Journey into Vagina

I've been learning RSD stuff and implementing it into my life as best as I can so far.

I signed up for hotseat and it seems cool.

I joined a 7 day no masturbation challenge, I'm on day 3 now.

I have 2 girls that I'm going to date.  Talking with a few more.

I have to get the girl's number that was in the store that I took down when her and I were flirting and playfighting.

I'll update my blog later, I'm going to bed.
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I met a girl in my meeting for my job.  She works at a different branch.

I talked to her, instant dated her to the mall after the meeting.  Got back to her hotel room, but she didn't let me get any further.

I escalated well, maybe I have to balance that out.

She asked for my phone number and I gave it to her.

I just found out what breaking rapport is by making a topic and plan on implementing that.
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Alright I'm new to this whole RSD thing.  I want to improve my social skills, achieve greater confidence, have high energy, have sex with the hottest girls I've ever had sex with and get my social skills up to par so I can have a kick ass time where ever I go.  I don't want to hurt chicks either.

I eventually want a relationship, not my first priority though.

Here I go.....
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