she was actually still probably attracted to my masculine polarity which its normal since i am a male human being?
YES.. think about how retarded this question sounds? Well most guys for some reason think girls work like this...
The problem was that..
You fell into her frame. When a girl throws you into the "friendzone".. treat as an objection.
This Todd video has a great explanation on how to overcome any objections:


So now.. what you really want.

Get out a friend out of the friendzone

Warning: As anything you do in pick up.. there are risks you will lose your FRIEND forever.
The question here comes: Are you willing to take the risk of losing this friend forever? There are literally billions of girls you can meet in the streets.. so.. it is really not necessary.

If this is like a friend that you see almost everyday... then its simple. You seduce as if you were seducing any girl.
Wait.. you dont know how to seduce girls? Well.. thats part of another entry.
In summary what you would do to seduce is:
1) Isolate: Make sure no one else is around
2) Polarize: Talk to her with strong eye contact, good vocal projection, soft
3) Set the rythm: Lead
4) Escalation: Be physical, neck kiss, make out
5) Overcome objections: Objections will not come if you are doing a great escalation job and she is extremely aroused. For objections... remember Todds video.
6) Close: ABC.. Always Be Closing

Hope you like this and id like to see your comments.

PLEASE DONT FRIENDZONE THIS GIRL! :D.. or DO IT.. but with Benefits!

Peace out!

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Pick Up Lines: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly
by Chode Campos

"How much does a polar bear weight?. Enough to break the ice between you and me"
"Is your name Summer?. Cuz you hot girl!"
Smart, Funny, Witty, Sexual, etc etc. There are all types of pick up lines, for all your moods, or your personas.

Hi. This is Chode Campos again writing for you guys... an article about the famous PICK UP LINES. All you need to know about them... and also im going to put some pick up lines... and you can also share some with us just to have some fun.

So.. what... the... hell.. is a Pick Up Line?

A recognized internet source defines it like:
"A pick-up line or chat-up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance, or dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pick-up lines advertise the wit of their speakers to their target listeners."

The Good
The good? It can:
- Open a conversation with a girl in a funny way FOR YOU
- Help you get sexual right of the bat.
- etc etc

Pick up lines can be really good for you. But... as almost everything you do in pick up... it is good if you are coming from a place of HIGH VALUE.
What does this mean?
If you use pick up lines.. to seek reactions from girls.. you are done.
What you should do?
Use pick up lines to self amuse. Stop trying to seek validation from girls, or trying to make them react. That is just really creepy. You will look creepy as hell.

The Bad

The bad is that people is always looking for the magic pill... or the thing that will always work.
What will usually happen is that your pick up line... when you are expressing being Free of outcome, it will work awesomely.
This same line... when you are expressing wanting outcome, it will look stupid.
Stop looking for the magic pill.
If you came to this page... because you want me to give you a magic pill... then you are in serious problems. You need to learn to pick up women first.

The Ugly

The Ugly is your sad face when you realized that you did not find the magic pill
Sorry buddy.
I repeat, you need to learn to pick up women then.

Do you need pick up lines?

Authenticity is a 1000 times better than a pick up line


Pick up lines can help you to open sets. However, you dont need them. All you need is yourself.

Some Pick Up Lines for you to have a laugh :D

-Where have you been all my life?
-“Excuse me, do you have the time?” You: “Do you have the energy?”
-I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into the wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
-If I got a nickel for everyone I’ve met who is as beautiful as you, I’d have five cents.
-Are your pants from outer space or is your butt just out of this world?
-Remember me? Oh, that’s right, I’ve met you only in my dreams.
-(Look at his / her shirt label) When they say, “What are you doing?”, you say, “Checking to see if you were made in heaven.”
-Excuse me; I think you owe me a drink.” [She says, "Why?"] “Because when I saw you from across the room I dropped mine. It was a rum and Coke, and I’m [your name].
-What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?
-Can I have fries with that shake!
-You must be the reason for global warming because you’re hot.

Now.. how would you open this fine ass lady walking in the beach? :D

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