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Haven't been updating this blog for a while, been going out every once in a while, but not as much as during june.
Got 2 lays on 3 days, which is pretty fucking awesome and really want to write em up here.

13.7 My birthday in Miami (a bar, not the city)

I was in the zone from the beginning of the night when we went to Ale bar to drink cheap beer. I was doing stupid dances in the bar and felt like really fucking great. When we went to miami I started approaching pretty much from the beginning and at one point of night I kinda wanted to see how much is it really possible to aquire momentum. I prolly didn't stay out of a set for longer than 2 minutes which is good thing. Lots of blow outs, but hey if you'r not approaching you'r not in the game!

Bathroom pull

At maybe about 2 am I went to this one girl dancing on the floor, I lifted her up and started making out with her, I started carrying her towards the terrace to smoke a cigarette, did not talk much with her at this point. We were chilling there, talking and smoking cigarettes. My girl had to go look for her friend in the bar so I started talking with another friend of her's. We were talking about pretty casual subjects and then the friend told me that my girl isn't really the type of girl to have relationship with, she's apparently more of a one night stand type of girl (perfect), I told her great, I'm not that type of guy and I prefer ons's and I had worked out some logistics, the girls apparently live together close to the center. Then the friend tells we should go look for my girl

We find my girl in the bar ordering drinks so I go back in, she has lost a littlebit of her state so I pump her up alittlebit and tell her to come dance with me. I start making out with her again on the dancefloor and then I suddenly remember what her friend told me, (not a fucking dating type of girl, more of a fucking type of girl) so IIstuck my fingers to her and started fingering her hardcore, pulling her hair and making out, she's really into it. So I take her hand and put it on cock, she starts stroking it and everytime I took my hand off her pants she put it back in there. After I took a piece of ice from my whiskey cola and stuck it to her pussy, she loved it even more. We were doing this in the middle of the dance floor for maybe 15-25 mins until my girl suddenly tells "Take me to the bathroom". I instantly light the fuck up, take her hand and lead her to mens bathroom. I got really lucky cause the bathrooms in miami have only one toilet with a door and when we got the bathroom some guy was just leaving there. Wooo! So in we go and it was glorious, we stayed there till the end (3:30). Fucked, talked, smoked cigarettes etc. After that we leave the bathroom go dance the slow songs in the end and I give her a romantic goodbye kiss.

Gonna write up the other lay report from 15.7 later, tired now. Learned alot from this night and prolly was so far the best birthday present I got.

EDIT: Oh yea, I just remembered I used an old line from Brad(?) with this girl. "You have no idea what I'm going to do to you", "What", "I'm gonna fuck you"
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Went to Miami on 16.6 and 17.6 aka. thursday and friday. The bar scene in Tampere was pretty dead during these 2 days because of people going to provinssi rock festival or something like that. Those 2 nights in were pretty chode result wise, but still I managed to keep the romp going and did some useless approaches.

Saturday was a real productive night. I've been reading alot of stuff from Alex and the stuff he teaches, especially the success stories and learned alot from those. So I decided to go with his style more than the usual cave mannin and hardcore physical stuff I've been doing for the past 7 months. What did I learn... this stuff actually works. I had the focus on tonight. Drank 1 beer and 1 bottle of Tuborg lime cut.

I did three proper approaches tonight all of them went great.

First one was on the ale bar, I went to talk these 2 girls whom I've been eyeing for a littlebit, brunette and rock chick. I clawed the both in and opened with "I hate Bon Jovi, I think he's gay". Hooked after 10 seconds in and I had to calibrate a littlebit by taking my arm of the rock chick and focusing more on the brunette. First I was trying to hit up rock chick and my friend occupied the brunette one. But after we were about to leave the place to go to Tivoli I asked the rock chicks phone number. "Give out your number, I want to call you guys after we leave Tivoli", the rock chick giggled and said "Nooooo, but ask my friends number... trust me" So I got the number of the brunette one and my friend closed the other one. Not bad deal. I end up sleeping with her later the night, after we left Tivoli, called the girl and handled some logistical bs and just general bs and by bullshit I mean the girls locking the doors of their apartment, leaving us outside (they were roomies). Me and my wings got frustrated and left but I stayed there 5 minutes knocking on the door etc. and finally my girl let me in, with the pretense of wanting to get a glass of water cause I'm thirsty. I wasn't physical with this girl at all, didn't even kiss her until later that night, I just had the chillness and didn't qualify myself.

"You are enough as you are because you'r a man, stop acting like a chode" - Alex

I also met 2 girls on Tivoli, one I approached on the smoking section. Hang out for maybe 30 minutes, number closed. Same thing chill, laid back, not up in the face physical. Just playfully physical, littlebit of touching, touching the necklace etc. number closed before she had to leave because of her friend was also leaving.

Other one approached me next to the dancefloor, she bumped into me 2 times. I gave her some bs about that. She was looking her friends so I took her and we went out to look out for them.  Hardcore making out and pussyfingering ensued on the dancefloor. But I later lost her at some point of the night.

Prolly one of my best nights, no dramatic blow outs, just quality time with girls and prolly the first time I went out trying out Alex's stuff. It seems to work. When I've been so hardcore physical for the past half a year, I got the physical guy vibe in me and don't have to be so physical anymore, like Tyler talks about in one of his never videos. Gonna prolly go out on tuesday, Need to relax after this 5 day romp. I'm tired both physically and mentally, maybe gonna go sing some karaoke tonight to my local pub tho!
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Me and the guys head to Tivoli at about 23:00 pm, as we arrive there's not much people here yet. As were sitting on the sofas upstairs my friend tell's me that my fuckbuddy is at the same disco with her friend. Fuckin shit. Everytime I'm here she's also here. Anyway a quick short story: Few weeks back when we were at Tivoli, the same fuckbuddy was there with the same girl. Long story short we pulled both of them to my place, I fucked my girl in my bed and my friend managed to fuck the friend of my girl in my brother's bed. (Didn't write a FR of that one for some reason) And now they both are here again. This time the friend has fround herself some hipster dude. As I'm smoking a cigarette in the smoking section I manage to chat with my FB, (I'm gonna just call her WeirdoGirl from now on). We chat for alittle bit, good thing I have managed to keep my emotions off this relationship 100%. I hate when she is the same disco as me, but she is pretty open about me hitting on other girls and I don't care really. Don't know if she has any emotions for me, hope not, but as of now the relationship is pretty dead, we've fucked 3 times and I think 4th would be too much with the same girl.

Approaches for the night

2 girls chatting on the smoking section, a brunette and a blonde girl. I go in and chat with them, I opened with "Isn't lesbian love so cute?" and pointed out 2 girls making out in the middle of the smoking area. I claw the blonde, go littlebit physical with them. It's going aight, but it seems the blonde girl has a boyfriend. I focus on the brunette more after that, she's into me. As they leave the smoking section I kinda brush off the brunette one's hand and squeeze it and I get the eye's from her as they are leaving the smoking room.

2 girls sitting on the table next to the dancefloor, I went with the magical "I felt like I wanted to come talk to you guys", I claw the blonde a littlebit. I stick in the set for maybe 5 minutes, this got me going pretty well.

In the smoking area I bump into the same brunette I approached before chatting with her friend of a manatee. I go reopen with "You guys are always here?!", I claw her in and somehow the conversations leads to my cock which is fucking hard atm because she was grinding to it. Anyway the friend leaves and I makeout with the girl, after that I take both of her hands and slam them on the wall and do a proper caveman makeout. We go talk with their friend and go to the edge of the dancefloor where my WeirdoGirl is dancing. I'm pretty 98% sure that she saw us. We were making out etc. and from a bystanders point of view it looked pretty much like the girl was trying to me. I felt littlebit uncomfortable because of the vicinity of WeirdoGirl. I lead my girl to downstairs, nobody here. Go sit to the sofa with her, makeout, finger her pussy. Screen for logistics, no one night lay from this one. She's staying with her friends, no change to pull to my place. She's leaving tomorrow. Ah fuck it. We hang around for alittlebit, but I'm not gonna waste my night on this one. This one was pretty dtf but I left her with her friends 50% because of the logistics which were not the best and 50% because WeirdoGirl was in the same venue and it's not the biggest disco.

I'm start chatting with some random dude in the smoking area, when this cute littleblondie comes to talk with us. She asks all kind of questions etc. the dude leaves and I'm chatting with her for a littlebit. I bump into her later on the dancefloor and start grinding with her. Go for the makeout maybe 5 times and ran the train quiet a few times but it wasn't on with this girl, there wasn't that kind of sexual chemistry even though she was grinding on my cock pretty hard and I slapped her on the arse a few times. Logistics also sucked balls.

Also this one cute long brunette approached me on the dancefloor and bit my neck, I lifted her up and slapped her arse as a reward.

I approached few more girls on the dancefloor but they didn't go anywhere and while the club was closing I hang around littlebit with my FB aka. WeirdoGirl and I try to go to her place but she doesn't want me. I walk with her a hundred meters or so towards her place, but she tells "No you can't come to my place tonight!". Fuck this girl, it's over with this one. She's annoying, littlebit stalkerish and did I mention, littlebit off her head. I go over to my friends car and we stay awake for few more hours trying to find a place to have an afterparty but no luck. I was pissed off about this night because I threw away one pretty solid (the brunette who was leaving the next day) lay for WeirdoGirl. Fuck this shit, I need to have zero emotions in this game. Even if I have 10% feelings for the girl it's gonna fuck my head and my progress.
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I started reading nine ball again, which is a really motivating book for me when it comes to pick up. This night we went to Kuuba. 1 euro drinks for the whole night! I approached 2 girls smoking a cigarette outside, they work in Tivoli and recognized me as their customer, we chit chat for littlebit and I claw the hotter one for a moment. I go back inside where I approach this group of 5 girls by lifting one of the girls up in the air. Pretty ballsy move and as I had drinken only 2 ciders at this point I was shakin littlebit from the approach (feeling I can't remember having for a long time, good thing). The girl responded pretty good, freaked out in the beginning littlebit ofcourse but I stuck there for few mins, after that I went back to my friends. I hurt my back when doing this, don't try this at home kids!

On the smoking area I approached these 2 girls smoking a cig by just staring at them and clawing them both in, the blonde was really into me and we chatted for maybe 5 minutes, kissclosed the blonde one both were really friendly girls.

Only proper rejection I got during the night was when I approached 3 girls dancing on a circle, I approached a cute short brunette from behind, and I thought this one was gonna great but the other friend cockblocked me. I clawed the cockblock in and chatted with the group for few mins and she was laughing and stuff like that but it wasn't going anywhere with this group/girl so I ejected.

Afterwards I approached this blonde dancing with her brunette friend on the dancefloor from behind, littlebit of grinding. She freaks out a littlebit and starts telling she and her friend are lesbians. I focus on the brunette friend, claw her in. It's on with this one, the blonde cockblock gives me littlebit of bullsbit, but I manage to befriend her littlebit. I makeout with the brunette, and start heavily grinding against her. It's  totally on! I lead the girls to the higher section in the dancefloor, where we keep dancing. The girls tell me they are a having a girls night out to which I tell my usual response "Oh good because we're having a guys night out". After this I lead the brunette around every once in a while, talk with her friends every once in a while. The blonde one is pretty after the initial resistance and the girls ask if I'm single, to which I ofcourse say yes. I sticked with this girl for the rest of the night and I really can't bother writing the whole story but it had shitload of state deflations, shit tests, bullshit etc. and I survived it. I was a persistent mofo with this girl, most persistent I've ever been with any girl. I got also more drunk which affected it a littlebit. Bought maybe 5 drinks, but stole a shitload more from the tables etc. I was pretty wasted actually.

At one point I almost lost the girl when they told they were gonna go eat something and I should call the girl in 5 minutes (she gave me her number earlier). Aight after few mins, I'm getting worried, I call her. Some guy answers "Hello... hello... who is this?". It was a flake number, shit, so I tell my friend to wait here with the car and I start running towards the central park. They are waiting on the bus stop, so I go in and pull em back and offer to give em a ride home. We (the guys and the 2 girls) go eat some food at the 24/7 gas station. We give the blonde girl a ride home, so now there's me, me friend the car driver and my girl. She lives about 5 km's towards the city center so I manage to persuade my wing to give her a ride home + me. I said to the girl she can sleep on my bed also, but didn't like the idea. So we give her ride home, I start walking with her, I wave my wing goodbye. She told me that I can't come in, because it's her uncle's apartment and nobody else can stay there, bs. I tell her I'm tired, I can sleep on the bathroom floor etc. After a minute of bullshit we go into her apartment. I go straight to the bed, she wants to sleep on the sofa if I'm taking the bed. Fuck that! I carry her from the sofa to the bed.

Didn't end up having sex with this girl but so what. We stayed awake for 1 hour or so, cherished, talked, all the gay shit... I really feel I don't care about sex like I did few months ago. I've lost my horniness for the most part. It's all good! I tried to finger her tho, but she wasn't into it so much. What I've should had done was to put her hand on my cock or something like that. Anyway I wake up few times in the morning and continue sleeping. At about 14:00 she gets a call from his uncle who owns the aparment. Apparently he is coming for a visit and will be there in a few mins. So I jump out of the bed lighting fast, dress up, take my shoes in my hand and poof the  fuck outta there. I put the shoes in the stairway and head outside. Great, it was raining and I only had my t-shirt on. I go home, after I had to walk few km's to the bus stop and go to sleep. I wake up at 10 pm when my wing is calling me to ask if I'm going to the bar tonight, ofcourse I'm going =D this is the life!
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My sleep rhytm is officially fucked now. But anyway I've been up all night watching the transformations, last time I watched this was maybe 2 years ago and it really brings me back... and I've been especially focusing on the speech by Ozzie, because I've noticed that I'm not really going for the close with nearly all the girls I meet nowadays, it's really great to go back to basics every once in a while and Ozzie keeps it really simple in the speech... "Just close!" =D and hopefully has the same effect as listening some Tolle everyday or some hypnosis shit like that. Tho I don't like to read/watch much rsd stuff (especially the older material) because it fucks with my brain and gets me inside my head.

I'm gonna also start from this moment a 10 day positivity challenge after I saw Jeffy preach about it in his speech cause I've gotten this negative "All women are whores" mentality because of a few different variables I'm not gonna go into. Need to get all this negative bullshit of my brains
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 Didn't have alot of money tonight and out my buscard is out of money so I went to my local watering hole at about 12:00 pm, it's a bub filled with old barflies and of course my brother is also there. So we chill there for a bit, sing karaoke and down a beer or two. At about close to the close time (pub closes at 1:30) this fat chick came to sit with as and started talking with us. She askes us to join him to his aparment (she had beer) so me and my brother go there. Drink a few beers, chill out for alittle bit and then leave. The manatee gave us her number but neither one of us has any intention to call her back for obvious reason.

I've been reading this old journal by Brad: and alot of what he talks about in the beginning of the journal strikes a chord with me. Not having the motivation to approach girls on my average night out and when I do approach it's usually  my wing or someone else who pushed me there, but when I actually approach ofcourse the interaction goes great and I get this feeling like "wow it was this easy, what the fuck was all that approach anxiety for" even if I haven't talked to any girls at the beginning of the night. Example: I was on a foam party in one disco on thursday, I approached 1 girl maybe at 12:30 and it was already 2:30, I had also drink only one cider during the whole night. Me and my wing + one other dude chat up these chicks dancing on a higher floor and try to pull them down. We decide to go in. I open the blondie with claw + "How's it going" and she's all over me. We grind, make out, I carry her upstairs and we make out more, get her number.

I want to have consistency, not these random moments of awesomeness. I want to hit up alot of girls during the night which I have actually done alot more during the last few weeks.
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 Too bored to write a proper writeup of this night so I'm gonna do a shortened version, just so I can keep a memory of this night. We started the night drinking at a friend's place and then headed out to Miami. For maybe the first hour I was just chatting with everyone in the bar, social mingling and chilling on the terrace mostly. Approached shitload of girls in the bar, we were there maybe for a 2 hours. There was this one hot older chick I was talking to from time to time during the night and fun with, before we were leaving the bar to move to another bar I asked her number. Didn't give it, so for some unknown reason I told her "You'r a fucking whore!" and walked away. Now me and my friend are walking towards senssi, I spot this woman sitting on a bench in the central park (decent looking 27 year old milf). She makes eyes with me, I make eyes with her. She calls me up to sit with her, I can tell she's pretty fucking drunk, stoned, dtf etc. We chat there for maybe 20 mins and make out etc. as I'm living with my parents atm, and the girl was staying in her friend's apartment. So logistics sucked ass (remind myself to get an fucking apartment from downtown). I was actually thinking of dragging her to a public toilet or just do it on the lawn or some shit like that. Cause I could tell she was dtf... oh well. We go to one bar because she wanted to get a drink so badly, she pays me in. At this point I've lost my mate and I'm here solo. I notice this bar were in has alot of milfs in there, literally no women over 25 which sucks ass btw. Anyway I stay there till the close time, hit up maybe 10 different woman out there, get one makeout but really not the best looking girl. I also chat with alot of people inside the bar and dance alot. Fun times but no tonight.  First time in over a month that I went out solo into a bar and the most productive night for a long time, so freeing feeling not having to depend on anyone.

I couldn't get sleep properly on the night cause my head was just buzzing from the night, so much shit happened tonight. Everybody's chodes, fags or retards, even the women. Simple as that.
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It's the school end in Finland so the city is pretty packed, including all the bars. I head out to the city at about 9 pm, bought myself 12-pack of beer, only problem is that the battery is dead on my old nokia and I cannot reach out to anyone. So the first hour I'm just soloing trying to find a charger from a bar, which I eventually find. (thank god) So it seems that the guys are heading to Kuuba, I meet up at the front and I manage to pursuade them going to Miami, which I was in yesterday and so far it's one of the best discos I've been ever in my life! Just totally glorious.

My memory of the night is pretty bad, as I got more drunk than I was supposed to but anyway it was one of the most action packed nights I've had for a while. First girl I met was on the terrace, whom I opened with "Come talk to me, I feel lonely" or something like that. Not a really good looking girl but still a great warmup for the rest of the night, I went littlebit physical with her but she told she had a boyfriend in the bar and really wasnt my type, but fun talking partner anyway, but she was really giving my bullshit about my age (I'm 20 years old), she thought I was underage, which I take as a compliment, thank you. I've heard the age thing so many times before that it really doesnt bother me these days, but better if the girl doesnt ask that. For some reason it's easier to game girls my age or younger.

Second ones I opened were when me and my friend were sitting on the table, I went and talked to these 2 girls (one fatty, one good looking) and just vibed with them for something like 10 mins. They were laughing and stuff like that, and we talked about all kinds of cool subjects like finnish ice hockey =D

I met up with those girls littlebit later when I was sitting in the table with 2 friends and asked to come over talk with us, us 5 chatted around for maybe 20 mins and I was occasionally adventuring around the place and coming back to the table.

It's weird, I remember I had rejections this night but for the life of it I just can't remember em.

Anyway I met up with this gloriosu blonde later on the dancefloor, I told my wing to go approach her, didnt want to I went in with "How are you doing + the claw!", blew wide open! With this girl I ended up chatting for about 20 mins or so. After she went to look for her friends, I just wanted to solo around the club so didnt want to follow her. I later met up with the girl on the terrace when she was sitting there with her friends but this time she wasnt so receptive. Prolly because of her friends who were btw fucking annyoying bitches who gave me some bs. and later I met up with her just before she was leaving waiting next to the toilets. As my phone had no battery I just gave her my number for the heck of it.

After some soloing I went to these 2 girls on the dancefloor, proper creepy man grinding style from behind. The girls gave my some bs that I should go find another girl "the bar is full of em" and pointed three girls dancing just next to us. Aight fine. I went to this brunette from behind, spinned her to face me, lifted her up and madeout with her right there next to her friends, all this happened at maybe a span of 4 seconds. Then I started carrying her upwards through the table area all the way to the toilet, making out with her in the meanwhile. But as this place was packed and the toilets were fucking full, so no bathroom pull tonight for me. I started chatting with the girl, she gave my some bs about trying to fuck her in the toilet, I led her to terrace where we smoked cigarette, hang out for a while, after that I led her to buy some drinks (she paid my whisky cola!) and she noticed that most of her friends had left so after the second cigarette we decided to leave to her place as she was living few hundred meters away from the bar... glory times ensued! This girl was so far most horniest I've ever met (she came into sheets 5 seconds of me fingering her). I took her fb and headed to home at about 11 am with a slight hangover

sidenote: Just noticed there's once common demoninator with most if not all of my lays including this one. Fingering the girl inside the bar, either properly finger inside the or dry fingering her through the panties. I need to start doing this shit more, doing this + putting the girls hand to my cock buts me into a super sexual state, and the girl too hopefully. Get fingering or go to a jail trying!
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 We went to Senssi which is a bar I literally hate, cannot stand this place and it was a useless night for me. I dont care if I get rejected for the whole night but if I dont approach girls it's useless night for me. I'm not playing to my standards. Really didnt feel motivated this night for some reason, I felt like I had masturbated 20 times before going to the bar or something. I approached few girls smoking a cigarette outside one bar at the beginning of the night and then approached 2 girls on the dancefloor at the end of the night just for the sake of it so it wouldnt had been a totally useless night. But I had fun for most part. 

Pretty useless blog update but just wanted to get this in anyway
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 Tonight was a total adventure! At the beginning of the night we head out to Ale-bar to get some cheap drinks. There my wing challenged me to approach some dancing in the dancefloor (she had a great body). I've been recently doing alot of this where before you approach you kinda let the fear build up and listen to your thoughts going through (havent had many thoughts running in my head in recent days tho). I did and sticked to my 2 minutes but I noticed she was older than I thought and not that pretty face, but anyway I danced there and after I felt really fucking great. I kinda shifted immediately from yuck state to a more fluid one. I really wasnt even feeling like going to a bar tonight but thats the good thing with your wingmen, theyre out there to drag you out there if nothing else works!

We head out to Kuuba where I have been prolly few times before. This night was totally great, I didn't have any state deflations or nothing like that. My state basically was the same for the whole evening, like a flat line, no matter what happened. I was really fucking centered and I've also been working on my mindless approaching habits, aka. approaching girls for the sake of approaching... tonight I didn't have any of those. I approached with kind of an goal in mind. I approached one girl dancing with her friend on the dancefloor, can't remember what I said but it was basically the most chode kind of conversation you can imagine (really doesnt matter) with some randomness into it. No need to be a fucking verbal ninja when talking to girls, even the basic conversation is enough. My wing started dancing with the other girl and we were hitting of great, doing alot of grinding and stuff like that. After she lost her friends I took her phonenumber in case I'd lost her and went looking for em with the girl. (Taking the phonenumber in a high point is soo important) I also made out with her, when I went to smoke a cigarette and left her to look for her friends.

All the approaches I did tonigth followed the same scale, I kinda let the fear build up and wait for a littlebit before approaching, and the 3 second rule is just total mental masturbation. The girl is gonna react the sameway no matter how long you wait as long as you dont go inside your head or chode around the girl with your drink pressed against the chest. I did maybe 10 approaches tonight and no rejections. I end up with 1 fb and 1 phonenumber, really wasnt awesome night in terms of concrete results but I had the most fun I've had in months and really felt fucking relaxed. I also did some dancing on the tables and stuff like that naturally.

The night was really crazy and it also included a fight in a pizzeria, where one friend of mine who works there got into a fight with another worker. Got back to home maybe at about 5:30 in the morning, glorious! I only drank 3 drinks the whole night, 1 Bacardi, 1 Beer and 1 Energy drink. Alcohol is total bs, I do better without it. Im proud of myself. Girls dont usually reject guys who have the balls to approach sober (or close to it)
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