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Hey guys, So I just started reading about a month or so ago. I really havnt read a book cover to cover my whole life. (i know it's kinda sad) My challenge this week is to finish to of my books "The Game" and the "Power of Now, teachings, meditations, and exersises". Once Im dont those I am going to start reading my next book "Rocket Men". My main purpose in this whole engagement, is to stop with the bullshit video games, TV, and distractions I dont need, and make the most of my time. I know I may hate this, and completely come to a point where I stop reading and enjoying the shit that Im trying to accomplish. But for this week, 2/27/11 - 3/6/11, Im not going to touch one video game, watch one piece of TV unless its sports, or the Blue Print. I dont really know why Im doing this, Im just really sick of always doing the same shit when Im bored and just wanna try to improve my knoledge a bit. I want to make my time productice, less distractive. Im going to repost in the middle of the week, and at the end. Will see how it goes. 
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