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Went to Miami on 16.6 and 17.6 aka. thursday and friday. The bar scene in Tampere was pretty dead during these 2 days because of people going to provinssi rock festival or something like that. Those 2 nights in were pretty chode result wise, but still I managed to keep the romp going and did some useless approaches.

Saturday was a real productive night. I've been reading alot of stuff from Alex and the stuff he teaches, especially the success stories and learned alot from those. So I decided to go with his style more than the usual cave mannin and hardcore physical stuff I've been doing for the past 7 months. What did I learn... this stuff actually works. I had the focus on tonight. Drank 1 beer and 1 bottle of Tuborg lime cut.

I did three proper approaches tonight all of them went great.

First one was on the ale bar, I went to talk these 2 girls whom I've been eyeing for a littlebit, brunette and rock chick. I clawed the both in and opened with "I hate Bon Jovi, I think he's gay". Hooked after 10 seconds in and I had to calibrate a littlebit by taking my arm of the rock chick and focusing more on the brunette. First I was trying to hit up rock chick and my friend occupied the brunette one. But after we were about to leave the place to go to Tivoli I asked the rock chicks phone number. "Give out your number, I want to call you guys after we leave Tivoli", the rock chick giggled and said "Nooooo, but ask my friends number... trust me" So I got the number of the brunette one and my friend closed the other one. Not bad deal. I end up sleeping with her later the night, after we left Tivoli, called the girl and handled some logistical bs and just general bs and by bullshit I mean the girls locking the doors of their apartment, leaving us outside (they were roomies). Me and my wings got frustrated and left but I stayed there 5 minutes knocking on the door etc. and finally my girl let me in, with the pretense of wanting to get a glass of water cause I'm thirsty. I wasn't physical with this girl at all, didn't even kiss her until later that night, I just had the chillness and didn't qualify myself.

"You are enough as you are because you'r a man, stop acting like a chode" - Alex

I also met 2 girls on Tivoli, one I approached on the smoking section. Hang out for maybe 30 minutes, number closed. Same thing chill, laid back, not up in the face physical. Just playfully physical, littlebit of touching, touching the necklace etc. number closed before she had to leave because of her friend was also leaving.

Other one approached me next to the dancefloor, she bumped into me 2 times. I gave her some bs about that. She was looking her friends so I took her and we went out to look out for them.  Hardcore making out and pussyfingering ensued on the dancefloor. But I later lost her at some point of the night.

Prolly one of my best nights, no dramatic blow outs, just quality time with girls and prolly the first time I went out trying out Alex's stuff. It seems to work. When I've been so hardcore physical for the past half a year, I got the physical guy vibe in me and don't have to be so physical anymore, like Tyler talks about in one of his never videos. Gonna prolly go out on tuesday, Need to relax after this 5 day romp. I'm tired both physically and mentally, maybe gonna go sing some karaoke tonight to my local pub tho!
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