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3 Reasons to Stay Healthy While Hitting on Girls


Even though dudes can get laid while being fat and weird looking, I think that being healthy and fit is the best way to go.

I have three reasons for this. First, staying healthy makes you feel better emotionally and mentally. Second, staying healthy is an active process with results that you can work on continuously, and that keeps you sharp. Third, staying healthy means that you're not an idiot trying to get diabetes in record time. And these three reasons are actually good because they go beyond just hitting on girls. They show that there is more to life than hitting on girls. And being involved in staying healthy will remind you of the bigger picture.

1. Feel Better Emotionally and Mentally


I believe there is a strong correlation and/or causation between being physically healthy and emotionally and mentally healthy. I literally think that if you don't eat high fructose corn syrup and GMO corn then you will make better decisions. 

If you eat unhealthy processed foods from fast food restaurants, your body can be taxed by digesting these foods and it takes a toll on your whole body. Since your whole body is connected, this means that the brain can be affected. If you want to feel good in all aspects of health, you have to protect your brain. 

When you eat bad food with a lack of nutrients and with harmful substances, you are literally and consciously saying "I will take a break now from feeling good". And so if you eat bad food all the time you are giving up on living a good life. 

And if you feel better emotionally and mentally you will feel better about hitting on chicks. It makes any activity more enjoyable, on a deeper level.

2. Staying Healthy is an Active Process with Results


After reading the book "Flow" and "The Widsom of Psychopaths", I've learned that being involved in any type of "game" with rules and boundaries is very good for our brains. It makes us focus intently and use our resources effectively and efficiently with purpose. And so I see being healthy as living within boundaries and rules to follow that focuses our brains and helps us to live with purpose. 

I guess this is a good place to define "staying healthy". For me, the most important is diet. Your body has to accept and digest and absorb what you put in your body, so you might as well carefully choose what you put in there beforehand. Almost as important in my opinion is exercsie. Many guys here like to go to the gym. I personally like to play an active sport. This is just like the comparison between taking supplements and getting food based nutrition. I always go for the food based nutrition, it's less boring.

I love to play tennis, it's way fun and I don't think twice about how hard the exercise is.

Also, a big part of staying healthy is putting quality information into your brain in the form of reading, or audio books and documentaries if you really can't read. Otherwise you will likely spend your leisure time doing something unproductive and wasteful.

If you can take care of yourself and be able to focus on your health, it will help you to focus on other processes and results including approaching girls.

3. You're Not an Idiot Anymore


People can be so dense into changing their lifestyles to a healthier approach, especially with diet. People will chug down cans of soda with 80 grams of sugar, smiling at the diabetes they will be getting in the future. It can also be easy to eat food without concern for the ingredients. The packaging has no merit to the nutritional value of the food, and buying food based on the packaging is idiotic. It's funny once you begin to look at the ingredients and find some foods with dozens of ingredients of every variety and source and then you wonder "why" and even "how" do they combine so much different stuff to form your "cheese sauce" or "potatoe chips".

Once you break free of eating anything and everything, you realize that you were an idiot before, and now you're proactively engaged in a part of life that you should be engaged in. Food is really there to help you, not to give you diabetes. 

And then you can take a girl on a day2 for a "green smoothie", and improve peoples' lives. 

So in conclusion, staying healthy makes us feel better mentally and emotionally too. It's an active process that keeps us sharp and fcoused. And it breaks us out of our idiotic haze and avoids diabetes. Staying healthy has indirect and direct benefits for approaching and hitting on girls, and for our lives on a broader level.
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  Why you should take a BREAK from picking up girls (sometimes) 


So wanted to write this article on the topic of taking a break from the game, from time to time. This is because this is what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks or so.

I will first discuss the benefits of taking a break and what happens to your perceptions and how you view the world when you take a break. Then I will talk about why you shouldn't and can't take a break forever.

Benefits of taking a break

I've been going out pretty much consistently for the past 2.5 years. This is not because I thought it would be "cool" to be so consistent, but because I'm a slow learner. But I've realized that allowing myself to take a break from going out and approaching girls every day can have massive and clear benefits for me and anyone else in a similar position.

It was hard for me to decide to take a break because I thought it would derail me or that I would lose all my momentum and "skills" that I had built up previously. I realized that I had an attachment to consistency.

So the first benefit I noticed was that I realized it was "OK" for me to lay low and chill out, i.e. not take action. That's always a good feeling, that you know that you're "ok just the way you are". Lol.

Probably the biggest benefit though was that this period allowed me to reasess and reexamine my personal values. To think about what things I want to do and like to do including activities, habits, etc.


I think Tyler said recently that the secret to life is to have really good habits (paraphrasing). And so it's good to be more concious of your habits from time to time to see if you personally believe they are good habits or not. As much as I love the high quality RSD videos, for example, it's probably not a great habit to be watching RSD videos for 6 hours a day before you leave the house and when you return home, and not actually taking action and experiencing life for yourself. I don't do that, but it's just an example of how good habits can turn to bad ones.

One habit that I was able to see more clearly the past few weeks that is very similar to the above example is what I do with my leisure time. Objectively, I noticed that I was spending quite a lot of time just surfing and searching on my computer, and everything that might entail. To be honest, that kind of activity is almost always a pure waste of time. It really is.

I noticed that often times when I wake up I will instantly turn on my computer and check my email, check RSD, check youtube, checking all this god damn shit. Reminds me of an amazing book I read called "The Shallows: What the internet is doing to our brains" by Nicholas Carr.

So I realized that in terms of my habits, it'd be better to "get going with my day" instead of going on my computer. Or I could just start reading whatever book I'm reading.

One habit that I've reaffirmed that I love is reading. I honestly believe that any time reading is going to be a beneficial activity. I know people say that even reading can be in "excess". But man I really don't fall for that. Reading feels so good for my brain, and it's so helpful to keeping inputing quality information that to say it can be bad is insane to me.

And to be fair, I do notice when my life is a little out of balance and I'd rather "go out somewhere" than read. So I feel like the human brain is good at telling us what is best to do if we pay attention.

Another huge benefit I noticed from not approaching girls during this time was that I was able to tune back into what normal people see in the world, and how they see it. Normal people really do have a strong perception of the world, and doing pickup and approaching random stranger girls is out of most people's reality, way outside. People definitely have a shell of comfort that they isolate themselves in, and they think it's real and that things can't be any different. It's a big groupthink perception game going on. And TBH it's not that bad or unhealthy. Normal people are fine, they are friendly, pretty smart, competent, and creative.


Why we can't take a break forever

But for people who really want to change something deep within their lives, a "deep identity level change" (from Ty'ler's Blueprint), we have to force ourselves to step outside that comfort bubble of "reality" that people have. We have to take action to be able to hit on random stranger girls.

And so now maybe I'll be able to empathize a little more with "normal people", and when girls react in certain ways when being approached and hit on. Can't really judge them for being weirded out or creeped out sometimes.

Anyway, when you take a break you do get rusty. But you get these huge benefits. The important thing is to keep your head on your shoulders and honestly evaluate stuff. You do get the benefits of those awesome feelings though, that are so subtle but so amazing. For example, I did some day game yesterday on a college campus. First I was really rusty and wondering "how the hell can I hit on a random stranger girl". But after doing a few approaches it came back to me and I was able to go from the "normal people perception" to a different perception outside of that one. And it's funny how those two can interact isn't it?! It felt good to "change realities", and I'm glad I have gone out enough for me to have skills that I consider competent for myself. Because the other option would be to never have gone out the past few years...and never have hit on girls.

So you can't take a break forever.

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 Why Learning to Pickup Girls is Hard


I think it comes down to the fact that from social conditioning or other beliefs that we are lead into as young people. Most every guys believes a few inherent "facts" about himself, that are not based in reality and are more components of the ego. Basically any guy believes that he can win in a fight, that he can "kick his ass". Another fundamental but flawed belief of any guy is that he can "pickup girls". 

I think the problem with having these "ego beliefs" for guys is that they believe them so fundamentally that they never think about actually testing them out or honing their skills. I'm not saying that guys should go get in fights to get better at fighting. But at least realize that if you don't practice martial arts or aren't involved in self defense training on a regular basis, then you're skills are going to be pretty amateur. 

So don't kid yourself.


Same with picking up girls. It's a good belief to have, to help you go to sleep at night, that you could date that girl from the grocery store, or pickup that hot girl from the bar last night if you really wanted to. And your beliefs won't be challenged and won't be in jeaporady if you never actually try to get the girl. Just stay being "polite" and don't actually try to "close the deal" and have sex with that girl. As long as you stay polite and normal, your self esteem with stay sturdy (or actually inflated).

This type of behavior can go on for years, all the way to adulthood. The problem is that guys don't ever get any practice or experience picking up girls. And so it's impossible to learn how to do it if you never do it.

A typical guy will have sex with about 7 girls in his life, as far as I understand it, and so he can marry one of those last few girls to prove that he can "pickup girls". Because he married one! Let alone simply picking up a girl.

The lesson to draw from this example is that we should always challenge our beliefs and our abilities. Picking up girls is so hard to learn because most guys, including myself, were delusional for the first few decades of life that we could pickup girls. That we thought we had more skills and abilities than we actually did have. 

So if us guys are lucky enough to go out and really find out what our true abilities are, we will see the truth. We will see the reality. And we will see how bad at picking up girls we actually are. And how much we have to learn. Basically this means starting from step 1, starting from scratch. Clean slate. And learning anything from step 1 takes time. If a guy is lucky enough to challenge his beliefs from a young age, then he will have developed this part of himself that much more than those who took this stuff for granted. 


So in conclusion, the harder it is for you to learn how to pickup girls, the more that you put off this skillset when you were growing up, and the less you challenged your beliefs. The truth will set you free and will lead you to a wider array of experiences. Believing in false hopes and flawed logic and beliefs really leads only to disappointment. 

Might as well set yourself free. 
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  Why You Should Go Out A Lot AND Read Books Too: Total Pimpitry God-Mode Deluxe


I recently reaffirmed how important it is to go out a lot and read books at the same time. Here I will talk about how I recently came to emphasize these things again, and also some attitudes and strategies you should have with regards to reading and going out, and how you spend your "free time".

Took a week off from writing my blog article. Was focusing on getting healthy from being sick. But I still used that time to learn about myself, my life, and the game while not being able to go out quite as much.

I've been re-evaluating some of my personal values lately. Sometimes for whatever reason you will experience a slowdown or setback of varying degrees. When this happens for me, I tend to bring a wider focus to what I'm doing, and see if there is anything subtle or major I should change to bring about more enjoyment for my life and my activities.

I've been looking over the RSD Reading List lately, scanning it for books that I have heard about and that I might want to read now or in the near future. I've been around RSD long enough to know about tons of books that dudes on here recommend on all kinds of topics from success to neuroscience to psychology etc.


And I've worked my way slowly but surely to reading some of the books that pique my interest. The Way of the Superior Man comes to mind as one example. More recently I've read The Willpower Instinct and The Shallows.

Books on my soon to read list include The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Codependent No More.

The best thing about having the RSD book list and getting recommendations from RSD dudes is that these books have been somewhat vetted for quality, especially the ones that stick around over the years. So in that sense it's highly likely that any books you check out that interests you will be high quality and worth your time.

In my view, these books have tons and tons of extremely valuable information, which is way more than the cost of the book. Especially if you buy used off amazon for a few bucks.

But I also want to try to read as many as I can or want to, because I believe reading is an excellent habit that has extraoridinary short term and long term consequences. Besides being educational and good for your brain, reading also gets you away from unhealthy destructive habits like watching TV or just doing dumb shit.


So if you really want to take advantage of all these amazing books, you gotta commit to taking the time to ACTUALLY reading them. And this means you have to use your "free time" very wisely.

Ideally for me, when I'm not eating, working, or going out, I try to be reading a book. I'm not extra strict on myself to where it becomes stressful, but I really try to pay attention to if I'm using my time wisely. Ofc I love to watch movies at times as well, so it's not all books and reading.

Personally I also read very slowly, so I gotta invest more time to get the books done. But I feel even more fulfilled when I do finish books. Just before writing this article I finished an amazing book called "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience", which is quite frankly an amazing book. I think I've heard Jeffy mention that book as well.


But reading is the most enjoyable when it is done in a balanced lifestyle. I always get the most out of reading after I've gone out for a few hours the night before. Or I do some day game on a sunday like I did today, then go read for a while at home. Gotta stay involved in your inner and outer worlds. This way you always be filling your brain with valuable information from every direction.

If you're not the reading type, then you can try audio books. I've never liked those personally, but I know dudes who only do audio books so it's a good technology to have.


So there you go. Make sure to take advantage of your time now. Don't miss out on the tons of great books that are available. In my experience, the most successful people and the most I look up to the most and try to emulate are very widely read, and this shows in how they present themselves and their quality of life. Make reading a high priority on your list, as well as going out a lot.

The result will be total pimpitry god mode deluxe.


Post comments below if you've read some books lately and how you manage your time to read while going out.
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 How To Kiss A Girl


I want to briefly go over how to kiss a girl. I will discuss the attitude you should have about kissing girls, and some basic mechanics of what to actually do while kissing her.

The Right Attitude

If you haven't kissed a girl in a while, then you are probably putting too much meaning into kissing girls. You probably think that it is a big deal, and that because in romantic movies having that first kiss means that you will marry the girl and have kids and live together with her, that you put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Well the reality is that kissing girls is almost totally meaningless. It really doesn't matter at all. It's the same amount of meaning as if you're standing on the sidewalk and a leaf blows by. Kissing a girl is like a leaf blowing in the wind. 

You might also think that every time you kiss a girl that you will get laid. So then you hardly every kiss a girl because you are trying to ensure that if you do you will also get laid, and you protect your ego and your awesome kiss to sex ratio.

So see how kissing is pretty much meaningless, but still fun!, and take the pressure off. Then you can actually consider kissing girls in any situation or context without overanalyzing if it's "going well" or "leading to sex".

How to Actually Kiss A Girl


If you haven't kissed a girl in while, maybe months or even years, then you probably have pretty low confidence in how to actually kiss a girl. And this could hold you back, because you feel like you don't want to be embarrassed. 

So here are some tips that should make it easy even if you don't know anything at all whatsoever about how to kiss a girl.

The easiest way to kiss a girl is to do nothing! Just close your mouth, in a relatively relaxed way, and move your face into her face gently. Then touch lips. That's it! All there is to kissing is just touch lips!

This is the most simple way to kiss a girl, it's the bare bones minimalist way. It doesn't take any skill whatsoever, so even if you've never kissed a girl then it will be very easy to do. Besides touching lips, you can take it further by kissing a little harder, kissing lips in isolation, touching her face, grabbing her hair, using tounge.

If you want to kiss her more than just touching lips, don't think about what to do, just be passionate.


Read this article by Paris Boum Boum for a detailed description of how to kiss girls in different ways: 9 IDEAS ON HOW TO KISS A GIRL

So that's about it. To recap, take the pressure off of kissing girls, because it's essentially meaningless anyway! Kissing a girl won't lead anywhere, just do it for the fun. And if you have really low confidence in how to actually kiss girls, then just "touch lips" and get it done!

Post comments below if you'd like about how you went about kissing girls when you had low confidence!


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 How to Ask a Girl Out


Gotta go out with girls to hang out with girls!!!

I’d like to discuss the background for asking a girl out and why guys might have trouble with it. And then I talk about how to ask a girl out in a real way that is fulfilling.

This is realness.

How your PAST might not help you to know how to ask a girl out


I think all guys at some point have really liked a girl but they didn’t know how to ask her out. It’s a pretty clear dilemma, and common.

If you watch basically any movie or have general conversations with family members that revolve around “proper behavior”, then asking a girl out and dating girls is assumed to be so easy that it is seen as a given for any person that is alive.

I cringe when I imagine what would happen if I asked my mom for advice on how to ask out a girl.

She would surely reminisce into her lovey-dovey emotions and blurt out suggestions such as “take her out for dinner”. And that would be lucky.

She might even advise me to “tell her how you really feel”. Now that, my friends, is the worst advice ever!!! That is if it’s coming from the frame of a typical romance movie where the desperate guy with no other options exclaims his lifelong love for the girl of his dreams.

Try that in the real world I dare you! Actually please don’t do that! Don’t express your love for the girl who you barely know!

If getting girls were that easy, “just tell them how you feel”, then holy shit picking up girls would be sooo easy I’d be big pimpin mega style 24/7 and lose all ambition in life while drinking bud lite.

So the point I’m making is that if you were like me growing up, you never really learned how to ask a girl out. And no one really taught you either.

Which is kind of annoying right?! Because asking a girl out and dating is on one level purely biological. So it’d be nice if as guys we knew how to ask a girl out!!!

I wanted to explain all of the above to show you that despite what you believe and the experiences you’ve had, you do not know now and never have known how to ask a girl out.

It’s not superficial or complex Hollywood, it’s honest emotions!


The best way I can describe how to ask a girl out is not the specific mechanics of it or what to say. What I would suggest, and what would be a more fulfilling way to go about asking a girl out is expressing honest emotions.

Honest emotions is about what you really feel! Personally! Introspectively! It really is NOT what your favorite romance movies make you feel. Don’t act out what that douche in Love Actually does with Keira Knightley’s character!

Don’t go to her house and stalk her and play a song on a stereo you brought along. Gawd.


Get out of the headspace of movies and television, and into your own headspace. Get back into your body.

Notice when you are really attracted to a girl because she is YOUR TYPE. You just love looking into her eyes, noticing her cute eyebrow expressions.

You’re in the moment baby!

Don’t stifle your emotions based what you think the proper way is to act and feel towards girls. Be honest about your emotions.


When you’re true to yourself, then it’s an honest expression and you have high clarity when you say, “we should get a drink or something”, “do you wanna get a smoothie sometime”. The words don’t really matter and the delivery isn’t that important, because you’re feeling it baby.

There is no confusion, just being real, personally in your own body. This way, you don’t need to look to the past and future anxiously to see if you’re doing it correctly in the present situation. It’s much easier to understand and express how you feel with the girl.

This is why girls you like are much more enjoyable to hang out with. And much more rewarding to go out with them.

Watch this video where Tyler of RSD talks about honest signals if you want to go way deeper!

Feel free to post comments or questions about asking a girl out and honest emotions below!

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When She Says "I Have A Boyfriend"


We've all heard this before! Any guy who has ever asked out a girl, whether they do it every day or once a year, has gotten this type of "rejection" or reaction from a girl they like.

"Sorry I have a boyfriend"

"Um I actually have a boyfriend"

"I'm with someone"

Congratulations girl! You have a boyfriend!

I'd like to write briefly about what happens when she says "I have a boyfriend", and how to react yourself so you don't get down on yourself.


What is happening when she says "I have a boyfriend"??

After getting this reaction over and over from girls, it can sometimes get annoying. You start to think, "how does every girl here have a boyfriend?" and "are there any single girls left?"

IMO the main reason a girl says this to a complete stranger that is hitting on her, like you, is that it is a defense mechanism. It is how she "puts up her defenses" in an environment of people she doesn't know. Often times she may not even realize what she's saying, but it's more of an autopilot response. 

She could be telling the truth, and she actually does have a boyfriend. Or she could be lying, and she is single. 


If this is your first experience of a girl "lying" to you, when she says "I have a boyfriend", well....welcome to the real world LOL. 

Girls lie. It's part of the way they interact with guys they just met in a bar or any environment such as a bookstore. What they are really trying to see is how you react. If you can pass this "test", then you have gotten past one of the girl's initial defenses. She will probably be a little shocked, because most guys can't go that.

On the other hand, is she says "I have a boyfriend" and she is telling the truth, then you gotta respect that. 

How to react when she says "I have a boyfriend", what you should do!!

So if she says "I have a boyfriend", and from all your experience going out or at least by your intuition you feel like she is just "testing" you or "messing with you", then you should stick with it.


We all should know the basics of what attracts a girl and makes dating and approaching fun for everyone. The basics are having a postitive vibe and energy and the girl will love this because she just wants to have a good time. The girl is always looking to the environment for the fun postiive vibe, and you have to have that within yourself.

So when she says "I have a boyfriend", don't skip a beat, stay centered and be unaffected with your postiive energy and momentum, stay in the moment, and carry the interaction forward. Be in your fun place, and take her there. 

She will melt. Because you don't react when she says "I have a boyfriend" and you get past her defenses. This will make her attracted. But most importantly, you will be having fun because you realize that you have the power of fun INSIDE YOU.


A lot of this is pattern recognition! See this Tyler vid to reinforce it all!


Post comments or questions about this topic below!

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First Date Tips

Hey! I'd like to write briefly about first date tips. I want to share with you when and where to have a first date, as well as common concerns with first dates in general. So that is 3 first date tips!


Where to have a first date? Tip #1

Meet for a drink at a bar. Probably the BEST place for a first date is a bar! Meet the girl for a drink at a bar. And make it a bar that you like, and close to where you live. Getting a drink at a bar is an American past time. It is so socially acceptable, so you should take advantage of this.

And the girl you're interested in dating can be pretty easily persuaded to meet you for a drink at a bar. Because it is such normal behavior. In fact, the girl has to be pretty weird to turn down a drink at a bar. First Date Tip: get a drink at a bar.


If you're not of legal drinking age to get into a bar, then meet for a nonalcoholic drink somewhere, the obvious choices being coffee or tea. Those are also very normal behaviors and this are high percentage.

When to have a first date? Tip #2

Meet the girl for the first date as soon as possible! Live by this rule: the sooner the better. Your first instinct should be do get a drink with the girl right when you meet her. If that doesn't work, then try texting her the next day. Text game is a whole other topic, so for the sake of this article, I'm assuming we are good at texting.

You want to capitalize on the short window of time that the girl still remembers you and feels emotions towards you. Don't wait too long or she will likely forget about you, or not care about you, and in all likelihood meet another guy in the meantime!


Common concerns about the first date: Tip #3

Don't be scared of strangers. Many people have various anxieties about first dates. But in my opinion this is based on biological roots. Our brains are actually designed for the world that existed 100,000 years ago, when fearing strangers was beneficial to survival. In modern society, fearing strangers has little or no benefit most of the time. But since our modern brains haven't adapted as fast as society has changed, we tend to fear meeting strangers.

So take that knowledge to know that the girl you're going on a first date with is a friendly normal human just like you.


That's all for now. The key here is to trust in the "process" enough so that you will actually go on the first date with girls you like. If you have the basics down by following the first date tips here including: meeting for a drink at a bar, make first date as soon as possible, and don't fear strangers, then you will have a more vibrant dating life that is necessary for any normal person!

Post comments if you want to share or talk about these or other first date tips. :)
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How to get a girlfriend 


Hello! I am here to write another article on rsdnation! Apart from dating older women, I am also interested in a few other topics about women.

Today what I'd like to discuss is How to get a GIRLFRIEND. First I will talk about the reality of girlfriends today and if most guys are really happy with their girlfriends. Then I will give some tips on how to turn a girl you're seeing into a girlfriend.

The reality of girlfriends

How do you get a girlfriend? 

How does a nerdy, shy guy get a girlfriend?

How does a guy with little or no experience with girlfriends actually get one himself?

Girfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend....!

Everyone wants to know how to get a girlfriend, right?


Well yes of course! For many guys, they already have a girlfriend to be perfectly honest. But they are probably not the ones to ask about how to get a girlfriend! Because they don't know how! And many guys that I know settled for a girl and basically got lazy. 

More specifically, those guys got lazy that they didn't bother meeting any girls outside their social circle. They didn't bother doing any cold approaches. This means that their only choices were girls that were being recycled throughout the social circle! So if you asked them how to get a girlfriend, they would tell you to wait until your best friend breaks up with his girlfriend and go for her! WTF?! LOL!

Cold approach

The first key on how to get a girlfriend is to expand your choices and options beyond your social circle. See cold approach as a way to vastly increase the number of girls you meet, the types of girls, and personalities. 

Still, it's fine to also meet girls in your social circle, but PLEASE don't do it from a place of scarcity where you feel like those girls are your only chance! Do it from a place where you see social circle as yet another option. So then it is just another fun thing to do! Carefree!

How to turn a girl into your girlfriend

Once you've met a girl that you think you might want to make her your girlfriend, you have to take the next small steps. You have to go on a few dates with her. You have to talk with her and find out who she is, what she likes, and some of what makes her unique. 

And you must have sex with her! I strongly advise you to try to have sex with her by at least the first few dates. Because for guys, in my opinion, having sex with a girl is very helpful in getting to know a girl. Then you can be more sure, or not!, if you want to make her your girlfriend. 


The difference between friends and girlfriends is sex! 

Once you've made it this far and you still want to continue the relationship, you must focus on building a sustaining relationship. 

You have to be continously interesting. But in a more subtle and long term way. You have to surprise you girlfriend from time to time. You have to take her to try new things occasionally, like hiking new trails or trying new restaurants.

Be the one that leads most of the relationship. Give your girlfriend good books to read that you really liked. Be the one that intiates sex. Try not to look to her for answers, generally speaking. 


Positive influence

Bottom line is this! Be a positive influence on your girlfriend! In her life! Make her a better person! At the same time, respect her judgement! Positive influence!

How to get a girlfriend? There are many small steps in this process. You just gotta get your mind and brain aligned to a new way of thinking and doing. Then it leads from there, naturally. 

Ok I'm out! Until next time! I'm going to try to post each week from now on! Last thing about how to get a girlfriend: most important is to take each step in the process, and when/if a girl doesn't work out, go out and meet more girls in stride, don't let it affect you! 

Here's a vid by Tyler that explains how to build an ecosystem of positive emotions, and so you can keep going forward through both success and slumps!

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Dating Tips For Shy Guys 


There are many guys out there who'd love to date girls they're attracted to, but they just can't get over their shyness. If you can relate to this, then this article containing dating tips for shy guys is for you!

First I will acknowledge the difficulties that shy guys face when dating women and meeting people. Then I will give you a few amazing tips that will help any shy guy gain confidence and date girls. 

Difficulties With Shyness

For many guys being shy is the achilles heal of meeting girls. These guys literally believe that they are worthy of dating cute girls, but the only thing holding them back is their introverted nature and weak social skills. 

This can be debillitating and seriously reduce the number of girls a shy guy dates. This situation is unfortunate. But the good news is that a shy guy can date girls just like anyone else!

Literally THE secret you need to know about dating tips for shy guys is this: girls will date any type of guy, and all types of guys, at different stages in their lives. This includes nerds, atheletes, party guys, business guys, and of course shy guys!


So don't let yourself believe in falsehoods that girls don't date shy guys! The NUMBER ONE dating tip for shy guys is that girls LOVE shy guys! Girls love all types of guys in fact!

I don't know about you, but when I realized this it opened up the world to me. It was a revelation. At the same time, of course not every girl is going to like shy guys all the time. But a shy guy has just as good of chance as any type of guy. 

It's a level playing field!

Now with that being said, that girls love shy guys just as much as any type of guy, there is something that is REALLY important for any shy guy to understand that wants to date more girls.

Address Your Weaknesses

This is that if you're shy you NEED to address your WEAKNESSES. You need to work on your conversational skills. You need to work on your voice to try to become at least a little bit louder. You need to work on your anxiety so you can think clearly when you're in situations with girls. 

If you address your weaknesses as a shy guy, you will become more of a well-rounded individual. From my experience, it is definitely true that girls love all types of guys. But it's also true that girls like guys that have a decent amount of normalcy. 


So go out and date different girls. Even if some experiences are painful, your shy brain will round itself out and become more adaptable to dating situations.

So if you're super shy and trying to date girls, you're in luck because girls love you! But you also must work on improving your weaknesses to round out yourself and become someone that girls can relate to and get to know you. I could write tons more on this topic, so maybe in the future I'll do that!

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