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Decided to dedicate an entire video to answer the question of attraction building both in daytime and club situations. I was asked this question in a Q and A session by a youtuber so there you go. Answering this question made me dig deep in my Fear Tech theory since I rarely talk about attraction building. I hope I didn't sound too negative when I talked about pickup guys that sell products on the internet. Not my intention to put off anyone in the pickup community since at the end of the day it is my own community where I grew up as an instructor. Competitors try to do their jobs to the best of their ability just as I do.

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This is a quick INFORMATIONAL video for guys who are London based AND HAVE BEEN RECRUITED ALREADY OR SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT IT and want to become assistants in my programs. This is an UNPAID position. Please email me a CV and intro letter to and we will get the team to call you and arrange an interview.

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