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Yeah so tonight was refreshing! Approached some griuos, some real hotties, squared up to face most of the sets, sat down with.a table full of tens, totally chilled, got a makeout with a decent seven. My state bwgan to calm and just get charismatic. Didnt hurt that I met up with my friend "the gathering" early on. He n I generally help eachothers state. For night thirteen I could not expect any better. Plus I made some cool friends.

Sick as a fucking dog though... But still bittin it. Trying to eat better but smoking is taking away my gusto. Coughing more during the sickness because of it.

Texting an ex tonight. Told her to come over and sit on my face. She told me to lose her number. Meh. I will always be a dick in her books... But dat ass...

Yeah so I tgink I have to quit smoking at least for my friends sake. We hang super regularly n we ennable eachothers smoking. Not good... But I love cigarettes. Hmmmmm

Yeah, a few of the guys are getting interested in what im doing and want to tag along. Sweet. The more the marrier.

at work im going hard. Seeing that girl almost die (she survived which is crazy) made me think I shoukd try to own the chores I have to do. Slowly improving my game, skowly improving my life.

I do thus.tging with my homies every sunday called bro hang. We chill, play pool then go hit up retro night at a seedy bar downtown. Bht my shift is changing... I hope I get sundays off. If not ill still do bro hang but it will have to start later. Ah well.

Night 13 down tge fucking hatch. Fourteen jyst around the corner. Then tge free tour in TO followed by some epic romping. Fuck... Yeah
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Yeah, night number twelve. No numbers, no makeouts. Close tgough. Opened a ten set at the bar. Very drunk they were. Made really good eye contact with the hotter one. Got into a sexual state emediatelu. Right before the kiss her girl took her away... I didnt give enough of a fuck to chase. Oipened another set. girl and guy. The girl was a five, and a complete fucking bitch. From rome. Did a stare bdown with her. Just let her get her hate out. Bounced to another set.

Been thinking about day game more n more... Gotta love it. I miss it kinda. But night game is easier. Not because I dont get rejected. I do all the time during night and day game. But there are more women in one venue. Plus they are drunk which is sweet I guess.

Guess im taking my lumps pretty well. I wonder what this will be like in a month, two months, or even a year. Wwll, looking forward to it while enjoying the moment.

Decided to draw today. Not much. But id like to beef up my portfolio so that I can feel confident when I apply to apprentice at a tattoo shop. Itll happen. My best guess is two years till I start inkin peopke. Three or so till I have my own bidness.

Also tn im hoping to go out solo. Ill prolly go to the irish bar in town. Hit up a few sets, chill and enjoy the ride.

Cant wait to spread the ass cheeks of my first ten... Whenever that happens. Itll happen when i really want it.

Cheers motherfuckers.
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Wwnt out to retro night at a bar. Pretty sweet. B4 the bar did an approach or two. Bummed a smoke off a hotie. Sweet. At the bar met up with a girl from work. Made out with her. She felt my dick on the dancefloor. Spent way too much money thid weekend. B4 any of this I hung out with another ex. No fucky fucky but still some heavy petting. Sweet. Got a solid number tn which is grwat. After everything just chilled with my homie and shot the shit. Smoked cigarettes. No big deal. My ex boss was at the bar and wanted to get down. Sweet but I was trying to work the girl from work lol.

Anyways, night number eleven, awesome. Twelve comin up next. Prolky solo. Sweet!

Texting bitches is fun.

No extraction tn but soon. Peace.

Go out!!
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Good night. sex with an ex then visit with another. Went to the club. Approaches. Saw with my own eyes a girl lose her life... She got hit by a car outside of a bar. All the more reason to do what I love. One day this will all be gone. No frwsh kill last night. Soon enough. Day ten of pimping. Still having an amazing time. Really wouldn't mind pulling tonight but itll happen soon enough. least I got the numberfro, an eight named anastia... Sweet.
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Danced. Fucking awesome. Opened some sets. Got a number feom a fatty... Well I gave her my numbwr. Didnt drink. Ran into a complete asshole from the past who acts like a friebd. threw down some wack ass game. Laufhed a shit ton. Ignored a coupke texts... Wished I got more texts. Played pool. And hung with some really cool friends. Worth it totally. Thinking about day game tmrw (today). I have breakfast with cutie at nine tgis morning. People thought I was on drugs tonight... Tgis night coming up ill focus on momentum more. Open more sets. Chill and ride the night out.

Night number nine done. Ten is being served up tonight. Lets see where tgis takes me...

All in all, good night.
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Got drunk, yelled at girls, got a number from a girl, got made fun of byfriends, spent way too much money, masturbated and passed out... Still worth it.
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Yeah, went to kafeoke last night with some friends and a cutie I met at a bus stop a while back. Tried to do aint nothin but a g thang but learned I didnt knlw the whole song. Ah well. After, cutie and I went to my place. My bed is a yoga mat. She stayed the night. Hahahaha awesome. Had sex with an ex in the morning after cutie left.

Tonight im going to focus hardcore on momentum building. Maybe ill pull, mayne not. Baby steps. Plus, itll be my eigth consecutive night out in a row. BOMB! Plus its only been a week since I broke up with my ex. So, im doin okay I think.

Working on getting into a sexual self amused state while in set. Its neen working. Despite the semi-frequent masterbation, I keep getting hard while texting girls. Haha win!

If you read this hit me back. Ill read your posts n shit.

Later guys!
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Just hit up a whole bunch of girls. Great feeling. Solo is also cool. No makeouts lr whatever, but ya, went out. Non of the sets really mattered, I just opened and totally chilled. I'll be going out tmrw, n the next day and the next. What a good feeling. Had some laughs, macked on bitches. My work is done.

Going out every night is already paying off. Working on getting my thoughts, words and acfions in alignment. What a joirney.

Hopefully tmrw im in that pussy. We'll c.

Thats all. Night!
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Straight pimping tonight. Many approaches, some dancimg, minimal alcohol and almost pulled a girl home.
Tomorrow I go on my date with a girl I met at a bus stop. Excited!

Wasnt plannimg on drinking anything, but when I go out with my best friend of course ill jabe one or two. Afger two I just cut mhself off. Went for the water. Felt good. Maintained a fIrly good state. Lets see how I do solo tmrw. There are so many places to go its hard to choose. Whatever. I might go out lTer than usual. This way the pull might be easier as the girls have already danced a bit.

There were so many girls in the club. God. Wonderful. Tmrw will have to be no cover. No money to pay cover or buy booze. We'll c how it goes. Very excited!

So yeah, date tmrw. Mjcho excited. The legCy of pimp watson continues. Yay.

Sorry for the poor writing quality. Writing this on my phone. Wish I had a computer :( lol who cares

Peace guys
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I have gone out five consecutive nights in a row. four of those evenings I was in a relationship... now i am single.

I was in a relationship for eight months. It was the best relationship of my life./ However it was time to move on.

I have been in the community for a couple years now. i've experienced many ups and downs. many failures and successes.

At a glance: just broke up with gf, going out every night for as long as possible, going out tonight planning to take someone home, not drinking or smoking dope, back in the game yo! Super stoked!

Having just broke up with an amazing girl I'm still feeling the sting. so when I'm up in the club I'm not pimping as hard as I know I can. Plus my game is week as hell. I was very intense in my relationship. Now i'm intensely focussing on sleeping with hot women.

tonight I'll be going out again. Additionally, I've had sex with a handful of women, however i'm going in with a fresh slate. In other words i'm not counting any previous lays. Only new ones. i'm now a "virgin". hahaha I guess I just want to see how many women I can sleep with in the year without muddying up my "kill count" with old stats.

I've been looking into Johnny Sopornos materials lately. I like his style. I've had a lot of questions about pimping over the years that have been unanswered. Johnny, Tyler and the rest of the rsd crew have given me some great insights. my friends have also helped.

tonight I'm lookin' to bring something home. we'll see how successful i am in doing so. gonna build up some nice momentum, get into a groove, remove the try hardness, escalate hard, get into a sexual state quickly, mad eye contact and yeah... that's the plan.

I'm not really drinking anymore. tyler is a big inspiration for me and I like the cut of his jib. that said i want to try some of the things that he is doing becuase one day i want the level of success that he experiences. i just want to pimp hard abnd get my dick wet with some hunnies.

So yeah, wish me luck rsd!!!
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