Lifestyle Redux

Friday night went out for a short one with Dylan. Had tons of fun. Honestly I need to blog right after an evening while its still fresh.

Pulled.last night. A couple mKeouts at the bar too.

Been doing some ballsy approaches lately. Night 25 tn bitches!!
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Hey guys, Jesse here.

Fucked up last night guys. Fake numnered a really sweet girl I was getting along well with. She looks like a chubby rachel bilson... Fuck fuck fuck. She was not happy when she found out. I guess I give out a fake when I feel like I'm not going to get anywhere any time soon. No more! When I'm tempted, I'll mjst pish harder for a better close.

Other than that it was an epic romp last night. TheGathering and I hopped from small venue to small venue, making decent approaches along the way. We talked about the role of entitlement in game. And how having a slightly different.perspective than the unthinking masses can lead to great success. After thst chat I opened a hottie by shouting "ayyyyooooo!" In tge street and aporoaching her with arms open. She resoonded very well. Lead her to a restaurant and yeah, good times.

All in all the lessons feom last night were 3 fold for me.

1) push the envelope when it comes to entitlement
2) self sabatoge less
3) cultivate healthy friendships with like minded people

Having a buddy or a wing with ya' is great when pimpin'.

Tonight should be amazing! More venues are open Friday nights. Let's see what happens.

Until next time fuckers!
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Well fuckers, i've been learning about momentum. And it fucking,rocks. Last night was a good old fashioned romp. Started off with some solid day game approaches, followed by work, followed by pool with a homie, followed by icecream and a movie with a steady, thought she wanted to fuck when we took a cab to her place. No. so after she was dropped off I went dlwntown. Solid solid approacnes. Some nkce long interaxtions. Ran into an old fuck buddy, went home with her. Came everywhere. Vundaba!!

C u later bitches!!!
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Monday: was too scared to do day game. Went out solo to the club that night. Great approaches. Hreat interactions. No makeouts, no numbers, no nothin. However, I can feel the shift in my game. Feels good.

Tuesday: went to a kareoke bar, had tons of fun, sang tons of songs. It was DEAD at thos venue though.. One approach.
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So Tony Robbins had this idea that really affected me. He said that to change your state a great way is to ask yourself better questions. I guess my biggest question is: What do I need to become to get what I want most?I am in a horrible fucking state. Don't get me wrong, my state will not stop me from hitting this shit up EVERY FUCKING DAY. I just feel low.

Monday I had sex twice with two different women. I had a great evening last night at kareoke... but something inside is fucked...

tonight I have a movie date with a steady. We are supposed to see a late show which means that i will only have about an hour of approach time at the club. Who cares it's better than nothing.

I made a daygame approach today too1 Complete hottie. like an eight. Freaked her the fuck out but I did it. My daygame approach anxiety is going away. thank fucking god.

That's all for now. I hope I get a computer soon so i can blog in a more detailed fashion.
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Monday: was too scared to do day game. Went out solo to the club that night. Great approaches. Hreat interactions. No makeouts, no numbers, no nothin. However, I can feel the shift in my game. Feels good.

Tuesday: went to a kareoke bar, had tons of fun, sang tons of songs. It was DEAD at thos venue though.. One approach.
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Left my steadies house in the morning. Felt pretty boss walking home. In state I guess. No daytime approaches though. Definitwly tomorrow. :) every night I do this I love it more n more.

Got some rwally good momentum going during the evening. Had,some long interaxtions with some cuties. Got reds real number (red is my favorite ever). After chatting she said she qas gonna bounce. I saw the,opportunity and went with her. Physical calibration was way off. Walked her home. No kiss, no nothin. I was quietly protesting as her feont door close in my face... Damn. Went back to the club, hit up this dime. She was teatering in attraction. No kiss. Gave her my number. She went away...

Plenty of approaches, creeped some girls out, tried to be as congruent in my thoughts worss n actions as possible. N yeah, had some fun.

Tomorrow is daygame, work, then nightgame. Woooofucking woooo. Lulzzz im axtually stoked!!! Soon I will be tucked tightly inside the vagina of a dime wondering why it had taken so long.

God, I just want to come on pretty girls faces, tear their panties off, eat their pussies, fuck them in public, everything.

Love game. Growing as a man.

Cheers. Wish me luck tmrw!!!!
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Tons of boss approaches on fri night. Very aggrissive... No make outs though. No pulls.. A couple numbers. Then went home with a steady..

Stayed in sat night (bronchitis) was sincerely pissed cause I was buolding some night momentum. Tonight begins another streak. As many nights as possible!!! Still had sex sat night tgough. It was good too.

Tonight should be interesting. Kinda want to not do retro night because we always do retro night... But fuckit, momentum bitch!

No more nights off!!!
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Been dealing with this fucking lung infection bullshit. Grrrrr... Last night went to the free tour. It was pretty cool. Saw some good vids, learned some shit. But overall it was jjst alright. Super glad I went though. Shook jeffy's hand and screamed like a little girl. Hung with my friend Ryan2, that was cool.

On the bus home chatted up this eight, back in london pulled her to my friends place. She didn't wanna makeout, fuck, nothin... So I went to the gay bar where this dj from wednesday night was spinning. Went to the dj booth, tgings were going fucking awesome, sang adele and had the crowd sing along. Then, as im preparing for the pull, giant fucking retard homo ex of hers shows up, drags her away.... Fuck. I go back in and tey to get her back. He tools me again... So I go to my exes and enjoy love in the night time...

Tonight there is a house party. Going with a couple girls. On eis a friwnd, another is interessted in me. Sweet. Cant wait to get some strange!!!!

Night sixteen tn. God I hope I dont die.
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Got the dj's number at kareoke. Solid seven by my estimation. She wants to hang out tn. Yay. Also got this guys girlfdiends number. I promised my buddy id not hit on her as her bf (his fdiend) woukd get pissed. Sje hit on me. Another 7-8. Her body type and pale skin bring her up to an eight.

Yay, sweet night!

Night 15 just around the corner. This should be interesting. Ive been building up some nice momentum.

Im sick (lung infection) so I need 2 rest b4 the free tour. Fucking pumlec.

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