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So I'm pretty excited about this new segment I'll be trying out here the next few weeks...

I'm calling it "Relationship Corner" hahaha!

Basically a new QnA segment where I answer guys questions specifically related to applying pickup advice to getting a girlfriend, multiple girlfriends, getting over a breakup, knowing when the right time is to get in a relationship, etc. etc. etc.

I feel that with my background, starting off my dating life in an 8 year relationship, then diving into the pickup world for 5-6 years, then back into a relationship, and all the mistakes along the way...

I'm in a unique situation among the instructors in that I'm in a committed relationship, and feel that the knowledge I've gained from RSD has both helped and hindered my relationships at times...

More on that in future videos, today we have the first in the series: 

When is the right time to get into a relationship?

Check out the vid:

There you go!!!

The first of many, PLEASE comment below with questions for future videos, and I'd love to answer your Q!

As always...  ENJOY!
- BB
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Hey hey!

Just getting back from Miami and back into work mode again...

The trip was a blast, hitting up all the clubs with the other instructors...  As well as getting out of the frigid Chicago weather for a few days.

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And finally, for today's vid I wanted to dive into the concept of "State Control." 

Basically how each of us already knows how to manage our state, and we do it in some contexts, but how we need to GO PRO like professional athletes and "ritualize" your state in high stress situations...

Check out the video to see what I mean!

Hahaha, everyone is loving that New Zealand rugby team Haka!

So GO PRO in your own life!

The most successful people in the world are doing it...

So why aren't you?!


And as always...  ENJOY!

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Hey dude!

It's been a BIG WEEK!

And it all culiminates right here with the final video in The Rapid Persuasion Takeover Week!

But first...  I thought you'd like to know...

The Rapid Persuasion program is LIVE!!!  Click Here to See:

Wooooh!  Pretty excited yo...

And as a special little treat, here's that video about "Rewiring Your Brain" to Automatically Influence the People Around You


So if you want to:
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  • Amplify Your Income by marketing yourself like a pro?

Then Click on This Link, and Check Out The Rapid Persuasion Program!   

It's been a great week!  I'm off to Miami.........

As always...  Enjoy!
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    Hollla!  Brad here!
    So I’m not sure if you knew…  But this is officially my 6th product launch!
    And for better or worse, I’ve done ALL the marketing on every launch.
    I say for better or worse, because a lot of hard work goes into this…
    But it’s also crazy rewarding because I truly believe that: 
    Marketing yourself effectively is THE BEST way to control of your financial destiny!
    Which is why I wanted to help you apply Strategic Marketing principles to your own life:
    • To market to your customers more effectively and sell more of your products and services
    • To “translate your value” to your boss and command a higher income
    • And to “connect the dots” on your resume and increase your chances of getting that dream job
    Wow, those are some serious bullets!  Check out the vid to see what I mean:

    Boom!  Well…  It looks like the Launch Tornado has officially begun!
    Seriously, I love product launches…  They make me feel so special with all the constant feedback and questions…  :)
    First, I wanted to thank everyone for all the positive feedback on the videos…
    And if you have ANY questions don’t hesitate to ask!

    And secondly, make sure to watch today’s video! 
    You’ll see why a Sniper approach to marketing ALWAYS out performs “playing the numbers game...”
    You gotta get specific, explicit, and strategic BOYYYY!   LOL
    Too much coffee in the morning here…
    And as always…  ENJOY!
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    Well hello there!!!  It’s Brad again,
    So I’m not sure how well you know my past…
    But I pretty much spent all of my 20s running around nightclubs, chatting up girls…
    Teaching guys around the world ALL SORTS of nuanced, hyper specific, advanced social legerdemain and pickup techniques to persuade girls into getting with them.
    And after ALL that work…  And THOUSANDS of clients later, I realized… 
    That I made Dating Women way more complex than it needed to be!
    Now don’t get me wrong…  There’s always more to be learned, and all those little tips and tricks totally worked.
    But when you’re trying to achieve other things in life besides girls, it’s pretty much impossible to get anything done when you’re chasing girls around 6 nights a week…
    And so when I created The Rapid Persuasion product, I wanted to boil down ALL of those old pickup concepts into ONE simple mindset and TWO calibration tools…
    Which leads to today’s video, where I break down one of those calibration techniques:
    To help you understand women better and know EXACTLY how to respond to their behavior:

    Yep!  Using the ole Persuasion Equation again to understand women better… 
    And then CALIBRATING to their specific behavior!
    You see, when you can understand what type of woman you’re working with, with this new tool you’ll know the best way to “connect the dots”:
    • How to build attraction
    • How to lead the interaction forward
    • And how to “wear the pants” in the relationship

    Leading to a headache free, healthy awesome relationship with the girl…
    Or just some fun for the night! :)
    As always…  ENJOY!
    PS – If you still haven’t signed up for the VIP crew yet, DO IT!  I just released a special “backstage” video for my crew, showing them how the Rapid Persuasion program was created.
    Sign up here:
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    Alright, let’s start off today with a little thought experiment:
    I want you to imagine your life 6 months from now… 
    And imagine that during those 6 months…  You somehow find 3 new guys that are each 10X more successful than you…
    And over time you guys get really tight…  I’m talking CLOSE FRIENDS…
    The type of guys that WANT to see each other succeed, and are Emotionally Invested in each other’s success.
    And let me ask you this:
    Do you think these new friends will help you reach your goals faster??
    Now of course, the answer is an obvious “YES!”
    Which is why it’s so confusing to me that so many guys just SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY with their friends…
    But it doesn’t have to be that way!
    Watch this Video to Learn EXACTLY How to turn Successful ‘Acquaintances’ into Your Closest Friends!

    Now I’m not saying to ditch your current friends at all!
    Nor am I saying it’s easy meeting new people…  Especially if they’re more successful than you!
    But the biggest reason guys don’t have the right people around them, is because they don’t take a pro-active approach!
    The way most people make friends is “it just kind of happens.”
    You meet someone at a gym, or a seminar, or in high school…
    And somehow a friendship just kind of happens...
    But let me tell you, if you want to surround yourself with REALLY successful people…
    You need to take a more PRO-ACTIVE approach!
    Enjoy the video!
    PS – Guys have been asking about my Rapid Persuasion product, and when it will be available to purchase…  The answer is, I’m having a special launch period starting THIS Thursday, February 26th
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    So let’s just say after coaching “social dynamics” for 8 years now, I’ve learned A LOT about human behavior…
    And how to manipulate people!   Muahaha!
    Hey!  Manipulation doesn’t HAVE to be a bad thing!
    It’s just being as EFFECTIVE as possible in your interactions to get the OUTCOME you want!
    Whether that be getting LAID…  Or getting PAID…   LOL!
    Anyway, if you want to learn how YOU can be more persuasive in your interactions, I’d suggest checking out today's video:

    Click Here to Sign Up For VIP Access!

    You see, it all comes down to The Persuasion Equation.
    Which is why I wanted you to watch today’s video before the big week ahead…
    Yep, I’ll be releasing new videos each day explaining how to apply The Persuasion Equation to your:  Social Circle, Dating Life, and Career/Business
    So make sure to check out today’s video before next week!
    And get ready for the GOODNESS!
    As always…  ENJOY!
    Brad Branson
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    Here's that link again if you need it!
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    Hey dude!
    So first off, I wanna wish you an early Happy Valentine’s day!
    Seriously, this is the best day of the year to be single…  So many distraught single women out there looking for a man!  LOL
    Anyway, today I’ve got a video for you related to developing a Strong Frame of Reality…
    You see, I used to teach a pickup concept called Being the Yacht!
    Basically building an extreme frame of reality, and being unreactive towards anything the girl does.
    Now this does build attraction…
    But the more I’ve learned about persuasion and influence, the more I’ve discovered INFINITELY better techniques to get the girl.
    Check the vid to see what I mean:

    Once you get a better understanding of The Persuasion Equation you see that you HAVE to dive into their view of the world…
    To know the best way to communicate, calibrate, and language what you say to be as influential and persuasive as possible.
    Ok!  That’s enough for now!  Now get out there and have a good V DAY!!!
    I’ll be back next week explaining in detail what The Persuasion Equation is, how to use it, and letting you know what’s in store:
    When I TAKEOVER the front page February 23rd-28th!!!
    As always…  Enjoy!
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    Been working NON STOP on this new Rapid Persuasion program, and getting super AMPED to finally be getting it out to y'all.

    I have a love-hate relationship with creating products like this.  I mean, I love the finished product, but man, it's intimidating at times creating these outlines and fleshing out the material.

    Seriously 90% of the effort, and months of time, goes into outlining the material, and then it's only a day or two of recording.

    You really can't imagine how much work goes into cutting out all the fluff, and making the content as easy to understand as possible...

    It's more a process of taking away than adding.

    But now that things are finally coming together, and the vision I had months ago is starting to come to life...  

    Mannnn....   It's a beautiful thing. ;)

    Anyway, today I've got a video for you from the persuasion seminar I did in Koh Tao, about your Primary Focus.

    It's seriously THE BEST way to calibrate your conversation when interacting with anyone.

    Check it out to see what I mean:


    Alright, it's been a long day.  Time to relax with a glass of wine and the final Harry Potter movie...  LOL

    Seriously started watching the series on the flight back from Thailand and have been addicted to watching them all now.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vid, and have a stellar weekend!

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    So I'm back in Chicago after a nice quick trip to Thailand for 2 weeks.

    It was a lot of fun, and a great break from work, but now I'm rejuvenated and excited to get my HUSTLE ON!

    Really really really liking this video!  Funny enough I wasn't even thinking about the topic until another one of my friends went through a bad breakup and I helped him through it.

    It's happened to multiple friends of mine over the last few months, as well as me learning from the mistakes I've made in my own relationship...

    About how pickup advice really can ruin your ability to hold on to an awesome girl long term.

    Check out the vid to see what I mean: 


    There's even more than these principles, but I didn't want to make this into an hour long video or something.

    Let me know if you've made any of these mistakes, and I'll try to tackle them in future videos.

    And get excited!  I've been putting MONTHS of energy into this new Rapid Persuasion product.  It's nothing like RSD has ever released before.

    Gonna be quite epic!

    And as always...  ENJOY!
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