My Journey To Become A Natural

I went out to Barrymores tonight and met up with two guys from the community. I decided to try something different: not trying to get in state. So, instead of listening to music on my to the club, I listened to nothing. Once I got it, I didn't try to pump my state it artificially by clapping my hands and yelling profanities. Instead, I casually checked my coat, grabbed a drink and chilled by the bar for about 10 minutes till my face and hands warmed up from the cold wind that was howling outside (got to love winter in Canada).

I started approaching with my usual, "Hi"....and then saying the fist thing that pops into my head. I saw a girl trying to call someone on her phone, but evidently nobody was picking up, so I went up to her with my phone and started talking. Lol, she picked up her phone and started replying as if we were talking on the phone. She said, " are really smooooth!", but I choded myself out a couple of minutes later by not escalating the conversation or going anywhere physically. So, she politely excused myself, but gave me credit for trying. Next!

The two guys I met up with wanted to go on the dance-floor and practice "dance-floor game", so I just went with it and shook my but a little to the groove 90's music...haha. What is dance-floor game anyway? I have never ever had a successful interaction when approaching a girl dancing with trying to grind on her. Sometimes, I would approach dancing chicks, but I wouldn’t dance, instead I will talk. And maybe, 5-10 min later we'll start dancing. What I prefer the most, which usually yields the most results for me is to open a girl at the bar, chat for a bit, and then go and dance. Those have been my most solid approaches.

Around 12:45, the guys decided to head out, but I was just getting better, so I stayed. Once they were gone, I didn't talk to anyone for about 20 min and got inside my head so much so that I was paralysed a couple of times. But, I overcame that psychological paralysis and went up to a blonde girl on the dance-floor. I went straight for her, the red sea of chodes and friends parting as I got to her. Then, I grab her neck and pull her in close to my mouth and say, "Hey, you are cute!" and BAM! the set blew wide open. 5 minutes later we are vibing, kissing, grinding. She's visiting friends and leaving tomorrow morning, she tells me this without me prompting her. It's ON! Knowing that I have the girl ready to leave with me, I go to make friends with her company. I introduce myself, chat for a bit, then ask politely to take their friend to bar with me. They agree, and we go by the bar, where we proceed to make out sexy times. So, the next step is take her home, but I have never pulled a girl from a pub on the same night we met, so I didn't know what to do and was hesitant to try anything. My dilemma was solved when her cousin came in and yanked my girl out of my arms. It was disheartening to see her go because it was such a solid, fun, cool interaction and we both knew that we wanted to do it. But, girls will not betray their friends or appear sluts in front of them. So, despite my best efforts (I went back to the group later), it was a no go..."She just wanted to dance with her friends, but I was a really cool guy". Damn :(

The good thing that came out of this whole thing was that I got into state and felt a lot more at ease and less pressured to do anything and just be. So, I went and approached another blond cutie by the bar. We got talking, and I pulled her to the dance floor where we got some touching and feeling going to some disco music...I got her number and we made plans to go skating on the Canal sometime this or next week. She said that she is sort of seeing someone and in response I said that it was not a big deal. I'll take your number and call you and if you feel like going out, we'll go out, and if you don't, we won' expectations. I think she really liked that as our interaction became a lot more genuine thereafter. We talked for another 5-10 minutes on the dance floor (I really can't tell how long my interactions are going on for because my watch is broken and I never look at my cell for the tine) and I told her that I had to go back to my friends and that I'll see her later.

Right after, I saw this brunette sitting and not doing anything in particular while 3 of her friends were dancing around. I went up to her, introduced myself, and we got a really nice conversation and touching going. She was really into me and it was just a matter of time at this point. But, before I could even suggest that we hit up the dance-floor, her sister almost got physical on me. I will never raise my hand towards a woman, but man I was tempted to smack her. My girl goes on to apologize that her sister is being drunk and jealous and as I am going to tell her that she should "go to the washroom" as a pretext to get away from her friends so that her and I can be alone and get to know each other a little more, the other two cockblocks come in and yank her out of arms...again. Damn, twice in one night! What the heck is going on?

Any of you guys have had similar experiences? How have you solved the problem of militant female cockblocks? Your thoughts, comments, and criticisms are always welcomed and encouraged.

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I haven't updated this blog for a couple of months now, but I've still be going out strong and putting myself out there.

Last night's debacheries, however, re-inspired me to post it up here for other's to read and for myself to read and laugh at in the future when I grow old and silly. 

I have no idea what is going on, but I am attracting all these weirdo club girls as of lately. I mean, the girls that I bring home (scored twice in the past two months and a few "almost there") have had some series psychological issues.

Two weeks ago, I was down on this girl that I've been seeing for 3 weeks and after she came, she says, "Wonna have sex?". My responce of course was, "Let me grab a condom". " No, it's ok, I have these new ones, here use this" and hands me a condom. Well, it is all going well, and as I am just about to put in her, her roommate comes home. My girl, starts to freak out. "Ohh shit, my roommate is home". Then starts crying and saying, "God, I am such a and I am ruining everything". Now, I am still standing there with my dick in my hand and thinking, "WTF is going on?". Needless to say, my dick went limb. So, I think of the best way to handle this is and I decide that she clearly has issues with sex and being supportive and understanding is the best thing I can do for her. I really liked this girl, so I thought, ok maybe I should just be there for her and I'll have sex with her another time.

Well, she ended up dumping me a week ago saying, "She doesn't see where this is going and wants to be single and have fun". I have no idea where this came from because I never hinted that I wanted a relationship. Regardless, the lesson I took was that she was not comfortable having sex with her roommate in the same house. Next time, I am going to go for the pull, I will try to gauge the comfort level of the girl and see if I need to isolate properly and then do it or just go for it on the kitchen table...haha.

So, this brings me to last night's adventruries. I got this girl's number 2 weeks ago and we've been texting back and forth and what not. Somehow, I ended up running into her last night and we picked up where we left off two weeks ago. At about 1:20AM, the bouncers kick her out for showing signs of intoxication. Her friend had left us two because it was clearly on, so now I have the dilemma of staying with the girl or staying in the club. I say to myself, a real man will not abondan a drunk girl (There was no way that I would have gonne for sex at this point with her). Once outside, I'm trying to figure out what to do with her. I was thinking of getting her a cab, but she has no cash on her, is really messed up, and I am not going to pay for her to get home. I try to call her friend, but a cabby picks up and says that her friend has forgotten her cell phone in the car. So clearly, I am the only one that can take care of this girl at this point. I don't know how to describe it, but she was clearly fucked up. At one point, I concluded that she must have taken some really strong drugs because she would verbalize every thought that came into her head. To top it all off, her period also came as we were sitting at the dinner. And she starts flipping out and going nuts, making a huge scene. Damn, I am never going back to this place again (atleast until they forget my face). In anycase, after two hours of trying to find her a ride home, I had to do what I didn't want to do. I took money out of the ATM and payed for cab. 

3 weeks, 2 psychoslogically fucked up chicks. So this got me thinking, how am I manifesting this shit? I've been thinking positive thoughts and have dealt with most psychological issues of mine and yet I keep attracting the worst of the worst from Ottawa's clubs. I am not a hundrend percent sure what to do about this issue. I think I will try to screen better for any weirdos, but its hard to tell, even after several dates. Have any of you guys been through something like this? I'd apprciate all and any opinions.

As for the rest of the night, I did two approaches. Both didn't go very well. But, my second approach was noteworthy. I was drinking my water at the bar and I see this hottie across chatting with her friend. She glances over at me, holds my eye contact, and looks down and goes back to chatting with her friend. It was the clearest  "C'MON", I have ever seen (or rather noticed). As soon as I went over to her and her friend, she proceeds with all these rapport seeking questions (Where are you from? Do you go to OttawaU? I go to Ottawa myself, etc). If I weren't so keen on sticking to telling funny stories, it would have been on. But, I had no way of knowing until I thought about this carefully today that she basically skipped most steps and went right into vibing and trying to qualify her self to me without me having to do anything. I guess she was really horny or I was just money...hehe. 

Alright, that's it from me for now. Stay tuned for more reports to come in the future.

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After a 3-day pause, I got my balls back and went out.

After Action Review:

I’ve been a super-duper good mood all day aka state because I was living through my intentions and living up to my potential. So, it wasn’t that hard to get myself dressed and go out and have fun.

I decided to go back to Lobby because it’s a high class venue with a lot of classy people and almost all of the girls are gorgeous there. However, I wore my timberlands and that was against the dress code policy, so the bouncer gave me shit and didn’t let me in. I probably should have tried to befriend him, because he let me in last week when I was wear snickers, but I decided to let it go and go to another place.

I see that there is no line in front of Industry, so I go in and the night begins very well. Some promo girls by the door give me free drinking tickets and take a photo with me. Yes! I go to get my coat checked and immediately open up the people in front of me. The girls were initially interested in chatting me up, but slowly the interaction died out.

After I got my coat checked, I went to the bar to cash in on my free drinking tickets and while waiting in the line made small talk with some girls. Out of no where, some big guy comes up to me and asks, “Do you think men are equal to women?”. I reply with, “Nah…” He ends up giving me props and calling me, “My Man” and completely manhandling and AMOG me. The guy had so much confidence about him it was surreal, but at the same time I didn’t see him approach a single girl while we were at the bar, so clearly it was just a front.

I meet up with my buddy Jack, who arrived late, and we go to the dance floor. On my way there, I open a 2 set and get talking. The girls were neutral and after about 5 minutes I lost my patience and ejected. Then, another 2 set and the same thing happened.

We get to the dance floor and I see a couple of fatties dancing. On top of being 250 pounds and 5 feet tall, one of them has a push-up bra which makes her tits look bigger than my head. I go in and tell her, “You have the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen. Thank you for making my night”. Then she said something and I brought in my friend so we start to grind on them bitches. Haha, it was funny and got me pretty pumped up. After about 5 minutes of those shenanigans, I opened a 2 set on the dance floor by taking the girl’s hand and spinning her around a couple of times. They were kind of into me, but I ejected because I didn’t see where it was going.

I proceeded to open several more sets in the club, all with the same result. I open, we talk for a bit, and I do not know where to go from there, so I eject. But, this one time, I opened a 2 set sitting at the bar and decided to stick around for as long as possible and see how awkward things will get before they decide to leave. Wow, amazing. They sat there with me besides then and from time to time talking to me for an astounding 15 minutes. And when they said they were going for a smoke, the cuter one suggested I go and find them on the dance floor later. It’s not as easy to get blown out as I thought.

Ohh and before I got inside the club, I saw a bouncer K’O a chode cold with one punch. Damn! I need to learn to do that.

Points To Improve Upon/Points To Sustain:

I need to stick in there until the very end. Do not eject under any circumstances. Plow through and keep on vomiting words while simultaneously escalating physically.

Continue to approach even when you don’t feel like it.

Lessons Learned:

Girls who are down to fuck will give you a large window of opportunity and will even tolerate some chody behaviour from you, but still stick around, hoping, praying that you will man up and take them home and fuck their brains out.

I drop state aka begin to feel shitty, guilty, anxious, etc when I set out to do something and do not. So, the key here is to follow through on my intentions.

I am caring less and less if I get blown out or not. The skin is getting thicker which is a good thing.
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I failed my 30 day challange of going out 5 nights week by not going out tonight. No excuses. I just choded out.
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After Action Report:

Overall, it was a good night. I hit state, got two guys to buy me drinks, had a couple of girls open and re-open me, and I approached at least a dozen sets.

Field Report:

What a horrible weather. It’s raining, its cold, and it’s a Sunday. The whole day, I was coming up with excuses of why I should not go out tonight. I think, I had about million reasons to stay home, but I am proud of myself for ignoring my brain and doing what I have to do anyway.

I go to Berrymores at around 11:30PM and the place is not yet busy. Despite that, I go to the first set I see and open with, “Ay, you know when this place gets busy”. The set didn’t blow open, but I wasn’t rejected either. The two girls remained and chatted with me for a little bit, even re-initiated the conversation a couple of times before finally going off to the dance floor and joining the rest of their crew. Whatever, I keep on talking to people, guys, girls, bar staff, bouncers, it didn’t matter, I was just trying to put myself into a social mindset.

After about 20 minutes of this, I decide its time to get more direct with my approaches. I see a cute Asian girl sitting by herself and without any thought I go in and sit beside her. We talk for a bit, I put my arm around her, but she is resistant. It doesn’t faze me and I keep vomiting words. A little later, I put my arm around her a second time and she is more receptive at this point. But, her friends come back (4 girls) and she actually introduces me to all of them. I failed to lead the interaction and hold the group’s attention there and after about 5 minutes they decide to go and dance. But before they do, my girl tells me that it was a pleasure talking to me. Hmmm…even my rejections are getting smoother these days.

I go get me a second glass of water and proceed to escalate my approaches. I open a few more sets and boom I start to feel much more alive then when I first came. I’m walking through the crow and going to the bar when I high five some tall, jacked dude. He ends up buying me a beer and telling me that I’m cool. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or was just a friendly guy, but I accepted the beer anyway and we talked for a bit. He left with his buddies after about 5 minutes. I am feeling pretty awesome and I hit state. I’ve come to a point of my development where I can see myself getting into state.

I see a HB9 walking through the crowd and I take her arm, pull her towards me and say, “Ay, who are you?” with BR tonality. She gives me a “weirdo” look, but I maintain my composure and ask again in BR tonality, “who are you?”. Her face changes from, “fuck off”, to “you are cute, I want you” and we begin to vibe. I take her hand and spin her around, but she is not really cooperating through this so I tell her, “you are a bad dancer” in BR tonality. She looks at me at amazement that I’d have the balls to say something like this, and she puts her hand on my chest, gets really close, so that my leg is between her leg touching her pussy. I don’t let this faze me either, and I maintain strong eye contact. She says, “don’t ever underestimate me…ever”. After that, I choded myself out because I didn’t know where to take the interaction. I should have kissed her, but ahh well. Lesson learned, move on.

I see another blond hottie with her friend and a couple of chodes are hovering around them near the bar. I go in, grab her neck, and whisper in her ear, “You are adorable”. She was so taken aback that she managed to head butt me and almost knock my drink over. She apologized profusely for being such a klutz. It was on between from the get go, it was physical, and you could feel the attraction build up. I see her friend just standing there, and I go to befriend her by showing her various handshakes and she really liked it. But, as I was doing this, my girl left us two alone and goes to the bar. I see some chode talking to her, and I say to myself, “ohh hells no! I ain’t gonna loose you that easily”, so I go in and interrupt them. I put my arm around her and talk to the chode. He ends up buying us a shot of tequila. The guy was actually really kool, a doctor in an ER, and looked like Russell Peters. I get distracted talking to him because he was a kool dude and I didn’t notice my girl go back to her friend. When I do, the guy ends up apologizing for getting into my way and making me loose my girl, but I tell him that its no problem, I’ll just go find her later.

I end up opening a few more sets and even had two girls come up to me and open me. It was pretty awesome, but after about 30 minutes, I started to get inside my head and eventually lost my state. Damn it, its exactly like Tyler predicted that the more you pay attention to your state and the more you focus on it, the less you’ll be in state. And once I was out of state, there was no turning back. I tried approaching more sets, but the nimbus was gone. I tried going on the dance floor, but I feel like a tool dancing alone.

Funny story, I end up seeing those two bitches that made fun of me on Wednesday at the same club. Ughh…they keep on following me. Haha

Ohh and as I was leaving the club, I see a girl I had approached earlier and she says, “ohh are you leaving already?” puts her hands on my chest. Hmmm…she was way friendlier the second time. Maybe I should have number closed her, but I didn’t.

Points To Improve Upon/Points To Sustain

STOP Thinking about state. Stop trying to get in state. Stop thinking about pick-up and just go with the flow, have fun, and talk to people.

Continue to overpower your brain and emotions take right action even when you don’t feel like it.

Lessons Learned:

Learned that once I hit state, I can do and say almost anything and get away with it. It is so easy to get a girl to be attracted to you when you are in state.

Pass a shit test and you will be rewarded accordingly.

I am taking Monday and Tuesday off. I need to get some rest, restore my sleeping schedule, and get some homework done. I’ll avoid all pick-up related stuff and I’ll try to ignore any thoughts about pick-up as well. I’m just going to hit the gym, do homework, and watch silly movies.
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After Action Review:

Tonight was a very productive night. I learned a ton. But most importantly, I know I am making a lot of progress and it’s just a matter of time before I begin to pull like the pros.

Tonight was also the first night that I consciously decided to develop my own personal style. Here is a list of the characteristics of my external game (or at least how I would like people to see me as):

1. I am direct.
2. I have strong eye contact and powerful vocal projection.
3. I don’t waste my time; I go for the hottest chicks in the club.
4. I am very physical.
5. I use reverse psychology.
6. I don’t drink alcohol; water only, please.
6. I close!

Field Report:

I go to the University Pub at 10:00PM, but the place is dead. However, I end up chatting up some guys and getting myself into a talkative state. The dudes invite me to go out with them, but I decline. I wanted to go out solo, because that’s when I make the most progress. It used to be a scary idea going solo, but now I kind of enjoy it. Like Jeffy says, “Its you facing the music”.

I get into the club at 11:20PM and I do what Brad suggested in one of his articles: do a warm up set and from there gradually increase the intensity of the opener. I go up to bar and order my water, when I notice a 2 set. I open with, “Ay, you guys know when this place gets busy”. The conversation was very lame and consisted of a lot of question. But, it helped me a lot. After 5 minutes or so of talking to the two girls, I felt ready to up the intensity of my interaction, so I leave them and I go looking for a new set.

I open another 2 set, two smoking hot tall brunettes. I open with, “Ay, you guys look bored”. And the set hooked immediately. My target, the hotter of the two girls, was farter away, so her friend was between us. As I’m talking, I maintain eye contact with the girl that I am attracted. This shit was so potent tonight that I witnessed Reticular Activation System at its glory. The obstacle was talking to my target, but because of the intense eye contact, she was completely oblivious. Her friend was saying shit like, lets go to the bathroom, and my girl was just staring hypnotized into my eyes. A perfect love bubble was created. 5 minutes into the interaction, the friend leaves. I don’t know where she went; she just left without saying.

My girl and I are now alone at the bar, so I escalate physically. I apply the claw of victory and pull her closer towards me – there was no resistance. Our faces were not even an each apart, but I didn’t kiss her. Should have closed, but I decided to experiment with pushing her away and brining her in closer, to see if I can build up the sexual tension. Looking back at it, which was a pretty dumb move because it was obvious that it was on. I should have closed there and there. Well, will know next time. It’s also interesting to note that I saw the window of opportunity open and close. I felt it.

Another 5 minutes pass and the friend comes back. I engage her and show her different handshakes. She really likes it and actually gets physical on me, so I have to back off. I want to befriend her, but I didn’t want to make her think that I was into her, so I grab my girl again and we begin to talk. The friend leaves again and I’m all alone with my girl again. Ozzie was absolutely right that in a two set, you just have to be patient and the friend with eventually leave you two alone.

However, this is where I began to chode myself out. The interaction remained physical, but I started saying stupid shit. She asks, “Where are you from?” and I respond I’m Bulgarian, when she goes from Happy To Meet Me to a sad depressed look instantly. She says, “You shouldn’t have told me that…I broke up with my boyfriend today whose Bulgarian”. I reply with, “Ohh but you haven’t met me yet. I’m the greatest”. Which is such a chode reply on so many levels. It conveyed that I was qualifying myself to her and it did nothing to interrupt her negative thought pattern. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have said, “I eat oranges whole!” or any other random non-sense. The interaction went downhill from that point and a couple of minutes later she went to find her friend. Damn, I could have been banging her tonight. Ahh well, learned my lesson and won’t make the same mistake again.

At that point, I was in state, so I went looking for more hotties. I go on the patio and see two girls sitting down on a couch. I sit next to the hotter one and apply the claw right away and say, “You are cute, picture time” and then grab her camera and start taking photos. She is loving it and so is her friend. Then the conversation went sexual and I did what Ozzie talks about in Transformations. I used reverse psychology and said, “Ohh don’t talk about sex, that’s some hippie shit”. It worked like magic, the girls were saying stuff like, “I like rough anal sex” and “I couldn’t live without sex, I love it so much”. Amazing J. After a few more minutes of talking, I open a sitting beside us and got involved in talking to her that I didn’t notice the two girls leave. The was into me, but I was looking for fresh pussy, so I ejected.

Went back inside and got my another glass of water. At this point, I was opened by a cute short blond girl. The interaction went really well. I told her she was really cute and that I liked her. Kissed her a couple of times and just had a good vibe. Then, out of nowhere, I realize that I can extract this girl home and bang her. I had 100% believe that I could do it. This really screwed me up because I retracted into my head and eventually the girl left me. Now that I’ve had time to think through of what the hell happened, I can say that I was just afraid of my own success. I have never pulled a chick out of a club before, so that’s an obvious milestone for me and I’ve been putting a lot of importance on it. So when I finally felt that it was going down, I froze and sabotaged my own success. All I had to do was say, “I’m hungry, S’ko” and taken her home. But, fear of my own success tripped me up. I guess this is good in many ways because up until now, I’ve been afraid of failure or rejection, so that’s a clear indication that I’ve made a lot of progress over the past months.

In any case, I tried to shake this off and decided to keep approaching. I see one of the most beautiful blonds I have ever seen in my entire life dancing seductively in a mixed set (2 girls 1 guy). No thinking, no hesitation, I just walk up to her, grab her neck, and whisper in her ear, “I think you are adorable”. Needless to say, she instantly hooked and was complimenting me on my courage to go and approach her and telling me that I was cute too. So, I take her hand and keep on talking garbage while maintaining strong eye contact. I am just vomiting words, but it doesn’t matter what I’m saying because I am communicating all the right signals non-verbally (strong dominant presence, kino, powerful voice projection, smiling, piercing eye contact, confidence). Then, the thought of “ITS ON” creeps into my head and just like the previous set, I blow myself out of the water by saying stupid shit like, “Are you married?” Now why the fuck would I say something like this? Eventually, I ejected because the interaction began to go nowhere. Clearly, I had sabotaged myself a second time.

Well, I’m not going to beat myself about it because I know that its only a matter of time before I overcome this fear of success and begin to pull like the pros. It was a glorious night nevertheless with a lot of lessons learned. Can’t wait to out again tomorrow and pull.

Points To Improve Upon/Points To Sustain

Keep on developing your own style.
Continue to use warm-up sets and then escalate the intensity of your approaches progressively.
Continue to use reverse psychology.

the fear of success.
I need to stop attaching so much importance to sex and pulling chicks. The game is not about the girl or the sex; it is about you.

Lessons Learned:

If you are not ready to pull mentally, you will begin to sabotage yourself at the most crucial moments.
When you are in state, anything you say will work. Words are just words.
Appearance doesn’t matter. I was dressed like shit today and have a movember stache that makes me look like Ron Burgundy and girls were still extremely receptive.
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After Action Review:

I don’t feel like writing this report for a number of reasons, but I failed to take enough action today that I think writing this report would be a small step towards redeeming myself.
Overall, it was a shitty night.

Filed Report:

I get a call from my buddy Jack around 10:30PM. He is downtown, again, and wants to meet up. I think he is enjoying watching me practice my stuff. But, I don’t mind because it adds more social pressure to do well and I know that I need to learn to deal with social pressure if I am ever to pull the Turbos.

I get to the club and Jack is already inside. He convinces the bouncer to let me in for free, but I made fun of the bouncer instead of thanking him and he changed his mind making me pay the cover. Damn it, give value, give value, give value!

I get inside and I open right away, but the set does not hook and I eject. I chode around for another 5 minutes and decide its time to approach another set. I walk around in predator mode and I see two adorable girls by the bar. I open the hotter for the two with, “I think you are adorable”, and the set blew open right away. The interaction was going really well for the first 5 minutes. There was a lot of touching and playful teasin and I could sense that my girl was attracted to me. Her friend was not cock blocking either, so everything seemed to be going my way. But, I stalled after about 10 minutes and eventually the girls ran away. I learned a lot of this set. I stuck around even after my girl kept saying that she wants to leave and I turned the set around a couple of times by being non-reactive and plowing through.

The next few sets didn’t go so well. None of them hooked right away and I ejected every time. A point to note is that I approached Turbos, so I kinda knew that they wouldn’t hook with a simple line. I should have kept going and vomiting while escalating physically until the set hooks, but I find myself running away like a little at the first sight of resistance. This is not good, because I want the Turbo hotties badly and to get them I will need to learn to remain composed, non-reactive, and plow through. Like Ozzie says, “Run the train”.

After I choded myself out of 5 or 6 sets in a row, my state dropped (another thing I need to work on is keeping my state in spite of how my night is going). So, I headed for the dance floor to get pumped up. I get in the middle, close my eyes, and starting dancing like I’m by myself in my bedroom. It was awesome and after 3 or 4 songs, I got back in state.

I see a hottie dancing with her friend and I make eye contact, walk up to her, and grab her hand and pull her towards me. She instantly hooks and proceeds to fuck me with her eyes. We grinding away on the dance floor, making out, feeling each other up. I even slipped a finger inside her tight little (I haven’t finger-banged a chick on the dance floor since high school and it felt dirty, raw, and awesome). I tell her shit like, I want to take you in the bathroom right now. Of course, she says she is not that kind of girl, but I’m not listening at this point. I grab her by the hand and say, “I’m thirsty, S’ko” and lead her to the bar. There we have establish some genuine rapport. But, the highlight of that little scene is when I put my straw in her mouth and she sucked it like it was a penis. Somewhere I read that if a girl sucks on something you put in her mouth (finger, straw, pretzel) it means that she is down to suck some cock and I really wanted to get my dick sucked.

After 5 or 10 minutes at the bar and getting to know each other, I lead her back to the dance floor. Bad move! Guys start coming out of the woodwork and start grinding with my girl and pulling her away and shit. Fucking sharks could smell the blood and go for the easy kill. I fight off one, two, three, but eventually I got overpowered and my girl is now being sandwiched by two large chodes. I felt like Neo from the Matrix when he is fighting all the Mr. Smiths. They just kept coming and eventually he flies away because he cannot defeat them. I know, a fucking move. I should have kept going and done whatever had to be done to get my girl back, but I didn’t and now I’m writing this report instead of getting a blowjob.

After I had conceded defeat to the hordes of chodes, I retracted into my head and the 3 or 4 sets that I approached afterwards blew me off almost instantly. I guess, the only good part about his is that I didn’t care. But, this non-caring mindset came from a low, defeated self rather than a victorious champion self. So, I was not happy with myself.

I decide its time to leave and go to get my coat, but I changed my mind when I got into the coat check line and I snuck inside the VIP area of the club. Unfortunately, it was 1:30AM at this point and there was nobody there. Damn sad!

So I go back in line, get my coat, and leave. On my way home, I stop to grab something to eat and all I hear is chodes arguing about sports. One chode is yelling at another, “Don’t fuck with the Eagles man”, and the other chode replies, “Fuck the Eagles. ughghgh”. The fucked up thing is that they both had hot girls around their arms and I, the guy trying to be smart about pick-up, was left hodling my dick in one hand and a slice of grease pizza in the other. WTF!? I also so a guy urinate in the middle of a crowded street and not care about the people watching or the cars that almost hit him. I kinda wish I could do something balsy like that.

As I’m nearing my house, I see the soccer girl I met at the bar on Wednesday and have been texting ever since. She is on her phone and walking in a different direction, but I speed up and manage to intercept her path. I poke her and say, “Yo!” and open my arms for a hug. But, she looks at me and says to the person on the phone, “Some weirdo is following me” and runs away. WHAT THE FUCK!? I hope that she didn’t recognize me because I was wearing a hat and it was dark, but man, did that blow! Ahh well, life goes on.

Points To Improve Upon/Points To Sustain:

I need to definitely MAN THE FUCK UP!
I need to keep going even when the set does not blow open instantly. The only problem is that I am not sure what to do in a situation like this.
I need to get better at leading the interaction somewhere.
I need to become more comfortable at gaming at lower energy level. Alternating between high and low energy will allow me to insert spikes into the conversation, but at the same time manage to keep to conversation interesting and easy for more than 10-15 minutes. And if I am going to pull hotties who are not drunk back home, I will have to make them comfortable with being with me alone.

Continue to lead the girls around the bar.
Continue to approach the Turbo hotties at the club. No point of wasting your time with ugs and fatties.
Continue to drink only water.

Lessons Learned:

I learned that its important to be kind to bouncers who are about to let you the club for free.
I learned that guys can sense wet like sharks can sense blood from miles.
I learned that I can get into state by dancing on the dance floor.
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After Action Review:

Overall it was not a very eventful night. I failed to pull, but I learned a lot.

Part I

I finally managed to get my ass out of my bed at around 4:30pm. I know, WTF? I have some serious work to do on my sleeping habits, but it is what is for now.

At 7:30pm, I went to a speed dating event that was organized by some friends of mine, who are also participants in the Movember challenge. I was a little scared to go and at first I had made the decision to skip it and stay home. But, as the clock got closer to the starting time of the event, I became more and more restless. So finally, despite my fears and doubts, I got dressed and headed for the venue.

The walk to the place was filled with much fear and anxiety. But, this is nothing new for me anymore. I figured, I couldn’t do anything about how my body feels at this moment, but I can choose to still do what I set out to do, in spite of the inner self-doubt and fearful emotions. As I got to the venue, I became far less tense and immediately struck a conversation with a couple of dudes, who appeared just as nervous if not more. Eventually, we were called to take our places so that the speed-dating can begin.

I've never been to a speed-dating event before, so I didn't know what to expect or what to do. I figured, if I'm ever to become a natural, then I might as well try to be as natural as possible in this highly unnatural situation. I didn't have any problem making good conversation with any of the girls, but after about the 10th one, I noticed that my energy began to drop. I started to slur my words and slowly crept inside my head. I took a break, got some water and a cookie :), and sat back down for the remaining rounds. I did much better this time. I established genuine rapport with all girls, all in less than 3 minutes. I find that speed-dating really put me in a talkative state. I was also amazed at how easy it is to establish rapport in such a short amount of time. At the same time, I felt awkward trying to escalate physically and in fact I didn't even touch the girls other than a couple of handshakes. Now that I come to think of it, I should have high-fived them or show them some cool handshakes (anything that would create some physical attraction). All and all, I found it very interesting. One a half hours flew by very quickly as I was clearly enjoying myself.

Part II

The event finished and I went back home, had some supper and at 11:20PM, I headed for the clubs. The talkative state that I was in at the speed-dating event had worn off and I was inside my head for the rest of the night. But, it wasn't as bad as other nights I've had.

I ended up running into my buddy Jack, whom I had met the previous night. We decided to go to Tilla for some action. Every other place was dead. We go in, and as soon as I saw the first smoking hot girl got into state. If I can condition myself to going in state at the sight or smell of a hottie, I think I'll end up doing very well :).

My first couple of sets didn't do well. They failed to hook and instead of plowing through and running the train, I ejected. My third set, however, went very very well. It was a 2 gorgeous girls dancing by themselves. I went straight and opened with, "I think you are adorable". She hooked instantly and I applied the claw. She was really digging me. Having learnt from previous mistakes, I engaged the friend in a logical manner. I showed the friend some cool handshakes, while at the same time escalating physically on the girl. I even tried Tim's "5 minute girlfriend" thing. A bubble formed and it was just beautiful. We were embracing each other, gazing into each other’s eyes, and just feeling the chemistry and attraction build. But, we were interrupted by the friend who was standing a foot away. It would have been good to have a wing at this point. So, I set out to look for one. Told me girl that I'm going to chill with my friend because I didn't want to ditch him and that I'd come back. Now that I come to think of it, I should have just left. There is no need to justify my actions to anyone. I do what I want to do because I want to do.

Anyhow, I found my buddy and Jack and told him to come and wing me. Now, he has no idea about pick-up and is not a natural either. He's chill, but just has very little game. So when we went back to the girls, I had to do all the talking again. This time, my girl was not into me anymore. Nothing that I did seemed to reignite the spark we had a moment ago. Eventually, she told me she is engaged and that she cannot dance with me. I ejected.

I am proud to say that this didn't affect my state one bit. I went around the club opening sets and even thought every single girl blew me, I felt good. My criteria for success if very low and that really helped. For me to have a bad night, I must do 0 approaches, which is virtually impossible for me these days.

After I had been blown out of every single set in the venue, my buddy and I decided to go to a different club. We went to The Cabin and boy ohh boy, I have never seen so many blonds in one place. It was like the doors of heaven had opened. Every girl was smoking hot and there were so many of them. I opened another 5 or 6 sets, but again nothing was working. I don't know what I was doing wrong. I wish I had a more knowledgeable wingman to help me see my blind spots, but ahh well. In any case, I happy with the night because I got out of my comfort zone once more and approached despite being blown out.

Points To Improve Upon/Points to Sustain

I'm not really sure what I could have done better tonight. I wish I had and RSD wingman to tell me what my blind spots are, but I don't, so I'll need to trust my intuition to auto-correct whatever I was doing wrong tonight.

I need to continue to plow through when sets don't hook automatically. I need to see a bad opening as an opportunity rather than a dead end.
I need to continue to approach even when I get blown out repeatedly. There is a lot of value even in a bad interaction.

Lessons Learned

Speed-dating is really cool. I will do another one for sure.
A wingman can help you identify blind spots and areas to improve in.
Gorgeous girls are abundant.
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I. I have chosen to live through my own intentions,
I understand this ceaseless challenge will not be easy,
In all things, I will always choose the right path, overcoming every obstacle,
Whatever the situation, I am a leader and will take responsibility for my actions.

II. I am first and foremost a warrior,
I will accept every challenge and never hesitate to volunteer for honourable service,
I will maintain the highest standards of integrity, courage, honour and loyalty.

III. I am now and always ready to live my life to the fullest,
I will focus on my goals first,
I have mastered my training, my weapons and myself,
I am committed to unceasing excellence as a free man.

IV. I will endure hardship, necessary risk and deprivation without complaint,
I will always put my goals, my family, and my friends before myself,
I am ready to approach on any terrain, under any conditions, against any odds, whatever the risk,
I know that success in the field tomorrow is built on discipline, commitment and trust today.

V. I will uphold these values: equality, freedom, respect and the rule of law,
I am a value giver. I do not take away anything from anyone,
I am fearless. I am a leader. I am who I am meant to be!
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After Action Review:

The day began a little slow. Didn't get out of bed until about 1:00pm when I called up my Dad to talk to him about my lack of motivation to study.

Eventually, at about 2:30pm, managed to get dressed and left the house. Had a shitty supper at the mall cafeteria (I really need to stop doing this cuz I might end up shitting my pants again). Then went to Chapters and browsed for a new book to read. Finally, I purchased Hugh Hefner's Autobiography and made the cashier girl smile and laugh :). I love when I make sad people happy :D. I think I should be a stand-up comedian or maybe a clown...hehe :)

In any case, then I went to the grocery store to stock up on eats cuz this morning I had to steal two slices from my roommate's bread in order to feed myself. I need to eat properly if I am to maintain my super jacked body. Ohh and I chatted up the cashier too and I felt like I could have #closed her, but choded out because there were people waiting behind me in line. She was cute thought :) and she definitely liked me.

Then got home and choded around for a couple of hours. Read the Intro to Hefner's book and had some fruits and veggies to eat. After about 30 min debate in my head, I packed up my gym bag and headed for the gym at around 7:30pm. Had a really good workout. I am on level 11/16 on the bike and today I did 30 min of biking. Its good because at the same time I can do audio tapes. Today I also did 3 hours of Tony Robbins’ Personal Power II. That shit is really good, not because he is saying anything radically new, but because its what I need to hear over and over again until I get so fed up that I take action. Then sauna and shower.

Then at about 9:00pm I went to my coffee shop to do some reading. There were a few girls, but I didn't open. Instead I just ordered a cup of hot chocolate and vibed a little with the cashier girl. Cashier girls are really into me. And it's not very difficult to get instant rapport. Just hold deep eye contact the whole time and smile a lot. For some unexplainable reason, after reading the 1st chapter of Hefner's book, I was possessed to start writing business plans of how I would run a coffee shop better. I swear, it wasn't even my writing because I was thinking about girls the whole time my hand was moving over the paper. I ended up breaking down all the costs (capital, wages, fixed, sunk, ongoing), all the revenues (drinks, foods, etc), and ways I can create a positive environment. Then I even got ideas of how to get a loan. All and all, it took me 15 min to write 4 pages of business analysis of a coffee shop. I was surprised to say the least that I had this in me, but I am more inclined to credit the superconcious mind for this because for a while I've been asking to get ideas about how to make money.

Then at around 10:00pm I got home and had some more fruits and veggies to eat. Sat down on my bed, but I felt uneasy and I knew that I needed to go out. I remembered that my friend invited me to a comedy night at my university bar, so I decided to go check it out. Again, very much like the Bulgarian party, I felt afraid to go and I began to entertain thoughts of "you won't know anyone there, you'll look like a chode all by yourself", but I ignored them by silencing them with "Fired Up". I listened to that song like 4 times. lol. Then got the the bar and saw my friend who gave me props on my Movember stache, which by the way has grown into quite the sight. I think I might keep it for a while. I like the attention I'm receiving. In the bar, I opened one girl, Claire. She hooked almost instantly and began to seek rapport, but I choded out and stopped talking. She went and sat with her friends. I stood alone for the remaining of the comedy night. I also failed to open anyone else, despite having plenty of opportunities. I also didn't say hi to a girl from one of my classes, when I should have because she is into me and I am into her and she is Asian and I haven been with an Asian and its quite obvious that I wanted her.

In any case, at around 11:30 the show ended and everyone began to leave. I headed for the bars at the Market. The streets were fucking dead and every single venue was closed except two. The first one I went to had nobody dancing, everyone was just sitting, so I left and started to walk home when all of a sudden my feet refused to move an inch in the direction of home. I knew I would fail only if I fail to try. So, I went the other bar that was open, not really expecting anything. Flirted with the coat check girl. Again, all you need is strong eye contact, a smile, and a powerful voice projection and you'll stand out from every other chode.

Got inside and went to the bar to get a glass of water (I no longer drink alcohol at bars when going a mission). I open two HB standing at the bar with, "Have you ordered" and gestured that I wanted to get in there. When all of a sudden the two girls recognized me the formal dinner I went to on Friday. I sat beside those two girls and choded myself out. They started teasing my stache and my Bulgarian-ness and it was all jokes and playful, but it got to me. I didn't let it show in the outside because I have become good at maintaining my composure, but it definitely hit me hard because I immediately retracted inside my head. One of the girls is an absolute 10 and the other is fucking hot too (Turbo Girls all around). At one point, one of them asked me whom I was here with. I lied, saying, "I'm with a couple of buddies". She challenged me on it and said, "Ok, we want to meet your friends". I got defensive and made up some stupid excuses while at the same time trying to be funny. Fuck, I hate lying. I should have just said, "I'm here alone" and not cared for what they thought of me. Eventually they left and I was left standing at the bar with my self-esteem on the ground.

I didn't want to approach anyone because I felt that if I failed they would laugh at me. The girls would come up to me and expose me for the phony lying piece of shit that I am. But, I decided that I had paid $2.00 for coat check and I didn't want to leave only after 5 min of being the bar, so I headed upstairs to the dance floor. I walked past the two girls who made eye contact with me and did that girl laugh amongst themselves while looking at me. I swear that pissed me off cuz I was certain they were laughing at me. But, fuck, why should I care what anybody thinks of me? So, like a fucking coward I went to the dance floor and hid behind one of the columns so they couldn't see me anymore. WTF??? I acted like such a coward. I was so deep inside my head and ugh...I was fucking pissed at myself for letting external shit affect my state. Eventually, this black dude, Jack, comes up to me and we start chatting. He's here by himself too, just having a beer. I decide to make up for my lies earlier and I am 100% honest with him. I tell him that I am here alone and I am trying to become better with women. I tell him a little about RSD and the Blueprint, but he didn't seem interested or rather he didn't understand what I was telling him. I also tell him how I feel at the moment that I am scared to go an approach any girls because of the two other girls that will laugh at me. I also tell him about my problems at school. I don't know why, but I just did and it felt good. He gave me some good advice on school. But the most important thing which he did, and which I am super grateful for, is that he got me into a more talkative state. As I was talking to him, I began to get out of my head and soon, after 20 min or so I was ready to approach.

My first set didn't go very well. There were two mildly attractive girls dancing near the wall and I opened them with, "I don't know you guys, but you look adorable and I just wanted to introduce myself". They were more confused than anything and rightly saw because the words did not come out congruent at all. I was still a little bit inside my head, so I didn't keep eye contact or project my voice. I leaned it and it was all around awkward. I ejected after about 30 seconds. But, buddy gave me props for growing the balls to approach. And that’s when it hit me: "I can only fail or get rejected if I don't approach". Right there and then I got into state almost instantly. The hunger was back and I was ready to roll!

I walk past the two girls which ridiculed me earlier and right into another 2 set. I deploy the claw and open with, "Hi there, you look adorable. I had to meet you because I know that if I didn't say Hi, I would regret it later". The girls hook immediately and my target is all over me. She hugs me very tightly and even kisses me on the cheek and tells me how sweet I am. And even her friend loves this too. They began to rapport seek, "Where are you from, Where do you go, etc?" But I kill this thread after a couple of answers and instead we talk about languages. They are French and they teach me a few words. I teach them a few phrases in Bulgarian and they are eating this shit up like its hot apple pie. They even apply what I taught them to strangers around us in the bar.

All this time, I am maintaining strong eye contact with my girl and escalating physically. She reciprocates and at one point we are holding hands and she is squeezing it every now and again. I decide its time to isolate and say, "S'ko dance". Not waiting for a reaction I begin to leader her through the maze of people while holding her hand. At the dance floor, things get real hot real quick. After a couple of songs and some initial resistance from her, we make out. She has a tongue piercing and I love it. I get images in my head of her sucking my dick and I get a boner. She loves my boner too and is girding even harder on it. Fucking wants it!

I then say that I'm thirsty and lead her to the bar downstairs where its quieter for some more one-on-one action. I buy us a tequila shot and at first she is not into it, but I am relentless. I put salt on her neck, she does the same on my mine, and then we suck on each others necks and take the shot. She says things like, "I cannot believe I am doing this". And, "I am so glad I met you". And, "You are amazing, thanks for coming and talking to me". She was ready to fuck me. Ohh did I also mention that I did my first BODY WALL SLAM MAKE OUT. She loved that too. Fucking wants it!

After the shot we sit down and continue to build rapport. She goes to the gym daily, I go to the gym daily. We live a block from each other. She played soccer competitively; I did too. She loves Arsenal; I hate them. Hehe...Its great. However, I slowed down on the kino and the kissing, when I should have escalated and pulled her into the washrooms. I didn't because I didn't want to risk loosing this good feeling. My Ego suddenly made an appearance :(. The conversation waned down and she made the suggestion that we should go back upstairs. There, she found her friends again and just left me without saying a word. I had gotten her number earlier, so wasn't worried. I didn't want to appear clingy, so I let her go and went back to the dance floor.

There, I played the "Protect My Ego" game and made the excuse of "I don't want her to see me dancing with other girls" and so I danced with my wingman and this other funny Asian guy. At one point, this girl I had opened at the university bar is dancing near me and I just grab her and start to grind with her. Her energy went from 10 to 100 as soon as I touched her and spun her around. She loved it. But, I let her go after one song of fear that "my girl" will see me and won't talk to me.

I spent the next 50 min or so dancing with my buddies and not approaching. Damn it. There were some really Turbos there that night and I didn't take advantage of the opportunity cuz I am a little egomaniac.

I saw my girl again and I brought her the dance floor, but the chemistry wasn't there. We grinded for one song and I tried to go for the make out but all I got were a kiss on the lips. She wasn't having any of it anymore. And rightly so because I was not offering any value anymore, I was just trying to take take take. Eventually, she says that she needs to go back to her friends. I call it a night at that point and walk home.

Points to Improve Upon/Points to Sustain

I need to my fucking Ego. It shouldn't matter if I get rejected or laid. The environment does not affect my state.
When you have a girl alone, escalate. Do not go backwards. Always push your interactions.

Continue to maintain strong eye contact, smile, and firm powerful vocal projection.
Continue to be honest and speak the truth at all times.
Continue to approach and state your intentions at the beginning.
Continue to escalate physically. Do not by shy about this. The girl will thank you later for having the balls to lead the interaction properly.

Lessons Learned

I learned that girls will love you when you have the balls to open directly and are honest about your intentions.
Trying to take value from the girl will lower her state and she'll hate you for it.
There is nothing like a good wingman!
The best way to get out of my head is to get talking about anything with anyone. After you've gotten into a talkative state, sets will hook almost instantly.

...Tomorrow: Speed-dating :)
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