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A reminder to myself

First and foremost, I plan to stay as sober as possible while gaming. I've successfully gamed and opened sets both sober and drunk, and frankly I find it easier to game sober. I am infinitely more focused, and can read the situation a lot beter when I'm sober.

Recap of the Night
Arrived earlier this time around ten O'clock with two of my boys to watch the laker game (I'm a kobe fan through and through). Ended up putting down around four beers as we watched the rest of the game. I'm a light weight so I was feeling pretty buzzed at this point.

I began to open sets. I saw this dime and her friend walk in while we were watching the game, so I opened them first. She and her friend were both texting, so I went in hard and engaged the set. This was the warm-up and I stayed in set for about a minute or two before ejecting. I didn't escalate enough and just ran stale. This brings me to my point a little later on.

We went to the club next, were we hit the dancefloor pretty hard. I'm extremely confident out there right now. I've been successfully pulling cuties off of the bar, and down to my crotch. My technique is simple.

1. Roll up
2. Tap her on the leg like a man
3. Motion her down to listen to what I have to say
4. Tell her to get off the bar and dance with me

Works every time.

I find that when approaching you must go hard. Without the 100% belief the set will just fizzle. These girls are use to blowing off guys that chode around, so it is up to me to be different and unleash my inner man on them.

I opened up numerous sets this night. Somewhere in the field of 10 to 15. I'm trying to push the envelope here, and make things happen. Each set is a different animal but I'm ready. Onto the highlight of the night.

The highlight of the night
I was really thirsty. I wanted water. I looked at the bar pushed my way through and realized the bartenders were only addressing the girls at this point. I wanted water know. I saw these too girls with a guy, and decided to open them. I put my hand on both of their lower backs and said to them, "I'm thirsty and want water. You two are girls. Push your way through the bar and get me a water." They laughed and said they would. The brunette of the two then announced it was her birthday. She asked me a few questions, and I answered. I then said to her, "Have you had your birthday kiss yet?" (channeling my tim I suppose). She responded with no. I said, "well I'm going to have to give you one." She said, "not yet, this guy is buying me a shot, I will wait until I get the shot then come to you." (lmao)....she gets her shot and is then pulled up onto the bar by her friend (damnit)...Not wasting time I open some other sets.
I eventually bounce to another bar where I run into the birthday girl. I open her immediately and say, "You owe me a kiss." she paused for one or two seconds, our eyes engauged, then I pulled her in for ferocious glory makeout times. This was awesome.  

     Enter sticking point

We makeout for a minute or maybe longer, who knows. I pull her off for a second to build tension. She smiles, then I pull her in again. After we are done, I eject.


nothing was going through my head, but I just ejected.

This is how I learn. I can successfully cold approach and makeout with girls. I have that handled. Now it is up to me to make a conscious effort to f-close these bitches. I need to isolate and penetrate. I know I can do this, so next time im in that situation, I'm going for broke.

My response to that situation outlined above, may have been because I am shocked at my own success. I mean a month or two ago I could not even cold approach...and know I'm just a machine.

I must keep pushing that comfort zone.

This summer is full of glory....stay posted.
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It sounds like maybe you don't allow yourself to identify as someone who is good at this stuff. Seems like an inner game issue. You might still have it in your head that you are the same guy with girls that your were a couple months ago. You should consider really making an effort to accept your new skills at a deeper level and identify yourself as someone who can make things happen.
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Cadillac Jones

Cadillac Jones

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I completely agree with you on that one. I've already started on that path to acceptance. I feel like I'm almost there.
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