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Hey hey!

Hope you're doing well!

Today I have a nice little video about PATIENCE...

And how most people stress themselves out because they want to "Get to the end" yesterday...

Instead of just enjoying the journey.

Check it Out:


You gotta pace yourself and view any skilll as a long path to mastery.

And while having concrete crystal clear goals is important, you can't always be stuck in the future thinking about where you want to be...

Instead of enjoying the moment and being greatful for what you have.


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Hey hey!

Been working NONSTOP on the weekly videos for the LSA which takes up nearly a full week's work outlining and recording so haven't had time to do the weekly videos here in a while...

But I have a special treat for you today!

Here's a nice little clip from an event I did in Miami where I talk about my path to success in pickup, how I started working for RSD, and the biggest change in mindset that led to my success.

I also talk about being a bit too naive at times and how that led to some embarrassing mistakes early in my "pickup career" but I give a few counter points on why it's good to be open minded...  But with a grain of salt. :)

Anyway, check the vid out!  You'll get some new insights into my early years with RSD and how you too can get "instructor level good" faster:


Yep, it ALWAYS seems to come back to knowing what values you have and making sure those values are YOUR values...  Not society's, your friends, the girls, or your parents...

And the only way to do that is dive in and get introspective about WHY you have those values...

Good to be back!

Let me know what you think, and as always...  ENJOY!
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Hey hey!

Just spending the day here recording some "hypnotic induction audios" for the guys inside the LSM program... 

First time doing it, so it's been pretty interesting and a lot of fun!

Also, I'm sure you've probably noticed by now...

But we are in the MIDDLE of the big Lifestyle Mastery product launch.

There's already guys interacting inside the forum, watching the week 1 videos, and clarifying their goals...

Also I've decided to take $300 off of the gold package!

I've really been enjoying the coaching calls, and want to get even more guys involved...

And during the launch period there's a special upgrade package where gold members get 4 coaching calls with me at a seriously discounted price!

Check out what's inside Lifestyle Mastery:  Click Here to See


So for today's video, I have an interview with myself, Julien, and Max.

It was pretty interesting having the 3 of us together...  Each at different "life stages" in our careers...

Max being in his early 20s, and fully locked in to pickup mode and the adventure mindset...

Julien in his late 20s, transitioning into more of a business focus and intimate dating life...

And me being in my early 30s, and already making that full transition into self development, running my business, and having an exclusive relationship.

And having passed through each of these stages, I thought it would be cool to get each instructors opinion on how they plan to make their journey from their 20s into their 30s....

And the best advice to give a guy in his 20s to take his own journey.

Check it out:

And quickly, if you are in your 30s or older...  Don't worry!

The vast majority of guys we teach are in their 20s, so these videos are mostly created for our core audience.

But if you are older you still have PLENTY of time to work on all the areas we talked about.

I mean I plan to live to 120, so what is 10 years over the next ONE HUNDRED!

Don't freak out, don't get pissed, see how you can apply this advice to your own life and TAKE ACTION!

And again, no matter what your age, make sure to check out my Lifestyle Mastery program as well...

Which can help you create that gameplan to achieve more now, and set yourself up best for the future!

Click Here to Check Out Brad's Lifestyle Mastery
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Aw yeah...
Big Announcement:
Enrollment is open for The Brand New Lifestyle Mastery program!
What are you waiting for?!  Click Here to Join Now
Remember there’s only 20 Silver/Gold upgrades available to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with me…
And I’m sure these upgrades will be taken by the end of the day.
So if you want to work directly with me…  Sign up now!
See ya on the inside!
PS – I wanted to make signing up to my Lifestyle Mastery program as easy as possible for you…  So there’s payment plans available, as well as a FULL money-back guarantee… 

Check it out –
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Would you like more emotional stability?

Trusting your own opinion over anyone elses?

Would you like to stop caring about what other people think of you?

Feeling comfortable in ANY situation?

Being more decisive and walking through the world with ease?

Then you need to check out today’s video where we’ll dive DEEP down the rabbit hole…

But first!

I want you to check out this success story, where an LSA alumni explains how the LSA gave him the tools to be more decisive...

Leading to him quitting his day job and helping run an 8 figure startup company.

Check it out:

Thanks for the testimonial Ariel!  And good luck in selling the company!

And now onto today's video...  Let's dive DEEEEP down the rabbit hole:

You see, the only way to truly build core confidence is go down to the FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH of why we are all here, who is the I asking why we are all here, and where you fit in the UNIVERSE...

Not just this earth, your body, your country, or a nightclub.  

And that means we have to dive down and get philosophical...

And from there build ourselves back up understanding what our values are, WHY we have those values, and how to create an action plan to achieve more.

Leading to a happier, more fulfilling life, where you're more decisive and have the confidence and clarity to know you're on the right path.

And if you want me to help you get there faster, that's what my new Lifestyle Mastery program is all about!

Enrollment is opening tomorrow July 17th at noon CST!!!

And for the first 20 guys who sign up to a premium package, I'm going to be give them special upgrades to work with me one-on-one...  FOR FREE!

So make sure not to miss it, and I'll see you tomorrow!

As always...   Enjoy!

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So about a month ago I released a video entitled:  The Glass Ceiling
Explaining why: 90% of guys I meet will NEVER be cool.
I was surprised at how popular it was, and decided to create a more in depth video for you today breaking down:
  • How to join the “cool crowd” and what it means to be cool
  • How to blast through insecurities that hold you back from being more social
  • Give you outer game techniques to never run out of things to say again and always be able to “add to the vibe”
  • And 2 important traits that will make you naturally attract awesome successful people into your life

But first!

Here's a quick testimonial from another Lifestyle Academy alumni:

I especially like this success story as it shows that even if you you have a "corporate gig" you can still find the time to travel as much as you want and create an awesome lifestyle.

And now, onto today's video...

Teaching you how to add to the vibe, never run out of things to say, and become the type of guy who automatically attracts awesome successful people into his life:

And lastly, get ready for this Friday, July 17th at 12pm CST when the Lifestyle Academy goes LIVE!

I'll be giving special upgrades for the first 20 guys who buy!!!

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So I was watching this interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet…
They were sitting at the dining room table and this interviewer was asking them questions.
At one point she asked both of them what the most important factor in their success was…
And the two richest men alive BOTH answered that FOCUS was the biggest factor in their financial success.
Now when I read that the first time, it didn’t really make any sense to me…
But slowly, as I’ve helped more and more clients start businesses, get pay raises, and build their wealth faster, I’ve realized that their biggest blind spots are ALWAYS about focus.

And before we jump into today's video, I wanted to share 2 Success Stories from past LSA Alumni who used some of the "Financial Focus Strategies" in their own lives to create thriving businesses:


That FOCUS is so important!!!

Which is why you must be SUPER DISCIPLINED about where you put your focus...

And from there, the sky really is the limit.

So let's jump into today's video on Upgrading Your Financial Focus:

So get ready for tomorrow where I'll be taking you to the Northwoods of Wisconsin and talking about how to apply The Million Dollar Mouthpiece to increase your social circle and build those relationships to get you success faster!

And the big day is this Friday, July 17th!!!

Everything's happening at:

As always...

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It's takeover week!!
So after teaching with RSD for 8 years now, I’ve seen too many guys who find out about the pickup community and get SUPER EXCITED!!!
Only to leave 6 months later, with no more girls, no more sex…  Just a few months of wasted time watching too many Youtube videos.
And I really think the difference that separates the guys who become rockstar players and the guys who sit on the sidelines is SO SMALL…
It really comes down to 2 things, which is what today’s video is all about:

And get ready....

Because tomorrow I have a brand new take on "Financial Freedom" that I think you'll really enjoy!

And of course, prep yourself for this Friday and the upcoming Lifestyle Mastery launch, where I'll be giving special upgrades for some of the first few guys who buy.

Also, if you're interested if the Lifestyle Mastery program is for you, here's a pretty cool success story:

I'll see you tomorrow!

And as always...

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Oh yeah!

I've been working on this new launch for months!!

Brought on new employees, new videographers, worked with high level coaches to refine my own teaching, and rewrote entire curriculums...

All for a brand new rendition of the Lifestyle Academy program, upgraded to:

And next week I'm taking over the front page, to cover some of the most important topics you'll need to level up your lifestyle.  Check it out:

Yep, here's the schedule in case you missed it:

Monday, July 13th:  Get the Girls
Tuesday, July 14th:  Get the Money
Wednesday, July 15th:  Build the Social Circle
Thursday, July 16th:  Build Core Confidence
Friday, July 17th:  New Launch of The Lifestyle MASTERY program

With brand new videos, an upgraded curriculum, LIVE group coaching sessions for all packages, and special upgrades for the first 20 guys who sign up!

More on that next week, for now, get ready...

And as always...  ENJOY!
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Hey hey!

So a few weeks back I had a bunch of requests to create "A Day in The Life" video, so here you go!

Pretty stark contrast to my old version of this back from 2012.  And it really comes down to the change in priorities...  Moving from girls to business.

These days, my days are completely structured to squeeze as much productivity out of them as possible, yet still maintain a sustainable pace without getting too stressed out...  Which is something I used to have a hard time dealing with.

Check it out!

Haha, BradBod in full force.  Gotta get back in the gym more regularlyyyyyy.

Ok, off to create more videos as the Lifestyle Mastery Takeover week is only 10 days away!

Get ready for a chock full week of new video content and on Friday, July 17th I'm opening enrollment up for the BRAND NEW Lifestyle Academy Mastery program...

Alright, I'm back to work!

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