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How To Date Older Women: 3 Easy Steps

There are many guys out there who are interested in dating older women. Myself included. But many of us do not know the simple steps to going about actually meeting and dating older women! 

Why is this the case?


It is because in our society no one has taught YOU how to meet women you are attracted to!

Let alone older women!

These women are also known as cougars or MILFS.


YOU know what I’m talking about! I’m talking about those HOT 30 year old yoga instructors, or the sexy 35 year old lawyer who you see at the store. For some reason, those older women are so appealing, that we have to figure out how date older women!


Step 1
Treat an older woman the SAME as you would any girl you are attracted to, whether they are 19 or 39. In fact, don’t let age be a factor at all! Age is just a number remember.

Step 2
When trying to date older women, one of the most important things is to know where to meet them. They usually will not be out on Friday night at the local college bars. Older women are often in places such as malls, grocery stores, starbucks, and yoga classes to give a few examples.

Step 3
Be patient. Many older women may initially be wary of dating a young stud such as yourself. You have to be patient so that those sexy MILFS can warm up to you. Dating older women is just like dating any other girl, whether they are 19 or 39. They all need to warm up to you, just like an oven slowly warms up. So if necessary, give it a few dates, and you’ll find that you will be dating older women in no time!

Just do it already!

Bottom line is that you need to break free of your limiting beliefs such as "I can't date older women because bla bla" or "I don't know how to meet girls older than me". Screw that! Break free of your old beliefs in order to date older women! 

Here's a video from Tyler that talks about breaking free of "environmental hypnosis" that will definitely help you to overcome anything that gets in your way of getting what you REALLY want, which is dating older women! 

There you have it. You have the 3 Easy Steps on How to Date Older Women.  Now go out there and meet those older women who you are so attracted to. It’s worth it! It’s as good as you think it will be and much more!

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