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Gonna vent out some ideas here as I'm bored and not going out tonight, mostly this is for myself but if anyone is reading this then kudos for you.
I've been re-watching the blueprint and past week or 2, reached the final day now and really sucking in all that Tyler has to share in the blueprint, amazing work and I've gotten shitload of new realizations from this and kinda just absorbing the vibe that this program has. Whether it's infield-applicaple can be debated or not, who cares. Last time I watched this one was about 6 months ago and during this and last time I've gotten numerous lays, shitload of rejections and most of all a FUCKLOAD of reference experience and I'm glad I had the balls to go for them.. wouldn't change any of it. I was only dreaming about this 1 year ago, going out hardcore, getting a lay there and here and having this much fun and practically living in this dynamic reality with so much bullshit and new stuff thrown at me all the time.. and actually as of writing this I understand how lucky I am.

I'm was just watching the part where Tyler is talking about how you can not be self conscious when learning this stuff and he made the great reference to little baby who's trying to learn to walk.. the baby falls over, hits the wall, falls down the stairs etc. but still keeps going for it and eventually learns it, everybody has been through that.
Learning pickup is 10x easier than learning to walk but people still tend to struggle with it. When you go out in the field you cannot be stuck in your head, just go through the process and eventually you will sort it out... Tyler has the term of reactive vs proactive pickup strategy, which really fits great in here. Just go out and hit up on chicks, simple as that. Every interaction is different and that's why can't be thinking of this stuff, it's an instict and every approach you make is gonna get closer to that natural state of being, both longterm and short-term
Another one of my favourites which I forgot is the analogy which Tyler made about going through the actions and 'getting into state'.. you'r ego is like the annoying friend with the flight manual and you yourself is the annoying friend who is going to fly the plane, eventually your ego is gonna give you the fucking manual and you'r gonna fly the plane
Sometimes in the disco or bar or wherever I am to practice this stuff, I get the feeling like why the fuck am I going to these places and hitting on random chicks, it's so weird.. WRONG.. that's the chump side of me who's trying to chode it out. The CHAMP side in me is the guy who says "Why not??!".. were in a club, might aswell get some shit done, or do I rather wanna spend the night with the drink pressed up against my chest.. do I wanna have a sex with a girl or go home alone.. put your fucking ego out of the equation, rejections don't really matter. There's a reason why they call this whole pickup thing a 'game'
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After my trip in Helsinki I was sick for one week, which was a downer. No going out when your sick, it's only gonna lengthen the sickness time... I've been going out since the monday when I got back to Tampere, six days in a row and if there's no action in the central, prolly gonna go to a local pub and do some karaoke. Gonna write up the last to nights littlebit later, cause they were more action packed, aka. friday and saturday.

Mental copulation times before dwelving on the field reports:

For this week I've been focusing on my tonality ALOT. Like really getting the breaking rapport tonality handled and when attached with a little smirk of positivity this stuff is fucking golden. Consistent opening for the win! I don't really count this stuff but this week most girls have opened really fucking well, because of the tonality and it also puts everyone in the few meter radius to spectator mode. Just pure gold. A great memo before going out is to be LOUD AS FUCK. Just repeat that mantra in the head.

Also I've really noticed within the past months between approaching and actually being a fucking closer machine. For the first few hours of the night it's ok to go talk to girls, just for the fact that you wanna be social and get the night rolling.. but at some point you got to put on a gameface, cross the threshold of being social and woo, to actually being a sexual guy. For the first hours of the night, I usually go with minimal physicality, handshaking, highfives, hugs etc. but towards the end of the night you gotta start going with more hardcore physicality, neck biting, lifting the girl up, claw etc. and that's a threshold you gotta cross every night. From woo to intent, otherwise no vagina. Doesn't mean you gotta be a caveman but it means you gotta have that physical, sexual vibe atleast. It also means more blowouts, but that's the game.


Monday and tusday were nights. Went to this place called Fatlady, which is a new disco in Tampere. On weekdays it's really small, and some gaydude was hitting on me. A tip for beginners btw, if some guy is buying you drinks, it means he's hitting on you and wants to get you drunk... free drinks for everyone! I approached during those 2 days, got a phonenumber of this one girl on tuesday whom I winged for my friend. A great text comeback to any shit test is "I also love Winnie the Pooh!".

Wednesday was total fiasco, no proper disco was open, we went to Ruma, I drank some longisland ice tea from a can. Then we went to look for a better place, nope.. nothing. I think I approached one girl walking by the terrace with "Oi! Minger!"

Thursday went to local pub, because of the logistical issues. Really just a chill night, unfortunately.
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Aight it was monday and apparently Glowingnimbus (can't remember his full profilename) was travelling around europe and was coming to Helsinki for 1 night so I meet up with him around 11 o'clock in the evening. We decide to go to Ale-Bar because it's great there in monday nights and tonight was the Rihanna gig on the beach so alot of beautiful people coming there after the show..

Glowingnimbus has taken 2 bootcamps with Nathan before and really showed up in his vibe, he had this cool dominant chill vibe in him. Anyway were downing beers there and Nathan asks me if they take credit card in taxis there, I don't know so I go ask these 2 girls sitting the table next to us. I walked there only few meters, but as I was doing the walkup I remember this like it was yesterday, it was like the girls face lit up as I looked her while walking there, and her pupils went really huge, holy shit that was so cool. I chatted with them for few mins and apparently they were surprise... from Russia, yay! I quess Helsinki has become a province of Russia or something like that.

I go back in to talk with Nimbus, we walk around, I smoked a cigarette. Then we went to dancefloor, the russian blonde girl is dancing there with her brunette russian friend. So we go in and just somehow, like unconsciously I manage to lock in with the blonde one and going really physical with her and shes loving it. This was my 5th day in the bar in a row and I could notice it, I was chill, relaxed and felt like the man all night long. I end up spending the rest of the night with this girl, after maybe 30 mins to the interaction, I had been neck biting her and going for the makeout, gotten the yellow light a few times, she takes my hand, leads me behing a wall few meters away and makes out with me so her friend doesnt see, beautiful.

Nimbus had some action going with few different girls this night and he also was winging me and chatting up the brunetteruskie in different points of the night. He also blew some dancychodes towards the end, represent! There was only one logistical issue which kinda blew the afterparty out of the picture. The girls had to catch a flight to Malaga in few hours, but anyway my girl was really dtf, fuck me eyes and everything but the social pressure with the friend played into the issue. Nimbus did everything in his power to caveman the friend out of the way and he did good job and actually they ended up socialising pretty well at about 4 o'clock next to the trainstation but it was not happening tonight. So off to sleep we went

Glorynight anyway. My state was pretty much flatline all through the night and no outcome dependancy of any sorts, I'm moving in the right direction here.
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This song really doesn't have anything to do with anything, but wanted to put in here to make this blog update more exciting.

Contrast to the previous night, this was chill night. It was the last night for Professor Hughes, so him, me and Voeoe go out with plan to go Tiger but it was literally the longest line I've ever seen in my life so instead we decide to go the good ol' Ale-Bar. Really this bar should start paying some promotion fees, seeing as it pops up alot in mine, Luvigs and Voeoe's field reports and btw if you're ever in Helsinki go in there, great place...

Anyway, it was chill times in Ale. Some random social mingling, nothing too exciting. Voeoe has to leave to catch the bus around 1 am. Me and Hughes stay there for alittlebit more and leave, it was sunday anyway. Didn't really learn anything this night other than there's no excuse not to be social with random people in the bar. Really it was too boring, but I don't mind chilling times, it's nice to just have few beers in the bar if it doesn't become a habit
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Started the night with Professor Hughes, we drank some vodka in the park, went to talk to this group of ten or so beautiful women there. They were cool and apparently having some kind of birthday. After Voeoe showed up, we also did some polehumping in the park.

We went to Onnela, I started approaching from the beginning of the night. Some women were cool some not, after some time I go with Hughes to this one girl dancing with her friend at the edge of the dancefloor, proper caveman/ man to woman/ dick to vagina way. We said stuff like "Were gonna get blown out" or "This is gonna be awkard" to eachother all night long, just for fun. Long story short I end up chatting and making out with the red haired russian and Hughes is chatting the blonde one. There was communication problems because the redhaired one didn't speak english and littlebit of finnish and the blonde one spoke pretty much only russian. Anyway, we bounce to the hotel with Hughes and the 2 girls to drink some vodka and my girl is into me, so I'm like game over biatches!... Nope. After sometime the russians get really weird, they start bouncing around the hotel, talking to the cellphones and soon the whole thing turns to a fucking nightmare, I don't have any idea what the fuck is happening. I had a decent change to lay my girl in the elevator but did not do it because I thought the floor or the bathroom would be a better choice.

After sometime of this fucking russian circus, Hughes has to go to sleep so he kicks us out of the room. Off we go to the street, I really should had fucking left the girls at this point and went to some bar or meet up with the other guys or some shit like that. We go to pizzeria and while were in there the girls just suddenly poof out. I'm fucking pissed now, like literally I felt like breaking a window or some shit like that. Never been this pissed in my life, you should had been there yourself to understand what the fucking fiasco this whole trip was.

Anyway I go back to Ludvigs apartment, one friend comes there with his Helsinki fuckbuddy or some shit like that. I'm still pissed off so I drink the rest of the vodka (about 1/5 or 1/6 litre) in one go, wrestle in the sofa with my buddy and go meet up with another mate and go do some drunken daygame with him in the train station. It was about 6 o'clock in the morning or some shit like that, so it was fun atleast!

Total adventure night... what I learned? The game is not over until you put your fucking dick inside the vagina, then it's game over, especially if the girl is getting some random phonecalls in russian.
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I meet up with Professor Hughes in the park, he is hangign out with few girls, I go in and join him. We stay there for maybe 5 mins taking pics etc. but the girls are really cold. After that we go talk to 2 17 year old girls, they were pretty cool, we shoot the shit, take some more pictures and after that meetup with Voeoe, head out to hotel and then to Ludvigs apartment. 2 of my mates have arrived from Tampere and apparently they have set up a base camp there so we drink few shots and then start moving of to Herkku, which was packed tonight.

We started the night out with some karaoke and social mingling. The first approach I think I made inside the disco was this group of 5 or 7? girls. I go in the middle, do a stupid dance there, some fistpumping and they start cheering. I go physical with one blonde girl, and grind with her, after sometime I lift her up and now the friends are high fiving me for some reason. That got me warmed up for the rest of the night, proper Ozzie style teeth

I go talk to these 2 girls, one good looking blonde and one fatty. The fatty is a good singer tho, anyway I think I hang out with them for 5 minutes, go sing a song and go hang out with them for few more mins. I try to go physical with the blonde but it's only the beginning of the night so she's not feeling it.

I think I was hanging out with Hughes by the bar when I spot this small blondie girl, I pull from her hair and for the first 10 seconds she's pretty shocked but warms up soon and we chat out with her alittle bit. I love the 2 hour rule, because it really takes the pressure of the approaches at the beginning of the night, should do that every night. Only goal is to go talk to girls, no trying to game them. You put on the game face on at maybe between 1 or 2 o'clock am. Social mingling deluxe..

I also do some random socialising in the smoking rooms, but can't remember a shit from those.

I start to pump up the escalation at around midnight, lots of dancefloor game, lots of blowouts, lots of fun.

At around 00:45 I go to this cute small blondie on the dancefloor, and lift her up, makeout with her, dance there for few mins with her, my friend goes to talk to the brunette friend. I carry her to the smoking are.. this seems to be my trademark move these days or something... Gotten laid like this 4 or 5 times this year, glorious, but I only do this when I'm in a proper physical irrelevant state. I smoke a cigarette with her, then lead her to the sofa near the smoking section. Makeout with her, and out of the blue I use this line: "You have no idea what I want to do you", girl: "What?", "I want to lock you up in my room for few weeks and only let you out for the basic hygienig needs and eating, after that I'm gonna release you back to the wilds". Thanks for Brad and Jeffy for this one.

I carry her back downstairs because she tells me she wants to dance for alittlebit, I also work out the logistics littlebit. Middleway through I notice my sleave is wet, "Did you vomit on me?!", she says no. Dunno if she vomited on me or somebody poured a drink accidentally on my shirt. Beer and vomit smells the same, can't know the difference. We dance for alittle bit, then I say to her at about 1 am that I'm hungry. Let's go to McDonalds. Off we go, smallcutieblond gets her coat and purse of the cloakroom. We head outside and after some walking I say to her. "Actually I don't wanna go to McDonalds, it's expensive there at this time, but I think I left a pizza to my friends apartment. Let's go eat that". We walk for 1 km, take the tram to Ludvigs apartment.

When we get there we smoke a cigarette on the balcony, there's a mattress on the balcony so I start making out with her, after that I carry her to the sofabed inside. Keep making out and the girl asks me "Do you have a condom", ofcourse. Keep making out until the girl vomits while I try to take off her panties. Great.. so now I clean up the vomit from my shirt, sofa, and the floor. Just the big chunks, I'm not too accurate about this stuff. After she comes back from the bathroom it's sextimes. First time I took viagra, it was amazing. My dong was like a weapon of mass destruction, no whisky dick this time. I could had poked the girls eye out with this thing. After this we go to sleep, but the night is not over yet.

At about 4 am my friend calls me that they are outside and I need to come open the door, fuck, it's a small apartment. I go down, I notice that they have managed to bring 2 girls with them. Fuck, it's gonna get tight in here. We go inside, they turn on the lights, put on the music and start drinking. There goes my good nights sleep. After they go to the balcony I have sex with my girl, after we finish up and try to get some sleep my friends start playing music and making noise in the balcony. I get pissed off, go up there and yell "Shut the fuck up, you wanna see my cock?!", I pull out my dong in front of my 2 friends and those 2 girls. The look on the girls face was really the best thing that has happened on my life, cannot really describe that. After that I go back to sleep and try to act like I didnt just pull out my dick in front of 4 people. Cannot get sleep, have sex 1 more time with the girl while my friend sleeps 5 cm next from us, thanks to Viagra, it was still hard as fuck.

Oh yea, and Ludvig also took a picture of me having sex with the girl, no genitals were shown, but still a pretty good picture and I think everybody in the room saw that pic.

This was prolly the most fun and weird night in my life so far and wanted to write this so I can show it to my grandchildren someday. I hope I didn't forget any bits here
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 This was my second day in Helsinki and I was hanging out with Voeoe adventuring round Helsinki. We met up with Professor Hughes from the forum, who is travelling around Europe and arrived Helsinki. We were drinking in the park and I open these 2 girls with my opener "Heyy gaals how you doin", they come to talk with us and we chit chat with them for some time. After that we head out to hotel to get some vodka, then I think we head out to Onnela (? my memory is not so good after few weeks). Place is dead, we do some karaoke and the karaoke dj actually still remembers me from few months back when I was there, cool guy. After that we bounce out to Ale Bar where we do some random social mingling with the girls, alot of the great interactions there, cannot remember a shit.

After Ale Bar we head out back to Onnela, Voeoe has to leave so it's me and Hughes now in the Onnela, I was choding out there but he seemed to be doing aight with some girl until she got pissed for some reason, dunno. We leave the place, head out to some open air terrace which is filled with people. I approach one cutie there, says she has a boyfriend in the toilet. Talk with her a little bit and then I go approach these 3 girls sitting on the table with Hughes. Just some random chatting for maybe 10 minutes until they leave, everyone was too tired at this point to make any kind of civilized conversation but was great nonetheless.

After Hughes left to go sleep back to hotel I started walking towards train station, I approached these 2 girls walking the same way, they were littlebit bitchy and after that I was purposely pissing them off because I didn't like the way they acted. After I spot this one blonde rocker chick, I go talk with her, go littlebit physical with her, hugging, high fiving etc. We talk about rock music for a bit. I makeout with her and she bites my bottom lip really fucking hard, it went numb, crazy girl. I try to pull her to Ludvigs apartment but she says she has to go meet some gay dude she hasn't seen in a longtime, take her phonenumber and give her a goodbye kiss... off to sleep.

If I would had been littlebit more physical it would had been possible to pull her because she was kinda 50/50, but didn't do it. Live and learn, fun social night anyway and almost an adventure.
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 Time to update the blog again.. I've been pretty sick since tuesday and would had prolly written this earlier but whatchagonnado.

I promised my wing back in Tampere that while I'm in Helsinki I'm gonna approach atleast 20 chicks per night or I'm gonna give him one euro for every girl I did not hit on. Not sure if I met my quota but got pretty damn close to it. I did this because I've had some weird problem with AA which I thought would be gone by now, but it never gets easier, you just have to hit up those few warmup sets at the beginning of the night or it's gonna be chody times for the rest of the night or atleast have fun with your buddies instead of value scanning all night long.

10.8 Wednesday

I took a train from Tampere to Helsinki, left my bags at the luggage holding area in the train station, met up with Voeoe after that, did some random social mingling in the streets. We headed to park to do some drinking. I go approach this group of 5 or so girls, chat up with them for maybe 5 mins. We head out to karaoke bar where I unintentionally slaughter the song by Mayer "Your body is a wonderland". 1 or 2 approaches there. I also buy myself a glorious black collar shirt, which I'm prolly gonna wear for the next 6 months just because it looks so fucking awesome. At the start of night we head out to El Rio (aka. Ale-Bar), don't remember if I did any approaches there, actually I don't remember almost anything from this night. We get the stamp and head out to Amarillo, down a few beers there.

At about 1 am Voeoe has to leave to catch the last bus. I was thinking of leaving also but fuck it, decide to go back in to Amarillo. I talked to few girls over there, at about maybe 2 am I meet this brunette chick outside on the smoking area who is hanging with some other girl there. I say that I'm out here solo and she goes "Wow! Me too!, amazing" to which I responded something like "Oh wow, we're like made for each other". She was hanging with some random girl she met just that night. I go for the makeout and a makeout it is. I was hanging out with the girl for pretty much the rest of the night, did some social mingling with some other people and this was also the first time I bought girl a drink (something like 1.5 euros, meh, not bad) and she earned it.

After the bar closes I pull her to Ludvigs apartment, "Yo! My friend has an apartment nearby, let's go there". We take a cab, I have to pay for it because she had no money. In the apartment she pretty much goes to sleep right away, aka. passes out. I get some LMR and try to push past it but no worky. She tells me she's on a period or some shit like that. She did stroke my cock off for a littlebit, really didn't seem to bother her.

Ah well, I cuddle with her for sometime, take a pic of her ass and get to sleep. Great night, really wasn't expecting anything.
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Haven't been updating this blog for a while, nothing too exciting has happened since the last time I wrote here. I was sick for 1 whole week after my last update, after that I lost some momentum and really started going out properly last week.

Good news is I finally reached one of my goals. I'm now officially emotionally dead, let's hope this lasts. I've had a nice little trip with the girl I fucked on weed, met up with her again last wednesday. There's not too much emotions in this relationship, we have this cool mutual sexual hippy kind of connection, but nothing too love bullshit is involved. Also for the past week I've really been the most centered I've ever been in my life, dunno why but even in the club I'm so centered people think I'm either smoking weed or a complete retard.

Bad news is I've been choding littlebit too much in the clubscene, haven't had money for alcohol and can't remember last time I got drunk. I'm getting money today, gonna get drunk soon. Need to start approaching properly again, like I've been doing pretty consistently for the past 8 months.

Again this cool article by Alex is something I really can identify with Especially this little part: "As though they were above the game. They neglect to approach, no one knows just how cool they are as they keep it bottled up inside of them, resting on their laurels. Don’t play by the rules and you’re not in the game."

Action is all you need
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 I was supposed to write up this blog entry earlier but my internet is broken now so I have to use the internet in the library which is actually a good thing. My time on the internet is much more focused and I have more time to do things I love aka. playing the guitar.

A day after my birthday this one girl I met about a month ago texted me if I'm gonna come to a bar tonight. (I wrote an FR about it from 18.6.) I said no because I had to play the little good wingman I am and entertain the fatty, while 2 of my friends bang some other girls they met on the bar on my birthday in his apartment. Woo! Non glory times. 14.7 was shit night, fatties should be banned.

Anyway onto 15.7 I call the girl and tell her that I got some weed (she never tried it and really wanted to try it). I tell her she should meet me later in my friends apartment. It's a date! So I go buy some booze from the store and go to my friends apartment. There was the girl + me + my friend. I tried to hook up my friend with the roomie of my girl but apparently the roomie was on some other city, bad luck. The girl arrived there about 8 pm, havent seen this girl for over a month but she has been texting me maybe once a week. When I go pick her up from the bus stop the attraction is still there, we makeout and I lead her to my friends apartment. We start drinking some alcohol, go meet up with the weed dealer, buy 1 gram and start smoking it. I have my guitar there also, guitar + weed + girls = winning combination! Fast forward few hours, me and my girl go to my friends bed, I finger her, every few mins, she takes off my hand but I can see a mile away that this is just token resistance. After some time she lets me finger her properly and maybe 5 minutes after that she asks if I have a condom. After that it's just glory times, weed makes having sex so much more fun. This chick smoked weed the first time ever and got some cock as a bonus, win-win!
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