Brad Branson

Happy Christmas man!

As you can see from the vid, I'm up in Wisconsin, and literally had to stop half way through because my mouth stopped moving from the cold weather.

Which makes me pretty excited to start my world tour, getting the hell out of the snow and off to Thailand.

I'm heading there with Alex, former instructor Ryan, and about 12 of my closest bad ass friends.

Gonna be so sick.

Anyway, I've been hearing this buzz phrase for like two weeks here at RSD Headquarters... 

Both Owen saying it, and having a guy ask me about it on one of the LSA calls.

So I figured I'd give MY take on the paradadox of Self Acceptance and Self Development, and why I don't even think there is a paradox!

Check the vid and see why YOU need to accept yourself more!


There really isn't a paradox if you dig deep enough and see HOW self acceptance is important for developing yourself further.

It isn't a matter of accepting complacency, it's creating the self love to feel deserving that you should get more out of life.

And a method to determine what aspects of your life you ignore and block out, the areas that NEED to change if you want to hit the next level of success.

Let me know what you think, this is a pretty fun concept!

And as always...

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hi brad

i am cool

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Alex Hot Seat Member | Respected Member

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Bro, i've been following your stuff for a while and the progress i'm seeing in your videos, in temrs of delivery, has been amazing.

Your ability to convey ideas, your speaking itself, and the vibe you give off makes these videos really awesome and insanely usable in my own life.

It's the shit!

So thanks a lot!

Happy holidays
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Hey Brad, im 17 from Mexico, It would be Awsome a Video about Lifestyle and Paths at my age. 
Thank You Dude!
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Great vid man, I need to do a vid covered in snow!!!

"I'm awesome, and enjoying the journey of becoming EVEN MORE awesome..."

The fact you even CARE to improve means you're a step ahead of most folks regardless.

Have fun on the trips they sound amazing.  Shoot vids!! :)

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Great vid Brad, can tell that you're delivery is improving and your videos have been increasingly more fun to watch and more interesting. I'm at a stage in my life where I'm going to be graduating from high school soon and off into the real world so all of this helps tremendously so thanks!
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more self acceptance / self love = more entitlement 

more entitlement = more work to make things happen for yourself because you know now your WORTH it!

Good points, thanks for the vid
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Anthony John

Anthony John

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Welcome back to Wisconsin! I bet you miss the weather here, eh?
I think it's cool to accept yourself but you should try to be your best self.  It is an insult to God to not enjoy your life and be your best self.
It's amazing how many grey areas you point on in my life. 
Nice comment from Tyler btw, that vlog brings me back.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Brad.
Have fun in Thailand.
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Anyone know why it won't let me post a blog?  It says I need at least 3 comments on the forums to post a blog and that I have 0 so far, but I just recently posted about 7.  Anyone else have this problem?
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Your video's getting better and better. It seems it pays off the read a lot of books.
Your verbal and the use of words is awesome, its almost magic how you make this video.
It must be the christmas spirit. hahah
Really strong content here.

Thank you.

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Hi Brad! 
I'm on the journey to enlightment, and I also concluded that there is no paradox. The reason is because they are completely different. Self-acceptance is something you are or be, while self-development is something you do. I think when you boil down what you were saying to more concise terms that's how it would be explained. BTW, I also think Jed McKenna is awesome.
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Patronus Charm

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Take any example of self-improvement.  Say it's eating healthy.  Why are you doing it?  To improve an aspect of yourself - your health.  This implies that your current state of health is unacceptable to you.  If your current state was acceptable, you wouldn't take action to alter it.

Self-improvement versus self-acceptance is not a paradox.  It's just that they work in opposition to each other.  They are opposing forces.  One builds the self, the other lessens it.  Most pick up guys do a lot more self-improvement than self-acceptance.  It is possible to do both, but as I said they work against each other and are incompatible.
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