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January 28th, 2015



Join Date: 04/05/2009 | Posts: 71

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About Me: 
I have not been active in this forum for a long time - mainly because there was more stuff going on in my life, and I actually got laid semi-regularly. Also deleted all of my pics and info back then.

Now I'm world traveling:
South East Asia until sometime in February-March probably, then onwards to Australia.

Wherever I am, I'm always happy to meet RSD folks.

So here's some stuff about me:

German student finishing his B.Sc. Took a BC, Hotseat, went out semiregularly for a long time now... started an utter chode, am now in intermediate purgatory. I'm almost 6 ft 8.

getemcusiknow's Wingman Locator Map:

Whenever I am in one place for some time and it makes sense (cause it's not some remote mountain village or something), I will update my location there.

So if anyone is in a similar area and wants to hang out or go out or just meet up, pm me.

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welcome to the forums, saw the new years photo.........
looks like we both had a rock solid new years.
keep it real buddy
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