Wild Cougar
Dominic came over when I told him I was cooking dinner. It was a little like having a boyfriend. We watched tv, ate, fucked and he slept over. The next day was Sunday, so we slept in late, had a late breakfast, talked all day, ate leftovers, fucked three more times and he went home at night.

We talked about our lives and he told me a lot of things I didn’t know about him. Like he has a son and an ex who moved here with him and his son. They were supposed to go to school and work and raise the child together. Didn’t work out. Now he divides his time between work and school and the son. Apparently she is bitter about the break up.

We talked some more about him, then I told him some of my secrets. I kept waiting for him to tell me he had something else to do. I kept waiting for him to leave. He didn’t, just hung out with me. What do you do when your fuck buddy wants to spend the whole weekend with you?

Ok, so do I have boyfriend now? He fucks quite well. That’s not a good thing when you combine it with dinner and a leisurely weekend spent talking about deep secrets. Well, you might consider it a good thing. If I were 25 and wanted a boyfriend, I would. But I’m not. This thing can’t possibly go anywhere............

I don’t want to be a and start blowing him off, but I don’t want to go all gooey and start acting like this is a relationship, either. What to do, what to do.......
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Wild Cougar
So curiosity got the better of me and I broke down and texted Darius.

“Hey, I haven’t heard from you and I kinda moved on. I found a new buddy. But I had a great time with you and I think you are a great guy. I was just wondering why you quit talking to me. Was it something I did? I don’t expect you to respond, but it would be nice. I thought we got along well and maybe you would tell me. Anyway, if I don’t hear from you I wish you luck with your career and personal life.”

He responded right away (score!): “Wasn’t anything you did. It was great. Especially the head :) I just was about to start talking to someone and wanted to be straight up”.

OK, see, I knew he was a good guy. Too bad he didn’t see me as girlfriend material. But hey, that’s one of the drawbacks of wild hot cougar sex. You just get wild hot cougar sex. No boyfriends. I can deal with that. I think. Well so far, I’m Ok with it.

Me: “Oh. OK. That’s cool. I hope everything works out.” I figured that was the end of it, but it wasn’t.

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Wild Cougar
I got some Cuban dick in the morning and I was happy. Later in the afternoon, I emailed Dominic to see if we could work out our misunderstanding. He said he’d call me when he got off work. I was feeling good and I figured I’d forget about the whole thing. I just didn’t want him to start up again with the bs.

He called around seven and played it off, saying “So what’s the conflict you were referring to?” Oh, young men. The games. I ignored that and explained my point of view. He explained his and we decided that we had both misinterpreted the other and jumped to conclusions. Cool. I could accept that. Then he said “Do you want me to come over?”. I was a little taken aback. I didn’t expect him to say that. I really didn’t. So I said, “If you want to come over, that would be fine.” I asked if she was in condition to take Dominic and she said she could handle it. So even though I wasn’t really horny, I got ready for Dominic’s big dick.

When he arrived, he wasn’t much into small talk. After I started talking about some family issues, he interrupted “it’s time for you to take your medicine” He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was still talking about my issues. He was ignoring me. In the middle of my sentence he ordered, “Strip”. Oh, its like that? I asked if she was into playing the submissive role and she was into it. So I took off my clothes and he took off his and I sat on the bed. He stood in front of me and pointed to his penis, which was already hard. I asked “you want me to...”. He said “yeah, suck it”. I almost wanted to laugh, he was being so serious and authoritative. But it was a turn on so I went for it.

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Wild Cougar
Well I finally did it. After seemingly endless texting and those super hot sexy pictures he sent me we set up a date to meet. Those six pack abs and those beautiful pecs had humming with anticipation. I sent him a sexy pic of me and he liked it. He was hot for me, too.

Only problem was that he works all the time. When he’s not at the fire station, he’s doing his remodeling business. We had to meet between jobs. He suggested I meet him first thing in the morning in a shopping center parking lot and get in his big pick up and he would take it from there. I didn’t know where we would go or what we would do, but I was up for whatever. Not knowing made me more excited.

But apparently he wasn’t sure I would really do it so he kept texting me all night asking if I was sure I wanted to go. And then at 5 am he was my alarm clock, texting me again. I took a quick shower and put on some tight jeans and a low cut top to show off my best features. I got in my car and set the gps. Although it took longer than I anticipated because of traffic, I was there in 30 minutes. Delivered hot and ready just like Dominoes. I waited in the parking lot until he texted me asking me where I parked. As soon as I sent the location, I saw the big black pickup truck approaching my little compact from behind. My heartbeat got faster. He parked behind my car and called me and told me to get in his truck. I complied.

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Wild Cougar
Ok, forget what I said before. About the virtual man thing. The pictures and sexual text messages. About not liking it and tossing away guys who want to do that. I rushed to judgment. I was wrong. I take it back. Why am I all 180 degrees now?

Claudio sent me a picture. I decided to text him the same “what do you have on” thing that I did with Mark. I figured if I could send sexy messages to Mark, why was I discriminating against Claudio? I can get off on a guy that puts on a suit and runs out when a bell rings to rescue people. Super hero. So get this. Claudio has the same kind of uniform as Mark. Dark blue pants, dark blue button up shirt. Except he wears a dark blue t-shirt underneath. Thick leather belt. Black work boots. Ooooh. I was getting hot. So I start texting how I want to unbutton the shirt. Pull it out of the pants. Pull the t-shirt out. Run my hands over his muscular chest. I just got a glimpse last time. Then I tell him how I want to undo his belt. Unzip his pants, get on my knees and take him in my mouth. He replied “damn baby”. lol.

Then he sent me a picture. Naked. Oh, sweet Jesus. I nearly hyperventilated.

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Wild Cougar
Ok, what the hey? I was in bed enjoying my newfound peace and good mood after Eddie did me a solid and fucked my brains out. He enjoyed it, too. I was cracking up watching Family Guy and decided since I was in a distinctly uneedy mood, I’d text Dominic and see what his deal was. I wanted to know why he would call me everyday, but never mention sex. I knew, after some experience with this thing, approaching the subject head on would be counter productive. Men are primed to overreact to such questions by running as fast as they can before the conversation can even begin.

I don’t deny that many young women fall for guys they previously swore they wouldn’t fall for. Sex and companionship can lead to love. But I think guys just love to jump the gun on this one. I imagine it must feel great to reject someone for letting their emotions get out of control because your dick is so magical. I thought I’d try a new maneuver.

I had to figure a way to short circuit the bs. So I decided to text: “Do I need to find a new fb?” He replied “What do you mean?”. I texted back “You’ve been unavailable lately, I thought maybe you reached your fuck limit with one girl and I should move on”. I thought that was pretty brilliant.

Nope. He was gonna do this thing no matter what. He was primed, loaded and ready to fire. He immediately came out with “I’m not that kind of guy, I told you in the beginning that I don’t want a relationship. If we are friends, I shouldn’t have to call you every day. That’s what you do in a relationship.” The speed with which he sent that text told me he had that little zinger in his pocket just waiting. In fact, it was an attachment, probably saved in his phone, for just such an occasion. Pissed me off like you would not believe.

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Wild Cougar
Claudio, the Cuban keeps texting. And texting and texting. No sex yet. is getting bored with it. The last time he talked about coming over, I was like “sure, whatever”. He was disappointed. He wanted me to get excited about seeing him. He wanted me to text sexy messages to get him warmed up. What the hell?

I keep trying to drop him and he keeps coming back. He is driving me nuts and pissing me off at the same time. Texted me this morning, with “hey, what ru up to?” I wanted to get to the point so I asked him if he would be coming to my place on Sunday, he said he’d be off that day. He wouldn’t be specific. I was undone.

He wanted to come over for just 30 minutes after work, he had an appointment later. That would be fine if we had fucked before, but not the first time. It needs to be and adventure, an extravaganza. I figured he has a woman because he only talks about coming over on the way home after work. Never has any other time. Wants to text all the time and keeps bugging me to send him sexy pictures. I was angry and told him to bugger off, I didn’t want his scraps. I wasn’t there to be at his convenience. Well, he starts begging. Calls me up (he never calls) and says he really wants to see me. So I give in. Then he complains that I don’t sound excited. What the hell does he want?

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Wild Cougar
Oh, My God. Eddie came over in a whoosh. So quickly, I couldn’t get my bearings. We were chatting on fb and the convo soon turns to his fabulous dick and how much I would like to have it in my mouth again. It actually tastes sweet. Feels great, too. It feels so good because the head is much bigger than the shaft. I told you that already, right?

Last time he wasn’t in me more than thirty seconds before I was in a screaming writhing orgasm. But for some reason he couldn’t keep it up. Maybe he was nervous, I don’t know, but I was happy to give him head until he was moaning loudly. I just wanted more. I was hoping he wouldn’t stick to that “We did it, it was an experience, now back to regular life” position that he was holding. I would respect it, but I wouldn’t have to like it.

Well, he couldn’t stay away. Bored at work, he Im’d me. I asked him what he was wearing. It started out as a joke but as he described his navy blue pants, navy blue shirt, gold tone badge, radio, handcuffs and weapon, I was getting wet. I wanted Officer Eddie to punish me again. He wanted to come over after work. I asked when he would be leaving. He was already on his way. Jeez, didn’t know you could IM on facebook with your phone. By the time I was out of the shower and pulled my shirt on, he was knocking on the door.

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Wild Cougar
Right now I am now so horny, I am starting to lose it. Really. I have to get some emergency dick. Stat! Last time that happened was right before I hooked up with Eddie (cop#2). It was like I was missing some important neurotransmitters. Serotonin or dopamine or something. All I know is I got a “happy” rush after Eddie. I could literally feel it in my brain. A couple of hours later. Go figure. Which validates Dominic’s judgement that I’m a sex addict.

Speaking of Dominic, he seems to be fading out. We hooked up a couple of times after the first night and it was great. Now he’s “busy”. He calls every day, though and tells me about his day. Asks about mine. Same sweet self as always. Just no sex.

I was so hopeful when I met him. We got along great, the sex was really good. He has a large dick and he knows how to use it. He can also hold a great conversation. But he also has some complications in his life. An ex girlfriend who wants him back and a young son. So he’s dealing with “baby mama drama”, which is something I try to avoid, because it usually involves all kinds of ugly emotions and manipulation. Add another woman and it can be explosive. But I was prepared to be patient. To a point. I was NOT interested in sacrificing the sex, however.

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Wild Cougar
So I go through my old Craigslist emails looking for an alternate to keep me from falling for Dominic and happen upon on guy who calls him self El Cubano. The Cuban. He didn’t send a picture so I passed on him and picked some other guy. When you have over 100 emails to go through, you gotta make snap decisions. But since I was doing a second sweep I I asked him to send me a photo. The pic he sent me was steaming hot. I mean capital H, O-mygoodness double t, HOTT. He had nice, cinnamon-brown smooth skin and a cut body. His picture showed him shirtless with really nice chest and arms. His sweats were pulled down just enough so I could see that area right above the ummmm. Shaved. Nice. I’ll call him Claudio.

I emailed him a few times and learned that he was a fireman. I love men in uniform! He had also built his own house, and was divorced. And he was just 25. Active young man. So why was a guy like this on Craigslist? I don’t know, but man oh man, was he hard to get. It took a herculean effort to get him to quit texting and asking for sexy pics so we could finally meet. He kept trying to weasel out of it and I had to pretty much coerce him into it. I would have tossed him into the virtual man pile were it not for his hot pic and the fact that he was a Cuban. Virtual men are guys who, for some reason, prefer to deal with women through a screen. They only want to text you and get sexy pics. You never meet them. Anyways...

I was patient with Claudio because I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a Cuban. I met my first Cuban when I was 25. He had a whole lotta swagger, I tell you what. He would talk all sexy to me like he was talking about the weather. Telling me what he wanted to do to me in a casual tone of voice. I didn’t even know him that well. I couldn’t figure out why he was so unabashed about it. Somebody told me it was because Cubans don’t have Judeo Christian religion, so they don’t have any built-in shame. Well whatever it was, it was seeeeeeexy! I didn’t do that guy back then, I was kinda intimidated by him. But he stayed in my fantasies.

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