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This whole thing is about not being needy for anything, be completely self fulfilled.  Don't take things too seriously, walk through the world with ease.  Call this needy free state 'Nirvana.'  You reach Nirvana when you are in a state void of want.  But if you WANT Nirvana then you already fucked yourself.  I was wanting Nirvana. 

'Mindfulness in Plain English' talks about the additudes you must have when trying to train your mind to free itself from external validation.

1.) Don't expect anything.
2.) Don't strain.
3.) Don't rush.
4.) Don't cling to anything, AND don't reject anything.
5.) Learn to go.
6.) Accept everything that arises.
7.) Be gentle with yourself.
8.) Investigate yourself.
9.) View all problems as challenges.
10.) Don't ponder.
11.) Don't dwell upon contrast.

These are great.  I need to keep bringing myself back to these additudes when I am trying to grow personally.  If you ever get frustrated with this stuff, if you ever fall backwards in your progress, return to this list.  You will realize that shit feeling your are putting yourself in is because you are expecting something, because you are straining, rushing, clinging, and contrasting.  Book mark this one and come back here if you ever feel like quiting.

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I was unhappy for a while last week.  Stress, bullshit drama, projects that keep falling apart at work, a girlfriend being a girl.  I actually considered packing my shit up and moving to san diego.  Then I realized ALL that shit is external.  Moving would just be running away, but the only way to grow is to face challenges face to face.  Someone who has this shit mastered wakes up and is happy to the core.  This rocksolid feeling of self worth is independent of ANYTHING going on around him.  I call this guy Mr. Happy Man.  What does Mr. Happy Man look like?  At work, with friends, by himself?

Mr. Happy Man wakes up in the morning and is STOKED for only one reason:  he is alive right now.  When Mr. Happy Man goes to work he is only looking at what can make the company better, he isn't tied up in trying to make himself look good.  When Mr. Happy Man goes out it doesn't matter if he's hanging out with the chode gang from hell, he still has a fucking kick ass good time.  The ironic part is someone who has these beliefs and additudes is going to do well at work, have cool friends, and do great with women without trying.

When I look back to what allowed me to slip, I realized it was because I wasn't mowing the lawn or doing the laundry of my mind.  Even Mr. Happy Man needs to make it a priority to tend to his mental health every week.  So here's the Jerry Springer Final Thought:  As you make progress and achieve new levels, you can't just set it and forget it like the Showtime Rotisserie.  You need to set aside time every week to maintain.  Reflect on what illusionary external problems are effecting your self worth and remind yourself that shit don't matter.  Seriously do it...
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Whoa.  I've been through some crazy shit the past month.  I felt like I was going crazy, I was getting panic attacks in the middle of the night, i went two weeks with hardly any sleep...  I realized this means I am doing something right.  My mind is looking for my old OS and cant find it so it decides freaking the fuck out is the best option.

I realized when I was posting before I was slipping into teachers trap by thinking I had reached another level and acting as the point of wisdom.  Everyone is always a student.  Because of this, I will continue to post blog entries, but mostly for my own benefit.  I am not going to post on forums.  If you happen to come accross this and have questions you can msg me.

J.D. salinger is known for being fucked up, but I think that guy was probably a genius.  He wrote the catcher in the rye and then afterwards locked himself in a cabin for the rest of his life.  While he was in isolation he wrote another 14 books that no one has ever read.  He didn't want the possibility of public glamor influencing his art and discovery of himself through writing.

I just realized my true potential and I don't know what to do with....

Be back later... going on a Ganj induced spirit walk.
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Hey thanks for the feedback.

subx you recognize that you are stuck in the code and that is a HUGE first step. This whole thing is a locktight catch 22 thats hard to break into. You do not feel IT right now, so you assume IT is something you will get in the future. But the fucked up thing is IT is always the current moment even as you sit here now. That's why they call it waking up to the current moment instead of becoming enlightened. You can really do it any time, all you have to do is open your eyes. I think my next post will be a step by step recipe on how to be super sayan state right now, break the code right now, wake up to glory of your life, and stop that auto-pilot nonsense that everyone is stuck in. But I can foresee some issues with this. People will read it and not do it. They will not find time to meditate everyday, they will not read the books I recommend, they will not get into the best physical shape of their lives. I didn't really understand what Tyler meant when he said you need to reach a rock bottom low before becoming good. But it's clear as day to me now. If I had not reached rock bottom low I wouldn't have done all the things I'm describing. I wouldn't have the level of commitment to my fitness or to exercising my mind. So I guess until you reach rock bottom go out there and get blown out 500 times and get stuck in the downward noobie paradox spiral until you are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get this shit handled. Man this reply is turning into a full blown post. Hold on let me throw a youtube video on this and add it to the collection...

Really when you say you want girls right now, that's not what you REALLY want. I was reading a thread yesterday about 'being a pick up artist isn't that great' or something. Tyler brought up the point that Canada doesn't seem that great... but if you lived in the poorest areas of Africa, Canada looks pretty fucking awesome. Huge point to be made here. You do not really want the girls, you do not really want the 25 million dollars, you do not really want the mPUA title... What you really want is the feeling that stuff gives you. That euphoric feeling of validation. When I sleep with a girl now, I feel the same the next day. Before I felt 100x better because I had validated my worth to women, I couldn't help but tell everyone I slept with a hot girl. So what you percieve as wanting women right now... Is actually you wanting the euphoric feeling of validation. That last paragraph was huge, really can't emphasize it enough. So this enlightment shit I'm talking about is basically giving yourself complete 100% validation without begging others to give it to you.

Britney syndrome is a great example which I will also steal from Tyler. If you did good on the SATs this is for you:
You:Women::Britney:Number One Recording Artist
Britney thought all she needed to be happy was to become a number one recording artist THEN she can be happy. She worked her ass off her whole life trying to reach this. In her mind she was 110% sure reaching this level of fame would make her happy for the rest of her life. She finally gets there and guess what... She isn't very happy. As a result she ends up going completely batshit isnane because if that can't make her happy then nothing can! You are looking at the mPUA title like the number one recording artist title. You really don't want that, what you really want is the feeling of validation associated with it.

I really think RSD needs to do a better job of describing 'Giving Value' its such a huge concept and they say it 1000 times but what the fuck does it mean? I'll try and explain how I understand it. When a girl sleeps with you, in a way she is giving you value. You went from 30% validated to 60% validated after sleeping with her. Maybe 65% if you were able to sneak it in her butt or get her to swallow. In more subtle instances you meet some friends out and you are at about 40%... Then one of your friends says they like your shirt in a very genuine way +3%... Then a girl walks by you and smiles +2%... Then you tell a joke and people laugh +5%... Then you use a canned pick up line and you get a good response +8%.... climbing... climbing... OK NOW I AM IN STATE PEOPLE HAVE VALIDATED ME ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY! Fuck man... are you paying attention. Just go out at 100% all the time you don't need other people giving you validation, give it to yourself. Don't beg other for it, you already have it man.

Now imagine you go out at 100% from the start. Everyone can smell that shit in the air, it fucking reeks of confidence. They are looking for you to give them the +3% complements. They are looking at you to give them the +2% smiles. They are looking at you to give the +5% laughs. You are the value giver, not the value begger!


I love you guys. Really let me know what you are having a hard time grasping I'm here for you guys now.
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I've been on a writing roll lately and I have some time so I hit you with some more of my personal findings.  My past two posts really sum up what I am talking about to the core.  Pretty much everything else I post will just be frosting around the foundation I've already set down.  So if you haven't read my first two posts, this post will not really do much for you.  I will now tell you how a gang of 14 year old girls walking down the street slapped me into an even higher level of conscousness.

Here comes 5 girls walking down the street wearing the most ridiculous clothe.  We got everything from sunglasses on a rainy day to crazy boots, flashy earings and bracelets.  It looks like the store Claire's threw up on them, or a bunch of five year olds playing dress up.  I hear a woman walk by me and say "ha whoa fashion overload..."  These girls think they are the shit right now.  In their minds they are paris hiltons.  They do not even realize how ridiculous they are.  20 Years from now these girls will look back and see how outrageous they were and how hard they were trying to be cool.

The same way people can look at the Hannah Montana Gang and notice how badly they were trying to be cool, I now look at 90% of other people and have the exact same reaction.  But instead of Claires and Hot Topic, now they shop at Nordstroms and Express.  Everyone is trying so hard to be cool, worried about what others think of them.  And it is so obvious.  The only reason I didn't notice it before was because I was too inside my own head worrying about what other people thought of me!

This was a huge breakthrough for me because I was making an identity about trying to fit in (like Tyler's obscure fucking reference about a guy with 6 fingers or some shit), but the reality is EVERYONE is trying to fit in.  Women spending literally hours in this store imagining how much happier they would be if they bought that suede boot with a heal which you can hear 300 feet away.  Watch a girl at a sports bar trying to pretend she cares about the game when she doesn't even know what play action is.  Over hear girls analyzing the fuck out of what a text message from a guy they like meant.

Fuck it, just look at facebook.  People craving validation over the internet hitting refresh every 10 minutes to see if someone liked their post about what they ate for lunch.  90% of people need others to tell them who they are and how much self worth they have.  The other 10% don't judge.  They just see it, understand it, and live happily ever after.
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Haha I always imagine myself now talking to myself a few years ago. I would probably think future me had gone fucking crazy. I think the key to this shit is enlightment. And the word almost makes me angry because everyone talks about it and how great it is, but if you look into how to be enlightened its the most cryptic shit you'll ever read. But I think breaking the auto-code in your in mind is a good way to describe it. Many times you will THINK you are enlightened or you will THINK you are harnessing the now, but you will be sure when you do.

Entertain the thought that you are so inside your outdated mental programming code right now and you do not even realize it. You are so possessed and deep inside it you are unaware because it is everywhere. You respond to others posting with hate yet you aren't fully appreciating life. Enlightment is like describing color to a blind man, he will never fully understand what red means. I think enlightment is similar because most people are so trapped in their mind they do not even know anything else. The transformation really is like awaking to the Matrix. You will look back at the way you once percieved the world and be amused at how difficult you made everything. The first step is realizing YES you are running ancient outdated code, you are a puppet to your programming. Understanding your code, listening to the code is the beginning.

I'm trying to be careful not to slip into the Teacher's Trap. When I first started sharing these concepts with a couple of my friends I realized I was seeking validation in the concepts. I needed other people to tell me these new concepts which made me feel fucking amazing were valid. Alright as promised I'll emotionally give you a million dollars and hook you up with Jessica Alba.

If you haven't listened to The Power of Now or seriously meditated. You should stop reading this right now and go buy the audio book of The Power of Now. Here I will even link you:


This Tolle is one badass. And what I am going to attempt to describe is basically Tolle's teachings for the standard keyboard jockey.

Basically. I talk about your program, the ancient code that possesses you, and compare people to the crow and the cracker (see first post). This code usually makes time a key variable in your program. And once you realize this, you also realize how absolutely absurd it is to seek happiness in the future. RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE you are sitting staring your monitor. Take it even further you are reading each letter of each word one at a time, you are hearing the fan on your computer, the cars outside, the bass line to the music. You probably only use 10% of your perception at a time becuase the other 90% of you is inside your head worrying about Time. When will I get a girl in the future? When will I transform into Tyler and be in state? Feeling dumpy because you had a bad night in the past. That shit don't matter yo! Past and future are all an illusion of the mind, its not real. Right now right here is always real.

The best analogy I can share is when you drive. You are driving somewhere and you get there without even remember getting on the freeway. Its like you teleported because you were so spaced out that you just autopiloted your car 15 minutes to another location. Most people are auto piloting their life. Spaced out thinking about other shit. Wake up, break the code.

You are letting your past experiences define how you feel right now. And if this is true you are still running the code. The simple animalistic behavior that was inserted into our human brains so we could function as social creatures. If you got laid by a turbo girl last night or if you got blown out by a whale last night EITHER WAY you are still sitting at your computer reading this shit. Its egoic mind that is fucking with you. If you won a million dollars last night or if you lost your job yesterday you are still right here right now. Now a better example to help my point come accross:

Think back to the last time you were sick. You are sitting in bed misrable. You are thinking 'dude, if I were healthy right now. That would TOTALLY be the shit." You finally wake up one morning feeling 100% and you are SOOOOO glad. But a month later you still feel 100% but are unhappy about something else. The past of being sick, made you enjoy feeling normal. Imagine yesterday you were paralyzed in a wheelchair and had 0 dollars to your name. Now you are where you are now. Fuck you would feel pretty fucking awesome if you could walk and had any money. But a second ago you were sitting here feeling depressed.

This concept may be surrounding you so much you think that what I am describing is impossible. To always feel like you got laid by a turbo girl last night and won the lottery at all times because there is no reason not to. Well you don't have the plague and you have two legs (apologies to any handicapped reading)... Its all relative.

Get up from your chair and realize that every current moment is all there is. All those times you got blown out in the past are just your egoic programming telling you not to feel good. But fuck that programming. Get up and realize that big pimp you want to be in the future, the one you feel you need do x, y, and z in order to act like in the future. YOU CAN BE THAT BIG PIMP RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE THAT BIG PIMP.

If you have any questions or feedback please share.
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I've been following RSD for years. I have never posted nor have I met with other pick up people. But I have had levels of self actualization break throughs that I feel I need to give back to the community. I've been paying close attention every time I have a major break through and what pieces moved in my mind. Note: I went into self help HARD. I took a couple weeks off work once just to meditate alone in my appartment. Since reaching new levels of personal reality I started to tell my friends about what I've learned. Everytime their mind melts and they need to go home back they can't function. Their whole reality blown. So now its time to share...

I remember my biggest break through happened when I was walking to my car after work. I was watching a crow pick away at a cracker. I studied the crow during his saltine acquisition. I listened to the crow's thoughts along the process and realized any crow would have done exactly the same thing. The teachers were generations of evolution. What a simple creature. His actions were completely calculatable before the day even began. The code of ancient programming was being executed one line at a time. He was a puppet of the program. I wasn't judging the crow, he's just doing what he is programmed to do. I don't feel all mighty, I was able to watch with pure objectivety.

I then realized that humans are exactly the same. Jelousy, fear of rejection, anxiety, stress, getting caught up in mental time. It's all fucking ancient programming. The whole rat race, women's obsession with shoes, couples fighting only for the need to be right. ALL OF IT is fucking programmed in us like the crow's attack on a cracker. So I just hit Break on that fucking code. What program is running now?

When I go out and look around. I used to look for everyone's response to me to see if I was enough, now I just view them objectively like crows. I didn't even notice that ALL girls are pinging for validation 100x worse than the biggest chode on this forum. I see old people at work and they just seem like kids in an adults body. No control over what motivates them. The politics they play to get up in the ranks. They are completely tied up in their image of self.

This is all i have time to to write about now. Stay tuned for when I explain how you can feel like you just won 50000000 dollars and fucked the top 10 hottest women in the world. This is using your current point of view and value tied to these things... Just wait, I'm going to melt your fucking mind.
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